Makai Hongi – 312

Chapter 312

What if Yamato and Hera had fought, but not come to the Human World…or what if he had come but not made this Other World? How would human history have changed?

“The existence of the Demon World residents would become known… And they would have been wiped out.”
Or perhaps some would have been kept as important research material. But that was the worst outcome.

To be able to hide in the shadows, behind the scenes of human history…they were not smart enough to live that way.
They would be found, they would fight, and they would eventually die.

If one mythical or legendary creature was discovered, then there would be great searches to find the others.
Even if the non-combatants were lucky enough to escape for a time, it wouldn’t last long with modern technology.

—A creature from legend is discovered for the first time in a hundred and twenty years!

Perhaps such headlines would appear in newspapers.

Yamato had gone around the world, gathering his own kind…and killing off the celestials. It had been the right decision.
But the problem was what would happen after his death.

Even Melvis was not immortal.
While he stored massive amounts of mana within, his life could also end at any moment.

But then again, he might also just live for another few hundred years.
Still, he did have a lifespan.

In Yamato’s case, he did not look old, judging by appearance alone.
However, there were races that died of old age, in spite of their outward appearance remaining the same.

Yamato Takeru no Mikoto was a unique race.
And so there was no prior example to show how he would meet his end.

Thinking about what would happen after his death, he created monsters who wouldn’t be hostile against humans, and he would try to slowly make them settle in the Human World.

If human society was advanced enough, then they may be able to accept such outsiders.
However, could one really be satisfied with such a life? They would be like cattle.

“You clearly aren’t satisfied.”
I had to laugh at Yamato’s words. Perhaps snicker would be the better word to express it.

“Not satisfied. Yes, I’m not satisfied… Apparently, my mindset has been taken over by the Demon World.”
Yes, I decided. I would stop having any respect for Yamato.

He could eat shit.
I would do what I wanted. Wasn’t that the way of the Demon World?

It wasn’t a world where the strong preyed on the weak. It was a more…mad world.
Fight to eat? To show your strength? Who cares!

We just fought for the excitement!!

“You appear to be very upset.”
“Aye…I’ve made up my mind.”

“What did you decide?”
“I’m going to destroy this world.”

Immediately after, the air around Yamato changed.
I could tell, even when in this vessel. It was like there was murderous electricity in the air.

“I won’t let you.”
“I will do it…and I’ll break Zeus’s barrier as well.”

“If you do that, the Human World will fall into great chaos. Many residents of the Demon World and Celestial World will die. Will you still do it? The entire Demon World might be erased. That’s how much power humans have now.”

“Aye, I know that very well.”

Yamato…Yamato alone was probably entering Personification vessels occasionally and going down to the Human World.
And so he seemed to know a lot about the Human World. But, so what?

I would crush Yamato, destroy the Other World, break Zeus’s barrier and everything else.
That will help jog the memories of the people who had forgotten how to fight.

I stood up.
Yamato’s guards glared at me menacingly. Ready to kill.

“Do you really think that you can win in that vessel? If your body is in the Demon World, dying here will mean your actual death.”

“And so what?”
I had fought against the rebels in the Coast of Everlasting Summer, but now I was the one who was rebelling.

But it couldn’t be helped. Not after what I had heard.

“Founder Yamato, leave this to us.”
Two of his guards took a step forward.
I didn’t know their names. And so I called them A and B.

“You should hide in the back, smallfry.”
I taunted. They were furious.

“They would be Demon Kings in the Demon World.”

And so, in this room within the Crystal Palace, the battle began.

I see. The enemy was strong.
It was probably a good thing that I couldn’t measure their mana accurately. Most would have probably just lost the will to fight if they knew.

After all, with just one swing of the arm, they smashed one of the palace pillars, shattering the stone as if it was made of glass.

I continued to sneer.

Their destructive power was incredible.
It was no wonder that he said they would be Demon Kings.

Even though I had strengthened my body with mana, I would be flattened if their attacks landed.

Yamato’s adjutants. However, I didn’t feel the same sense of overwhelming power that I did with Melvis.
As for the fight…

A and B raised their voices in surprise.

They didn’t know. They couldn’t know.
Now matter how strong they might have been, they had forgotten how to really fight.

If anything, Saifo and Beka would have been a bigger threat to me.
I doubted they had ever fought since they were born. They were like babies.

No matter how great their physical abilities were, how could they have ever thought it would matter against me?
Did they think that someone who had never fought in their life could go against a professional fighter?

And so I said it.
“Come at me then!”

And gave them the middle finger.

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  1. I can’t root for Golan. What he wants to do is stupid. It’s not even in character. Yeah he always causes fights but they’re all personal. He doesn’t drag bystanders or noncombatant races into them or try to cause unnecessary damage which is what will happen here if he destroys the garden: throw the noncombatant races into the human world were they can’t defend themselves from human weapons and all get wiped out.. I’m hoping Yamato dropkicks some sense into Golan.

  2. I do wonder if it will turn out with Golan leading them all into living peacefully with humans somehow? But I agree with Tacos1. He has a very stupid reason for fighting!

    Thank you for the chapter!

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