Makai Hongi – 313

Chapter 313

They were carnivores who had their fangs removed.
Neutered pets.
Housebred to the point that their fighting instincts seemed to be lost.

And so they were even weaker than I thought.

It was probably true that they were the equivalent of a Demon King.
But it didn’t matter how powerful an attack was if it didn’t land.

No matter how tough your body was, you would still have weaknesses if you didn’t train.
Everyone had soft spots. And there were limits to how your joints could move.

Their center of gravity was high, and so they would lose their balance. If they didn’t know how to get hit, then they would create large openings.
And so it was easy to direct Adjutant A’s attacks towards Adjutant B.

Adjutant A’s claws stabbed deep into Adjutant B’s stomach.
And the reverse was also true.

Those who were not used to fighting were more susceptible to pain.
Similarly, they grew easily frustrated when they couldn’t hit their opponent.

“It’s clear that you two underestimated my evolution.”
I said, but they didn’t understand what I was talking about.

A long time ago, C was the hardest difficulty when it came to rhythmic gymnastics.
After that, techniques that didn’t fit within C difficulty appeared, and so the word Ultra-C was born.

When I was a kid, I thought, what’s Ultra-C?
By then, they had stopped calling it Ultra-C, and called it difficulty D.

Apparently, people thought that difficulty C was too easy now.
What a surprise. It was considered the highest difficulty just a few decades ago, but now it is the basics.
That’s how fast things advanced.

It was the same with the history of fighting.
From an age of hitting with stones, to clubs, bronzeware, steel, and then guns.

And of course, martial arts.
The art of defeating opponents with bare hands was passed on, modified through the ages, the fat was trimmed, and it evolved to be more efficient.

“Your fists are light. In the Demon World, fists have much more weight.”
There was more weight to the fists of people who had killed, and understood that they in turn may be killed.

They were wild meat heads, but they swung their fists with conviction. Conviction that they would defeat their enemies.
That was the world that I came from.

Why had I been revived in this Personification vessel?
Surely it was to return this world into its natural state?

“…Heh. As if.”

The Under World had no will. It was just a coincidence.
But even if it was, it felt good to snap back at the Lesser High King.

“But you’re a Personification! How!?”
“Even if it’s a good vessel, it should be impossible.”

Adjutants A and B were shouting. What a terrible misunderstanding.
They were fools who thought mana was everything when it came to strength.
Children who thought having a durable body meant you couldn’t get hurt.

But it was all an illusion. A trick.
“What do you do if you are born with a strong body?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you have a strong body, wouldn’t you train it?”
Of course, you would.

A weak human with no fangs and claws could still defeat a bear if they trained.
And if you were born as a bear? Wouldn’t you train? Make use of your traits and train to the limit. Wouldn’t you acquire the latest techniques?

No, these two wouldn’t. They were just bears who had stayed the same since they were born.

There was one thing that made me thankful that I was born as an Ogre. It allowed me to train in extreme ways that wouldn’t have been possible when I was a human.
In order to make the most of my Ogre body, I had trained to an unbelievable degree.

And the more I trained, the stronger I became.
It also helped that it was a body that was made for such movement.

“You two are weak.”
They relied on strength but had no technique.
And so their attacks were simple. I could tell what they were going to do.

“And your spirits are weak.”
How many times have you gritted your teeth, and endured terrible pain?
How many times have you nearly fainted, endlessly training without rest?

“And that makes it easy to see right through you.”

“That’s the last straw…”

Back when I was a human, and back when I was an Ogre.
I had trained and trained, and sharpened my skills to a razor’s edge.

Adjutant A came leaping towards me.
I could think of a hundred ways of parrying or doding him.
But I would do something different.

“I haven’t made you roll yet.”
I kicked his legs out from under him, breaking his balance, and just as his center of gravity moved forward, I picked him up from behind.
And what a surprise. He rotated in the air with his back facing me.

“This might be my favorite technique.”
It was similar to a spear hand in karate. A technique where your strengthened fingertips were thrust deep into your opponent.

While traveling as a Personification, I tried strengthening my body to the limit and unleashing this spear hand.
It didn’t matter if it was a tree or a boulder. I was able to bore a hole in it without issue.

“It’s over.”
I thrust, from the back to the heart.
That was all it took. And then Adjutant A fell to the ground.

Adjutant B suddenly moved towards me.
Those who had never fought really were dumb.

It was so foolish to come close at this time.
But he was the type to telegraph his punches. He wouldn’t understand.

“Even beasts are a little more cautious.”
I made use of his momentum, and just as he was almost past me, I turned his neck half way.

And once he stopped, I rotated the rest at full force. And then I rotated him completely once more for good measure.
And like that, Adjutant B also fell.

“How’s that?”
I turned to face Yamato.

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    • Just imagine, Nehyor used his dieing breath to kill Golan for getting in the way of killing a demon king, and here Golan is just killing them back to back while taunting the lesser high king.

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