Makai Hongi – 125

Chapter 125

As we made our way forward so that the enemy wouldn’t see us, we discovered that the enemy camp had its back to the mountains.
It wasn’t the whole army that was fighting. Just close to a third.

Judging by the fact that they had set up a wall made of wooden logs, it was also evident that they knew about the battle.

“If the enemy is waiting here, I guess the main army is marching down a different path.”

No matter what kind of mountain path it was, it would turn into a road if enough people walked through it.
It was like that in the Demon World. And there were several private roads that only village residents used.

Like that, there were numerous narrow roads other than the ones that connected towns.

And the enemy had often used such roads.

The reason for this was to prevent us from going around and taking the main army from behind.
Either that, or because they wanted to go around and take us from behind.

They must have decided that it was better to march down multiple roads at the same time, rather than have one long line down a single road.

“It’s a good thing it wasn’t the main army.”
We really couldn’t charge into a place where the enemy’s strongest fighting force was. Or could we?

As we had gone around so that the enemy wouldn’t see us, we had to go halfway up the mountain.

We could see the battle being waged below.
And at the foot of the mountain, was the camp and the enemy leader.

“Now, all of you…”

I lowered my voice and turned around.
There were the ninety who followed me. The fools who would participate in the fight.

“I’m sure you already know, but we have to go to the town where General Farneze is. However, the enemy is blocking our path. And a battle is being waged.”

I looked down and saw that both armies were continuing to fight. For now, it didn’t look like either side was winning.

General Dardaroth would not have wanted to split up his army, but leaving these other routes open was a good way to be attacked from behind.
And so he likely had no choice but to send out a strike force.

“I repeat, our objective is to reach the General’s town. However, someone is in our way. What will you all do?”

“Crush them.”
“Annihilate them!”
“Kill them!”

It was exactly the reaction I had wanted.

“Yes. We just have to crush them. But don’t get me wrong. We’re only getting rid of a nuisance. On the way to the town. We’re going to blow them out of our way as we march. There is no strategy to it. Don’t hold back. There will be enemies in every direction you look. So do your worst!”


“Now, you bastards. Charge!!”


They all raised their weapons as we dashed down the mountain.

The enemy must have been very surprised.
They would have assumed that no one was in the mountain, but then shouts would suddenly be heard. And with a mass of muscle taking the lead, a horde with raised weapons flowed down.


Of course, I was in the lead. If it was raining, it would be a lot like the Battle of Okehazama. It was with this thought that I swung my metal club.

The first enemy that appeared before me was a bipedal, armored foxman.
He must have been one of the soldiers guarding the camp.


The bastard blocked my metal club.
In spite of the fact that I had been running down a steep slope, and hit him with all that momentum.

If we were going by raw power, I was clearly vastly superior.

“You’re in my way!”
However, my momentum had not been killed. It couldn’t be killed.

My foot rammed into his chest, pushing him back.
It was the result of power, weight, and speed.

I had been running my fastest, and that was not to be underestimated.
And so he went flying into the air before landing on his head.


And then me and the other Ogres trampled over him.

“All of you! It’s an all-you-can-eat! But there’s no time to relish the taste. Just tear apart everything you can reach!”


However, this enemy army…
They were stronger than I had expected.

But if the people who had gone ahead and were fighting were the vanguard, then perhaps these were elites who protected the chief.
Was this a mistake? I wondered what the others were thinking now.

“Where is the enemy!”

They seemed to be having fun.

From what I could see, there were many beast types among the enemy.
Especially lions and tigers. And they were all wearing very fancy looking armor.
I guess they had been gathered here specifically.

The ninety who had charged with me were all attacking any enemy that they came close to.
As for the number of enemies, it seemed to be about two Commanders worth of men.
Things would go south quickly if the battle stretched on for too long.

The camp was not that large.
The Corps Commander must be here somewhere.

“All of you! Put your backs into it!”

Their morale went up.
The sounds of destruction grew louder.
I could see soldiers who looked suspiciously strong, but no one who could be the leader.

“Anyone who doesn’t have their hands full, follow me!”

And so I plunged deeper into the camp in search of this Corps Commander.

They would know that the camp was in chaos now. The sounds of fighting were so loud that you would be able to hear it from far away.
I hoped that General Dardaroth’s men were pushing the enemy back. It was with such thoughts that I swung my club right and left and looked for the strongest one here.

“…Is that it?”

I saw a large man who was covered head to toe in thick armor.
And he was holding a weapon that looked like a combination of a spear and a large hatchet. The kind of weapon you would expect to see a general wielding in the Records of the Three Kingdoms.

“That’s where we’re going!”

I didn’t know if he was a Corps Commander or Commander. But it was clear that he was someone close to the top.
He too noticed us, and started to move in our direction.


I said, raising their spirits.

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