Jack of all Trades – 378

Rumors of a White Wolf

Manager’s words were of great interest to me, and so I leaned forward.

“A giant white wolf!?”
“Uh, yeah… It’s kind of off-putting how strongly you reacted…”
“If you only knew why!”

I had become involved with giant wolves more than I could describe. Hell, it was my meeting with a giant wolf that allowed me to survive in this world so long.

I had met a giant black wolf as well. But it wasn’t who I thought it was. And then there was the God Wolf and most recently, a three-headed wolf. Each had affected my life to a great degree.

Half of my body was God Wolf now.

There always seemed to a wolf in my path as I walked in this world. A wolf’s flesh had even been the first thing that I ate.

So perhaps it was fate. It was no wonder that there should be a reunion.

“This rumor about a great white wolf started to spread shortly before I arrived. Well, it’s not really a rumor at this point. Quite a number of Adventurers have seen it.”
“And they lived to tell the tale?”

They encountered him and survived?

“Yeah. Apparently, they did end up battling the monster. But strangely, this wolf did not kill them. It stopped fighting right when things were getting dangerous. And then it vanished like smoke. Not only that, but it was polite enough to leave herbs on the ground.”
“I see…”

I wanted to cry. He had kept his promise. Humans were strong and dangerous beings. One day, they might attack him in groups. But he didn’t have to kill them.

‘In that case, I cannot reject such a request.’ That’s what he had said. And he had kept his word…

“You look happy, Asagi.”
“Yeah… I’m glad he seems to be doing well.”
“So he really is a friend of yours. Will you go and see him?”

Of course, I would. It was time to keep my own promise.

“Let’s go. To the eastern forest!”

□   □   □   □

The next morning, Daniela and I were at the spot where we agreed to meet up with Manager. And we were having a snow fight.


A ball of snow exploded on my face. I didn’t really feel the coldness of the snow when making the balls, as I was wearing gloves, but my face was unprotected. I shuddered at the shock of it all.

“Damn, that’s cold!”
“You still need more training.”

I suppose snow fights passed as training when it came to surviving in such cold climates. Regardless, it was fun.

“What training is this? Explain it to me so that I understand.”
“You two seem to be having a lot of fun.”

Ah, Manager and Lemon had arrived. They were both dressed in very warm-looking clothing. And I saw that they had also equipped the weapons that we had given them. They clearly meant business. Well, time to make another snow ball.

“Stop this nonsense. We have to get going. I want to reach the place by midday.”
“Uh, right.”

I had thought that my snowball was rather nice, but returned to senses and tossed it aside. Then I brushed off the remnants of past snowballs on my clothes, and followed after them.

An hour had passed since we left Erediares, and we were now surrounded by fields of white.
That being said, most people would get lost in such an environment. And so magical lamp posts had been set up along the way. We had a clear guide to take us to the eastern forest.

“Apparently, there is a brick road underneath all of this. But I have never seen it.”

So they even had roads. Sure would have been a pretty sight if we could see the brick road underneath the magic lamp lights…

However, I didn’t hate the warm light on the snow that was somewhere between white and ash. It was somehow comforting.

“Ah, it’s starting to snow.”

I raised my head upon hearing Lemon’s voice. Flakes of snow were starting to fall. Just a little, as if the sky was feeling lazy today. It was almost amusing.

“Well, at least a blizzard is unlikely. But if something of the sort does happen, it will make a huge difference if we are near the forest. We should hurry.”

Indeed. If we were caught in a blizzard, even these lamps wouldn’t save us. We nodded and quickened our pace.

□   □   □   □

“Phew… You can see the forest now. We should be fine in this area.”

I could see the white treetops up ahead. Pine trees covered in snow. So this was where he was…
Just then, Daniela and I noticed it at the same time, as we used Presence Detection.

“There’s a monster. Near the edge of the forest.”

There were two. Wolves? I used Eyes of the God Wolf to look ahead and saw a white wolf staring at us.

“Guards…or a reception?”
“Perhaps I should walk in the lead?”

They were probably waiting for me. Maybe they would try and bite anyone else.

“Alright. You lead.”

Daniela said as she took a step back and looked warily behind us. There were more than just snow wolves here. On the way, we had been told that there were other monsters who were unique to this environment.

The most famous was the Snow Arachne. A monster that my clothes were made out of. The male ones.

Daniela took the rear guard while Manager and Lemon walked in the center. As we had traveled together in Reserentrible, everyone stepped into position without anyone needing to say a word.
However, I moved a little farther ahead than before. And they followed me slowly.

After we had walked for a while, the forest became clearly visible. At the same time, I could see the snow wolves that were greeting us. They saw us too, and their backs stretched as they looked at us quietly.

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  1. Reading so many Isekai novel/manga has led me to ask this question
    Can anyone suggest me an Isekai that DOES NOT have a post-apocalyptic feel? An Isekai without machines in the world’s history. Thank you for the chapters

    • Depending on your definition of “machine”, any world, post-apocalypse or not will fit into that category. Are simple pulley systems considered “machine”?

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