Jack of all Trades – 242

Radelia Shvein Arena


To show my gratitude to Daniela for telling me the secret of her weapons, I decided to tell her an idiotic story from my childhood.


“…Yeah, so I was so annoyed that I trained alone after that. Which resulted in a fracture…”

“AHAHAHAHA! You were such a fool!”

“Uh, it really hurt, you know…? Oh, look at the time. We should get some rest and prepare for tomorrow.”

“Ah, yes… Ohh. My stomach hurts…”


Daniela wiped the tears from her eyes and moved towards the bed. I agreed that I had been an idiot back then, but I hadn’t thought she would find the story so funny.


But it was time for us to go to bed. It was dark outside and the clock told me it was 10. I made a trip to the bathroom first, and when I returned, Daniela was already hidden under the blankets.


“Make some room for me…”


I had to peel some of them away. I felt bad doing it when she was sleeping so comfortably, but it was the only way to get in. Just then, Daniela’s pale shoulder came into view.


“No clothes tonight?”

“I did not feel like it.”

“You know we have an early morning?”

“Just a little. All right?”

“Damn it…”


Free as always. Of course, it didn’t end as quickly as she suggested it would.


    □   □   □   □


Perhaps it was just me, but I felt oddly refreshed the following morning. Maybe it was the apt amount of exercise before bed. In any case, it was time for a bath.




Daniela wasn’t there. She actually got up before me…


“…Wait!? Was I late!?”


It just seemed too unlikely that she could have beaten me. So the more likely explanation was that I was late… But then I looked at the clock and saw that it was still six in the morning.


“So she really did get up…”


It was unbelievable. She wouldn’t be amused if I told her that, but it was the truth. Of course, maybe she was like those kids that only got up early before school excursions?

As I wondered about this strange event, Daniela came out of the bathing room. She was drying her hair and wearing nothing.


“Ah, good morning. Asagi.”

“Morning, Daniela. Lost your clothes?”

“Hmm? When have I ever lost my clothes?”

“Well, maybe I’m losing my mind.”

“That is fine with me.”

“Not me.”


Daniela smirked and posed provocatively. But there was no time for that. We had to get to the arena as soon as possible. I didn’t want to get disqualified for being late.


I quickly washed up and put on my new equipment. It all fit me perfectly. That feeling of magic that was specific to dragons was especially comforting. It felt like a part of your body…it was hard to describe.


“Been wearing dragon for a while now…”


I had started off with my convenient store clothes. But those didn’t last long, and so I had bought an old set of leather armor. I’d ended up in many dangerous situations since then. Thankfully, my level went up quite quickly. I had been lucky again after that when I was able to buy dragon armor at a great discount. Well, some might say it was because of Matsumoto, but I’m just going to call it luck.

It had been indestructible through my many battles after that. But eventually, it was unable to endure the strength of my new abilities, and it broke. However, I was lucky enough to acquire new materials soon after.

And that led to my current equipment. I hadn’t worn it for long, but it did feel the most comfortable so far.


“I think I can win.”


It was like it filled me with power. Perhaps the God Wolf powers went well with the dragon armor?


“Asagi? Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I’m finished.”


Daniela was also wearing her new equipment. Hers was made from the wind dragon that Eve had summoned. As it had been dyed, it wasn’t the same color as mine, but the features were much the same. I used the power of the wind dragon and charge ahead at full speed. While I could also use magic, I preferred to use it at close range.

As for Daniela, she used the power of the wind dragon for magic. It was highly compatible with the wind attribute, obviously, and Daniela said she was practically overflowing with power. But she could also use the rapier and bow. She defended and attacked. She could do it all. 


My opponent today was a mysterious fighter who used a shortsword. As for why I hadn’t noticed the fighter during the game, it must have been due to Presence Block. If you were at a high enough level, you could go unnoticed during battle. Or maybe it was some other unique skill.


“Well, you will not know until you actually fight them.”

“I guess. Ah, there are a lot of people today…”

“Of course, there is.”


Radelia Shvein Arena was crowded. It was the long-awaited main match. The citizens of the empire and the tourists all wore their best clothes as they headed for the arena. Children rushed past us one after another. They were certainly energetic.


As I smiled and watched, I noticed that people were giving me odd looks. Why? Was I dressed strangely?


“Well, the armor kind of outs you as a competitor.”

“Ah, right.”


That made sense. People were dressing fancy, but they weren’t wearing armor. A few people carried swords for protection, but no one else looked like they were off to battle.


“Maybe we should wave?”

“Yes. I will wave as well.”


The Imperial Sword Tournament was a festival. There was no harm in getting a little carried away. And so we tried waving at the spectators. More people reacted than I expected. The deep shouts of men and the screams of women rang in my ears.


“It’s actually quite off-putting. I regret it already.”

“Yes. Me too.”


Well, that’s a festival for you. We had been spectators at first, but now we were part of the show.


I was ready to fight.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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