Flower Field Demon King – 23

Chapter 23


“Hey, look. What is that…? Your group leader said a goddess is descending, right?”

One of the villagers said as he looked up at the sky.


“I don’t know. But I do feel a mystical presence, so it probably isn’t something bad…”

The restoration support team member said, though his face clearly showed confusion.

They had never seen a god summoned like this before.


As they all watched, a pink sphere of light descended as if it were being pulled down by the vines.

The sphere of light seemed to be struggling, just like a butterfly that was caught in a spider’s web. Then it fell in a pond that was on the outskirts of the village.

They could feel a faint vibration coming from far away.


“Hey, it fell down!”

“It’s somewhere near the pond.”

Perhaps it was curiosity, but everyone started to move to the place where the pink light had fallen.


“There’s…a very sweet smell in the air.”

One of the villagers said as he sniffed.


“Now that you mention it…what smell is that?”

The closer they got to the pond, the stronger the smell of perfume became.

It was clearly not the smell of flowers. It was closer to fragrant wood that was burning.


And when the people arrived at the pond with torches in hand, they saw a peach-colored sphere floating on the water. And the pond itself was being dyed the same color.

So, this was where the smell was coming from.


“Hey, something is strange! A crack is appearing on the sphere of light!”

Someone shrieked. In the next instant, the ball cracked in half, and a giant lotus bud appeared.

Before they knew it, the bud began to grow until it was big enough to fit a human inside. Then there was a pop, and it bloomed into a flower. And a single girl appeared.


She had pink hair that was just like the color of the lotus flower. While she was short, she was still curvacious and had long arms and legs.

She looked to be about eighteen? Her long eye-lashes covered eyes that were slightly slanted upward. The overall impression was that of a kitten.


However, what drew in the eye more than anything was what she was wearing.

It left little to the imagination. And while her nipples and privates were hidden, one could hardly say they functioned as proper undergarments.


After seeing Darten and this goddess, one might wonder if showing a lot of skin was the latest fashion among the gods.


“Hehehe. Thank you for inviting me! Though, it was done in a rather brutish fashion. Oh, it was quite the shock, really! I am Moral, a rank-one goddess of lust! Now, kneel before my greatness and bow your little heads!”


The girl with the pink hair declared. As for the people watching, the same words popped into their heads at the same time.

—Here’s another loud character.


“Goddess of lust…you say!?”

Qudels could not help but raise his voice at this most unexpected turn of events.

He had never even heard of a god with that title before.


“Exactly! I command the hearts of those with sinful thoughts. And in exchange, I grant their wishes! If you love me, not just lust….but anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, slothfulness, and arrogance, I will take all of it away. Everything that is the seed of sin and suffering will be taken away from you. Now, love me!”

Moral, the goddess of lust, danced around as she spread specks of light everywhere and winked and posed.

In an instant, Qudels seemed to snap out of a spell. He quickly backed away.


“No! That goddess is dangerous!!”

He suddenly shouted. Everyone turned to him.

It was rare to see Qudels with his eyebrows narrowed like this.


“Goddess of lust, Moral. You say that you take negative emotions and thoughts in exchange for making wishes come true. But what happens to a person once they’ve given up those emotions? It is unnatural for human beings to live in such a way!!”


“What happens? Nothing bad, I assure you. You lose all of your evil ambitions and become a pure being. That’s all, you know? You will all become clean and the world will be happy!”


Moral put her hands in front of her chest and closed her eyes as if in prayer.

And just like that, it was like staring at a painting. The world seemed beautiful.

People sighed at the sight of one so pure. And they folded their hands, just as she did.


However, that was when it happened.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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