Shatei Kyokufuri – 25

Data.22 – Old Bowman, Relied on a Little

We were currently within the defensive walls that surrounded the fortress.
The walls were made of stone. But as for whether it could stand powerful magic and physical attacks…I wasn’t too sure.
If we wanted to strengthen it, we had to defeat the monsters within the event map and earn points.
Furthermore, you would also be able to acquire them by defeating enemy players…I think.

Perhaps I should look at the rules again.
You could check them at any time by opening your window.
Hmm. Hmm. Yes, you really could get them by defeating enemy players.

However, I doubted any of them would be attacking this early into the event.
They were probably exploring the area around the forest and hunting monsters in order to rack up points… WC for War cost.

‘The entire map will be displayed for one hour after the start of the event. You will not be able to see the map when the hour is up. You will have to learn of the war situation on your own.’

The map appeared in front of my eyes.
The map distribution looked like a pie chart that had been divided into three equal parts.
We of the Red Boar had the 10 fortresses at the bottom.
Blue Deer had the ones on the top left, and Green Butterfly had the ones on the top right.

What I noticed first…was that there was a Blue Deer fortress very close to the one we were currently in.
Well, I suppose it was actually quite far away.
They wouldn’t attack us immediately, but we would still have to be careful.
This place would be much harder to defend than the fortresses farther in.

And so we needed more WC…

“Apparently, I’m the only 3rd in this fortress.”

A player raised a banner into the air.
There was no wind, and yet it was moving. The embroidery of golden thread glimmered.
And in his other hand, he held a round shield that was covered in jewels. His armor was metal, but looked pretty light.

“I’m Hatake. You can all call me ‘Hatake-san’ or ‘Hata-san’ if you want. As I just said, I’m a 3rd. My job is called ‘Flag Magician.’ I’m good with casting wide-area buffs. And so I’ll be commanding this fortress.”

Hatake ran his hand through his hair.
Well, he certainly fit the stereotype of the narcissist, blonde Sorcerer.
I suppose one of the fun things about MMOs was that you could be any kind of character that you wanted to be.

And now that I thought about it, this was the first time I actually learned another player’s name.
I had heard names when joining other parties near the beginning, but I don’t remember any of the players at all.
And while the cat girl had left a deep impression on me during the battle royale, I didn’t know her name.
Not only was Hatake quite memorable, but he fought with a large flag, which made him stick out.

“Hmm. You! Dandy older man!”

“Ah, are you talking about me?”

Hatake pointed at me.
Had I been staring at him too much…?

“While everyone else looked uncertain, you were standing very confidently. And I can tell that it’s from experience, and not because you are foolish! You will lead a group who will be sent to explore the west side of the fortress! Hunt down monsters and earn us some points!”

“What!? You want me to be the leader!?”

“Yes. As I’m the only 3rd here, then it must be a 2nd who takes the sub-leader position. But don’t worry. There will be other groups who will also be sent out to earn points. You will not be shouldering all of the responsibility.”

“Ah… I will do my best.”

“Good. Now I, Hatake, and the other players in my guild, will defend the fortress. So you will always have a place to return to. You can rack up points without worry.”

Defense? Is that really necessary at this stage…?
But then again, it would be the end of us if we left it open and it was invaded, so perhaps I shouldn’t complain.
I suppose we should just leave things to Mister 3rd then.

“Alright, I guess we better go. Our disadvantage will only increase the longer we wait. We should get points as soon as possible.”

The others agreed with me, and so those who were quickest on their feet began to leave the fortress.
And while they had been divided into a group under me, they didn’t actually have to follow my orders.
This wasn’t a real war. It was a game.
Everyone was just here to have a good time.

Besides, I wasn’t the type to give out orders left and right. I didn’t want to be a leader.
However, if I cared about our side winning, then I would have to do my best in this role.
I especially wanted to help 1sts who were participating in an event for the first time.

As for combat, my record was quite good.
And so there was no point in being self-deprecating. I had to be confident.
During this event, at least, I would be that reliable older guy.
Though…I didn’t know how long it would last.

◆ ◆ ◆

Kiririririri…shu! Zhunk!

The wild rabbits with their vicious front teeth used to make me suffer so much, but they were nothing to fear now.
My neck was protected by a scarf, and so it wouldn’t even hurt if I was bitten.
Also, I was a little surprised to see these normal monsters in the event map.
I would have expected to see event exclusive monsters alone.

Well, I suppose making new 3D models was hard.
Especially since these creatures were all animated so realistically. I didn’t want to know how much effort that took.

“Tha-thank you! You saved me…”

Said a young 1st with a bow of his head.

“There’s no need to thank me. But these rabbits are quite vicious, so be careful. I’ll be able to protect you if you’re within range of my arrows, but not when you’re alone.”

“I’ll be careful!”

Good answer.
It felt great to help other people.
And so I continued to help players like him while hunting down monsters.

One thing that I realized after coming out of the forest, was that it was located in the center of a prairie.
But the grass was short, which made it easy to walk in, and the enemies could not hide.
Besides, there were watchtowers, so unless people were really letting their guard down, we should be able to see any approaching enemies quickly.

This ‘west forest’ we were in had relatively weak monsters.
And while that meant we didn’t get that many points, the 1sts were able to have their own roles.
It took some time, but since everyone was working, we eventually hunted down all of the monsters in the area.
Surely that was enough?
Well, this was the first event of its kind, and so no one really knew how much was required.

“Alright, I see that everyone is still alive. Let’s return to the fortress.”

Some answered, some nodded, while others showed no reaction but obeyed. Others ignored me and went off…
There were many different reactions.
However, that was fine. This loose connection meant I didn’t feel too much pressure as a leader.
Some came to thank me again for saving them. And it made me genuinely happy. And I accepted their gratitude willingly.

“Hopefully, things will continue like this to victory…without any trouble.”

However, that wish was quickly crushed.
The news came after we had all returned to the fortress and were discussing how to use the points.

“Mister Hatake!”


“Enemies have been spotted near the horizon! As for their number…there are too many to count!”

“Oh, dear. They are really charging at us in full force as soon as the game begins? How crude of them.”

“According to the report of our fastest scouts, the enemy is Blue Deer!”

“Of course, it is. Their fortress is the closest.”

“And the enemy is being led by a 3rd… We think that it’s Buckler from the Straight Knights…!”


The air in the room changed as soon as the name ‘Buckler’ was mentioned.
I guess I was the only one…who had no idea?
What kind of player was this…

“Buckler…huh? Alright, I, Hatake, command you all! We are abandoning this fortress and running away!”

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