Shatei Kyokufuri – 11

Data.10 – Old bowman, first event


Under X Battle Royale.

It was an event that only players who were under level 10 in their starting job could participate in.

As the name implied, this was a battle royale.

Participants fought each other until there was just one person left standing. There would only be one winner.

Usually, in these kinds of games, you would end up fighting about a hundred other people. But this time, every player that wanted to participate would be thrown into the same map.

The exact numbers weren’t given, but it was said to be in the tens of thousands.

Obviously, there would be an entirely new map made to accommodate all of these players.

An event map that was cut off from the world of Nextaris would be prepared.

No information about this map had been disclosed.

And you could not see it in advance.

As soon as the battle started, players would be randomly thrown into the map and fight each other as it slowly grew smaller.

There were three key points to winning.

The first was play style.

Try to survive by avoiding combat as much as possible?

Or keep killing enemies until you’re the last one standing?

I didn’t know which was better.

But I knew what I would do.

I would fight by the rules I made for myself for this event.

The second was equipment and skills.

You could only use the equipment that you were wearing.

You could not change once you were on the map. And you could not bring items with you.

But you could use all of the skills you had acquired.

As the limit was level 10, the number of skills you acquired up until then would be very important.

People who only followed others in order to get a share of the experience points would not have as many skills.

As for me, I was aware that I had a little more than most.

The last thing was collecting event exclusive items.

Most battle royale games had you pick up guns and armor along the way, but in this one, you started out with your own armor and weapons.

Instead, you could gather ‘Healing Chips’ and ‘Status Boost Chips.’ There was even a ‘Special Action Chip.’

The ‘Healing Chip’ was obviously for HP, MP or status effects.

The ‘Status Boost Chip’ gave you a boost to your stats during the event.

The ‘Special Action Chip’ allowed you to do a special action just once.

According to the official site, there were chips such as the ‘High Jump Chip,’ ‘High-speed Dash Chip,’ ‘Invisible Chip,’ and ‘Barrier Chip.’

All of them were very powerful. And whether or not you could get them would greatly affect your chances in the game.

Collecting items was not part of my playstyle, but I had to make an exception there.

“Well, the event should be starting soon.”

Players who had applied to participate had to standby in a town.

If they went out into the field, they were automatically disqualified.

It seemed like a useful feature. Someone might go out, thinking they would return quickly, but make more progress than they had expected. It would suck if you were about to fight a boss and were suddenly sent back.

‘To all players that are participating in the Under X Battle Royale. You will be warped to the event map within 100 seconds. Please make sure that you are properly equipped.’

The system voice echoed in my head.

Apparently, there were other players around me that were participating, as I could see them suddenly shudder.

Good, I could see who would be my rivals.

Still, I decided to check my equipment and status just in case.

None of it had changed since my battle with the gorilla.

◆ Equipment

Head: – 

Right Hand: Spider Shooter

Left Hand: (Spider Shooter)

Arms: Fists of the Forest Sage

Torso: Beginner’s Shirt

Legs: Beginner’s Pants

Feet: Beginner’s Shoes

Accessories: -, -, –

I’m sure players who saw this would want to ask,

‘Why are you still wearing beginner equipment?’



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