Shatei Kyokufuri – 11


It was simple. They were very comfortable.

I…had become accustomed to this equipment.

Of course, while the equipment they sold in stores wasn’t particularly great, they still beat the beginner set.

If I cared about status, it would be wise to change them.

I wasn’t even wearing anything to protect my head.

However, I didn’t.

This was an event where everything would end once you were killed. There was no room for mistakes.

And since I wasn’t used to wearing a helmet, now was not the time to try it.

It would probably affect my aim.

It was the same with my shoes. A new pair would have an impact on my movement.

I would not be fooled by a miniscule boost in stats.

Comfort was the most important thing for me now…

Yeah, I was acting like I was some kind of VR pro.

But this had not really been an issue in games up until now.

In any case, this was the result of using all of my points after gaining 10 levels!

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Archer

Lv: 10/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Attack: 45(+30)

Defense: 44(+36)

Magic Attack: 10

Magic Defense: 6

Speed: 11

Range: 140(+90)

Skill: [Archery I]

[In Fight Arrow], [Bound Arrow], [Clear Arrow], [Immobile Sniping Stance]

I got +6 in Defense from the Beginner’s Set.

The shirt, pants, and shoes all added 2.

So it was +6 all together.

[Clear Arrow]

Unleashes an arrow that is weak but invisible.

The Clear Arrow was a skill that I acquired after reaching Level 10.

An invisible arrow would be difficult to dodge unless you had very sharp instincts.

However, as it was quite weak, it would not take down an enemy with one hit. And of course, it would expose the direction that you were shooting from.

It also used up a lot of MP, so it was not something that you could use without thinking.

So instead of dealing a lot of damage, it was useful as a sort of psychological attack.

‘You will be warped in 10…9…8…’

Yes, it was finally starting.

I would survive and win this.


In a flash, the town around me vanished, and a vast sea of grass stretched out before me.

I had successfully warped…but this was bad.

There was no advantageous elevated ground for me to snipe from. And there was nowhere to hide!

This was a horrible start!

In times like these, it was best to just drop low into the grass.

No, perhaps I should look for a building so I can find some chips…


It was another player…

They were trying to move away from the field and to the mountains. Their back was turned towards me.

It wasn’t that they had let their guard down.

No sensible person would believe that they could be hit by a ranged weapon from this distance.

Well…no one but me.

And so with a practiced ease, I nocked an arrow and unleashed it.

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  1. The last thing i would want is to be 1shot by a who-knows-what from who-knows-where by who-knows-who right after the game started… -__-
    I pity those preys

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