Shatei Kyokufuri – 26

Data.23 – Old Bowman, Resists

30 minutes before the shocking report.
We were all talking about how to use the points we had worked hard to earn.

War Cost… We had known about it from before the event, but its use had not been revealed.
Now that the event had begun, Hatake, who had volunteered to be leader, had the authority to manage the points.
And after seeing the management window, he had decided to prioritize collecting them.

I had seen it as well, and realized just how prominent they would be.
You could make different kinds of healing items, strengthen the walls of the fortress, and install cannons and barriers.
It was also possible to summon a large variety of golems.
And when attacking, you could accelerate your marching.

And so gathering these points was important.
Hatake’s decision had been correct, and he had been right in thinking that the enemy wouldn’t attack immediately.

However, this ‘logical thinking’ was not enough when it came to this enemy General they called Buckler.
And now that his predictions had turned out to be wrong, Hatake was acting very defeated.
He lost the will to fight, and was already preparing to retreat.

“Hatake… Perhaps it’s not my place, since I’m just a 2nd, but why are you so scared of someone who is a 3rd just like you?”

“Because I’m a Buffer… I just strengthen the people who are going to fight… In other words, I need to be surrounded by reliable players or there is no point!”

“I know that you’re nervous about cooperating with players you don’t know, but what about the other members of your guild?”

“Ah… Still, not all of them appeared in this fortress. Even though we are all on the same team, it seems that your starting point is random. And the guild members that are here with me…are not the best fighters.”

“That’s…probably true about the enemy as well. They are likely worried about how unreliable their players are…”

“Even if that is the case, Buckler is strong enough on his own. After all, he’s a Heavy Armor…a vanguard of the Straight Knights. He is a shield that allows the others to fight. While we both support our comrades, we’re practically the complete opposite… I just wave a flag in the back… I’m not confident that I can protect everyone…”

His spirit was completely broken.
And so he waved his great flag as he ran away.
The other players followed after him.

Even the ones that had hunted together in my group were running.
“You should run too, Mister Kyuji!” They suggested. But I didn’t feel like it.
While I prefered these loose relationships with other players, it was times like these that I wished for stronger bonds.

If we really couldn’t win, then running away was the right decision.
In Hatake’s case, he was a buffer, so it was probably better for him to join the others and increase his fighting force.
They were retreating without taking any damage, so they just needed to strengthen themselves and return to take back the fortress.
After all, within the event, one hour was a full week.

In any case, this upcoming battle would just be the actions of a single player.
I…if I’m being honest, I thought that we could win this fight.
But no one believed me.

It was hard to explain it to them in a way that was completely logical, but most of my thought process was based on logic. At least more than half.
It wasn’t because I had become arrogant after beating the Windcloud Dragon.

First, Hatake and the others immediately felt that just because their prediction had been wrong, that we were immediately in a disadvantageous position.
And they also didn’t believe that they could win against an amazing player from a famous guild.

But was that really the case?
The rules clearly mean that gathering points was very important. And so marching out to attack this early would be a bad idea.
I’m sure that this Buckler player was strong.
In general, someone like me would not be able to win.
However, an event was not a normal situation.

I didn’t know if I could drive the enemy back.
But if I was right, then even though I was alone, I should be able to do a decent amount of damage.
What would help me do that was the points we had gathered.
And the fact that no one knew how to take a fortress just yet.

Clash and crush them.
I’ll just do what I can.

The enemy army was still far away.
In fact, they were marching quite slow. Why was that?
I didn’t know why, but it was a good thing for me.
In the meantime, I would think about how I would use the points.

As Hatake wasn’t going to manage them anymore, I now had the authority.
Apparently, each fortress handled it independently.
When players came back to the fortress after hunting down monsters, the points would immediately be saved to the fortress.

“Since you have to protect your base, I suppose strengthening the defenses is the most important thing to do.”

And so I was about to just dump all of the points into strengthening the walls, but then I paused.

“No, maybe the walls aren’t important.”

After all, I was going to fight with my ranged weapon.
This meant that I would lose the moment that they got close to the fortress.
There would be nothing that I could do. I would have to give up.
And so there was no point in preparing for that.

“Instead, I’ll install more cannons and golems in order to keep them away.”

For now, I’ll save points by just having cannons in the direction that the enemy was coming from.
And I would then raise their level.
You could upgrade them three times, and after thinking about it, I decided to max them out.

It was times like this that it hurt that there was no information.
Like raising them to Lv 3 being pointless or inefficient.
Or Lv 3 being incredibly overpowered, and it being stupid to not level them up.
Normally, you could just look up such information.

There were also a large variety of golems, and I wasn’t sure which to use.
We were vastly outnumbered.
As these golems would take the place of the vanguard, who would stop the enemy’s advance, I would have to be careful when choosing.

First, I summoned Guardian Golems. While they were slow, they were incredibly tough, and well suited for guarding.
Since you could level them up, I did that as well.
Once the golems were all killed, the enemy would flow towards me.

Next, I summoned the Cannon Golems, who had two cannons equipped to their shoulders.
They would stand behind the Guardians, slightly in front of me, and help with annihilating the enemy.
They would probably have pretty decent range in their attacks.

And lastly, I added the Rapid Golems as a finishing touch.
Unlike the other two types, they had low durability, but were light and fast.
And my hopes were that they would run around and cause chaos in the battlefield.

After that, I just needed to cast buffs on myself.
You could also use the points to increase the abilities of players.
Normally, you would be doing it to many players at once, but now it was just me.
And so I was able to save quite a bit.

As for what the buffs did… They gave my stats a x1.5 boost.
Perhaps management had felt that double or triple was going too far.
The top players would become way too strong.

“Hmm. That should do it. I’ve done everything that I can.”

I muttered as if to convince myself.
Now I just had to wait for the enemy to get within range.
It was the same as always.

While this was a game, I never would have thought that shooting people dead would be part of my usual routine.

I slowly drew the bowstring.
Of course, I was targeting the enemy general, Buckler.
Now, to unleash the arrow and begin the battle…!

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