Makai Hongi – 96

Chapter 96

◎ Wild Hunt – Neyhor

“Huh? It’s finished already?”
Nehyor held both hands behind his head and looked at his opponent calmly.

As for his opponent, he had no energy to spare in the face of Nehyor’s provocations.

He just glared back with hatred. That was the most he could do to resist.

They were in Lesser Demon King Listoris’s castle.

Nehyor had come all of the way here with the Wild Hunt in order to kill the Lesser Demon King

They had passed the border and slowly made their way to the center, all the while crushing soldiers and their Commanders and Corps Commanders.
And now he was facing one of the Generals in a one on one battle.

That being said, the enemy was covered in blood as he glared at Nehyor. One might have thought that Nehyor had killed his parents.
This enemy was called an Ophir. It had the head of a snake and was particularly suited for combat.

And while they were weak to the cold, they were strong against statuses like poison. Their greatest assets were their speed and strength. They also liked to charge.
And yet this one was now riddled with wounds.

“Hey, do you mind? You’ve had enough, right?”

Without giving him enough time to hold up his spear, Nehyor’s arm thrust into the Ophir’s chest and came out the other end. He had pierced through the heart.
Nehyor pulled out his arm and smashed his enemy in the head.

Blood poured from its chest and neck, and then it collapsed onto the ground.

Now the battle was finished.

The Ophir’s subordinates began to move back as if to get away from Nehyor.

“Do it.”
The members of the Wild Hunt closed in on them without making a sound. And like that, they unleashed their deadly attacks on the enemies in the area.

“Hmm. These enemies also failed to surprise me.”

Nehyor seemed to be oblivious to the massacre happening around him. He just muttered to himself and then disappeared down the passage towards the back.

The passage led to Lesser Demon King Listoris’s throne room. There was no obstacle in his way now.
And so Nehyor moved towards it without hesitation.

“Is there really no one who can surprise me now? Maybe Golan really was special. What a waste.”

Nehyor had lived so long that he had become bored of living. The lives of Ogres went by in a flash for him. Usually, they would never have occupied any space in his mind.

However, ever since that fight, Nehyor found himself thinking about Golan every once in a while.

“I want to meet him again. Maybe I’ll go and do just that.”
Several months had passed.
Perhaps Golan had grown stronger again.

In that case, why not put him to the test?
After all, Nehyor had not even experienced Golan at his best.

Yes, he wanted Golan to fight without holding back next time. If that happened, what kind of trump card would Golan pull out?
Nehyor became restless just thinking about it.

Now that Lesser Demon King Chiril was dead, his country was in disarray.
The remaining Generals fought amongst each other. Every day there was another battle for dominance.

After hearing this news, Lesser Demon King Listoris saw it as a great opportunity, and he had sent out his armies.
He thought that he could make off with the profits under the cover of chaos.

He had never dreamed that his castle would be attacked in the meantime.

Lesser Demon King Listoris had sent many men to invade his neighbor, just as Nehyor closed in on him.

◎ Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s Country – Farneze

After General Gorgodan left the castle under the eyes of many people, General Farneze secretly crossed the border.

They moved during the night and rested in the day.
And after repeating this many times, they were finally able to reach Leninoth’s castle.

“We’re fully prepared to take on Lesser Demon King Leninoth. The only problem left is the timing.”

As they were Vampires, fighting during the night would not be a problem.

And since they could fly in the sky, they could invade the castle directly.
However, their enemy was Lesser Demon King Leninoth. He would have his finest men defending the castle.

There were many soldiers stationed here, and they were strong.
If they ended up taking too long, they would quickly be surrounded.

“We’ll aim for the darkest time, before sunrise. The castle is big. We’ll have to stay close together as we advance.”
There was not enough time, and so they had not been able to acquire any information about the castle.

Farneze looked at the people she had brought.

There were ten in all.
She had planned heavily for this moment.
For the battle against Leninoth, five would be selected to fight alongside her.

But in spite of the many preparations, their chances of winning were still just fifty percent.
On top of that, they had to finish things before the reinforcements arrived.

“It will be a battle against time.”
Everyone nodded at Farneze’s words.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Farneze and the others jumped off of the cliff that overlooked the castle.
They flew as high as they could so that the guards would not see them.

Their destination was the top of the castle. That was where they would enter.

As they flew in the sky, they inspected the castle below.
There were about twenty soldiers patrolling the courtyard and around the building.

There would likely be many more inside.
“…It looks like it will be impossible to make it through without a fight.”

Even if they tried to avoid fighting as much as possible, how long would it take?
Farneze was a General in Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.

She was confident in her own strength. However, this was Leninoth’s castle.
It was possible that there were people here that were the same class as Generals in her country.

“…Don’t make a sound.”
After descending on the castle roof, they erased their presence and moved slowly.


They bumped into an enemy immediately, but she dispatched him quickly with her claws.
Even the soldiers on patrol were strong enough to be Corps Commanders here.
Farneze focused even harder.

“Who’s there?!”

As they moved down a long and dark hallway, they heard a voice come from the other end.

Farneze dashed forward.

“We’re under attack!”
And while she killed the enemy immediately, he had been able to shout.
Now more soldiers would come.

“We have to run. Follow me.”
This was no time for stealth. Farneze flew through the castle.

The castle itself had a structure similar to every other castle.
And so she relied on her intuition as she rushed to the place she thought Leninoth would be.

They killed any enemy they met on the way, passed several rooms, and finally arrived in the hall where the king was in.
There she saw…

“The Great Hihi!?”

Somehow, the Great Hihi who was supposed to be fighting General Gorgodan was present.

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