Cave King – 150

Chapter 150 – Sent off!

The day after we rescued the lost slime from the underground city.
I was in the Commercial District.

“Well, we got what we came for, so I think it’s time to head back.”

Said Roydon the Earth Dragon, as he shouldered his large bag that was now stuffed with branches and leaves from the World Tree.
The other Earth Dragons were behind him.

They all wore satisfied expressions. It seemed like their time on the island had been very pleasant.

And we had also been able to hear some valuable opinions.
We knew that the World Tree tea was quite popular among them, and that they felt we needed more entertainment facilities in the Commercial District.

Yesterday, we had been shown some illusory magic. So perhaps creating a place where we could scare people would not be a bad idea. Of course, I myself would stay away from such a place…

Roydon suggested we should have a place where one could sing at the top of their lungs… But I wasn’t confident any building could contain the voices of dragons at their loudest.

As I pondered on all of this, a red dragon came towards us, looking rather frantic. It was Elto.

“I overslept! Sorry, Roydon!”
“Young lady, are you truly coming with us?”

Elto nodded at this question.

“I’m sad that I have to leave everyone on the island, but then again, I can easily return in a day.”
“Oh, well…that is true… Very well. Let’s go then.”
“Yes! But first, I must say goodbye to my master and the others!”

Elto turned to Rienna and me and bowed.

“Master. I am so grateful to you for rescuing me from that cave… And to everyone on this island who treated me with such warmth.”
“You taught us magic and about the past. Thank you, Elto. We will do everything we can to support you.”

I answered. Then I called out ten of the Golems that were standing behind me.

They were all wearing Mithril armor. They would be Elto’s guards. Though, it was likely that she wouldn’t need any…

“They are also carrying Teleportation Stones. I’m sure they will be useful to you.”
“Thank you, Master. By the way…”

Elto had noticed that Fal the Fire Dragon was moving towards her.

Fal looked very sad.
Perhaps it was difficult seeing Elto leave, because they resembled each other so much.

And so I turned to Fal.

“Fal. Do you want to go with Elto to the Elto continent?”

And then Elto said,

“Ma-Master! But don’t you need Fal to help guard this island…”
“Fal isn’t the only one here who can fly. Besides, wouldn’t you feel better if you had a friend from this island go with you?”
“Well, that is true…”
“And I think that Fal being on the Elto continent might help change people’s perception of Fire Dragons. Perhaps it will help smooth out the difficulties between the different tribes. In any case, it’s up to Fal…”

Fal listened to all of this and seemed to be thinking hard.
And then after a short moment, Fal nodded.

“I see. So you will go.”
“Fal… Thank you.”

Elto’s voice shook as she hugged Fal tightly.

And then Fal patted Elto on the arm.

…Perhaps Fal was just going because Elto would be lonely. It was Fal’s kindness.

Ril and Mel were crying as they watched Elto and Fal.
They had been present when Fal hatched, and had played with the dragon. So I understood why they were sad.

Then Rienna said,

“Elto. Please take good care of Fal… And don’t hesitate to pay us a visit when you can.”
“Yes. I will gladly accept that invitation. After all, we can return in a day, so Fal won’t be too sad.”

Fal nodded at these words and wiped away the tears.

I was sad too… But now that I thought about it, perhaps we could use the Teleportation Stones to travel in a much shorter time?

“Elto. I want you to take more of the Teleportation Stones with you. And could you place them at equal intervals on the road back to the continent?”
“Teleportation Stones… I see! We will be able to move much faster if we have them!”
“Yes, that’s what I mean. But we don’t have that many of them, so I want you to spread them out as far apart as the travel limit allows. It might not take you all the way there, but it could shorten the journey.”
“Leave it to me. I will place each one down and test them.”
“I see. Thank you.”
“Yes, I won’t let you down!”

Elto said. And then they said farewell to everyone on the island, before going back down the passage that led to the Elto continent.

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