Cave King – 20

Chapter 20 – Something appeared on the shore!!


“Phew… I think a break is in order. What about you, Fule?”


I stopped mining and called to Fule.


“Not yet.”


Fule shook her head as she swung her pickaxe against the rock walls.


She could think of nothing but acquiring an Ascending Stone so that she could evolve.

And so for the past few days, Fule had mined obsessively without rest.


I was happy that there was someone else who was passionate about mining like I was. But I was worried about his health.


“I see. But you better come back and eat lunch. Or your father will…”

“…I know. I’ll go back in an hour.”

“You promise?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t forget. The Princess’s food is too good to miss out on.”

“That’s true. Alright, I’ll go on ahead.”


I said as I headed towards the entrance with Shiel.


It wasn’t just Fule. I could hear Taran and the other Cave Spiders digging as well.


Everyone was allowed to take breaks whenever they wanted.


A Golem that could use magic detection guarded the caves when I was gone, so there was no need to worry.

If something did happen, the Golem would ring a bell that meant everyone was to stop mining.

I had asked Mappa to make this bell out of Mithril. And it was exceptionally loud.


All of this meant that I could relax while on my break!


When I reached the entrance, the old Goblin…Baris, and the half-naked Mappa were there.


Baris was tilting a large shell into a deep bowl. He was pouring some kind of liquid.

However, he seemed to have noticed me as he looked up.


“Ah, Lord Heal! You must be tired!”

“Same as you, Baris. What are you making?”

“Hehe. Are you curious?”


Baris chuckled quietly and showed me the thick liquid inside of the bowl.


What indeed…? Baris was a Shaman, wasn’t he?

You would think he’d know a lot about medicine…


“I-is it something like poison?”

“I knew you would say that! Incorrect!”


“This substance is from the Satan Shellfish. In other words, it’s Tyrian purple. You cannot collect much from a normal shellfish, but the Satan Shellfish contain a lot of it.”


Tyrian purple…I believe that was a kind of purple dye for clothes.

It was very expensive, and it was often used for the clothes of royals like my father and brothers.


“Huh, that’s great. Are you going to dye something?”


Baris nodded.


“Everyone’s clothes here are white, and I feel it is quite boring. …But more importantly, am I that suspicious to you…?”

“So-sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“No, no. I was just joking. Of course, I could make a little poison if I wanted to.”


Baris chuckled. I sighed in relief.


While I didn’t miss it, Mappa had waited for Baris to look away and then dipped his finger into the liquid.

He looked at it curiously for a while and then licked his finger.


“After all, the Satan Shellfish substance can be turned into poison if it’s processed…ah…”


By the time Baris realized what had happened, it was too late.

Mappa collapsed on the ground.


“Huh… Oh, don’t worry, I’ll fix him up with magic.”


And so I cast healing magic on Mappa.


In any case, I had known that Baris had a very wide range of knowledge, but if he could make poison, he could likely make medicine as well.


This was a good opportunity to ask him about what I had been wondering about.


“Baris, you’re a Shaman, right? Do you have a crest?”

“Me? My crest is… It is ‘Magic King.’”

“Magic King!?”


I couldn’t help but shout in surprise.


‘Magic King’ …Those who had this crest were able to increase their own magic energy. They could easily use advanced magic that was difficult to learn, and they could even combine magic to make even more powerful magic.


It was said that there were only 7 people in all of Sanfaris who could use it.

One of my brothers could.

Also, my younger sister, Princess Meria.


However, Baris was a goblin…


“You are aware of it then?”

“Aware of it… It’s the kind of crest that would have caused quite an uproar when the priest found it. It’s the only way to get into the magic university when you are still a child.”

“If you are human, yes… However, as you can see, I am a goblin. I do not have magic power, to begin with. And so it is a completely useless crest.”



I didn’t know what to say to that.


My crest had also been completely meaningless until I first entered a cave.

However, it was much sadder in Baris’s case.


Baris continued self-deprecatingly.


“I often felt like cursing the gods for this joke that they have played on me. However, when I was younger, I believed that I could overcome anything if I tried hard enough. And so I desperately studied magic…  It is quite amusing to think back on it.”


Baris said with a laugh. But there was a sadness there as well.


I thought about how just recently, Rienna had been a goblin. But then she used the Ascending Stone and now looks like a human.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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