Makai Hongi – 16

Chapter 16


Aside from Elvan, there were five other Cherry Ents that had stayed in the town.


“This town is dangerous. I would prefer it if you fled. But if that’s too difficult, just try and avoid drawing any attention. There are enemies who scout from the air as well. If they see you, they might start attacking.”


“We are staying here by our own choice. You need not worry.”


“I can’t help that I worry. Unless the enemy is incredibly stupid, they will search every nearby town. That being said, I doubt they’ll move their base to this location.”


“Well, seeing as a Commander is strolling leisurely around right now, I would assume that the battle has been going well? Why are you so afraid?”


“I’m not afraid. I just can’t stand not being able to protect people. Anyway, I’ll return if something happens. Just stay here and don’t move.”


“You really are a strange one. Maybe you aren’t suited for the military?”

“Drop it. Besides, yes, I would have quit if it were a damn option!”


I searched the rest of the town, just in case. But I didn’t find anyone else that hadn’t escaped yet.


While the residents of the Demon World usually lived and did whatever they pleased, they did obey the orders of their superiors.

If they were told to flee, then that’s what they would do.


(It was all about the relationship of direct power. In Japan, people didn’t always act like they were better than you if they were in a higher position.)


Up until now, I had never seen a clear case of someone pretending to be obedient, but actually disobeying, or betraying someone.

There were people who disobeyed superiors. But that always resulted in Gekokujyo. Which meant a battle of strength.


It wasn’t like in Japan, where relationships were complicated, and your position in society in relation to others could be affected by many factors.

Things were simple in the Demon World.


“Now, I finished checking the area. I should return to my unit. But I really don’t want the enemy to come here and turn it into one of their bases. So, maybe I’ll station a few people here… No, it won’t matter if I just send a few people.”


Ultimately, I decided it would just be more dangerous if I did that. And so I decided to forget this problem for now.


On my way back, I pricked up my ears, but I couldn’t hear any sounds of talking or people fighting. It was very quiet.

Unsurprising, when I reached the campsite, everyone was still bored.


“Did anything happen while I was gone?”

I asked adjutant Rig after I had found him.


“Nothing has happened since the enemy stronghold was destroyed yesterday. I stationed some men there to make sure. The reports say that nothing has changed.”

“So they haven’t come to take it back then.”


“Yes. Perhaps they don’t have anyone who is stronger than yesterday’s Taiga.”

After all, if they just brought in another one, there would be a good chance that it would just be defeated and they would double their loss.

“Very well. But continue to monitor the area.”


“Yes, with pleasure!”

Was I in a bar?


Yesterday, we had thoroughly destroyed the stronghold.

So if the enemy returned, they would not even be able to repair it. They would be forced to clear the area and rebuild it.


They must have seen how we had destroyed it. And perhaps that’s why they decided that there was no point in trying to take it back.

(If they were smart, they would abandon it for good.)


If there really weren’t going to be any enemies here, it might be best for us to go and support Lobos in the center.


But if the enemy army were still close by, they might find us while we were on the move and attack us from behind. However, it seemed like they had all retreated.


(Well, I can’t make such a decision in just one day. We’ll do things slowly.)

Ultimately, the whole day went by without the enemy making an appearance.


Makai Hongi

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  1. I’ve just discovered this novel and want to thank you for all the chapters you have wonderfully translated so far. Amazing work, thank you very much!

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