Flower Field Demon King – 35

Chapter 35


It was after the fruits of Qudel’s research had caused intense, deep-rooted, and irreversible trauma.


The exhausted magistrate shooed everyone away and locked himself up in his room on the second floor.

“Damn it…what the hell is happening here!?”

He sat down on the rough bed in the empty room as he muttered these complaints to himself.


The current state of the village was very unexpected to him.

He had heard that a rank-one Goddess had descended on the ravaged village, and so he had frantically paid them a visit. But things turned out to be even more out of hand than that.


As far as he was aware, this village had been flooded with poisoned, contaminated water that had flowed from the mines. It should not have been possible for any crops to grow here for at least a few decades.

However, there were no signs of that here at all. In fact, the village was even surrounded by a wall of roses that seemed to be made of copper.


Furthermore, the sand and mud that had swallowed up the village had been removed. And instead of temporary shacks for housing, there were buildings that looked completely new. There was even a new cathedral!

It did not make any sense.

Judging by the reports of the number of workers and the time spent, none of this should have been possible.


So, what was happening?

Was it the newly arrived Goddess that had done all of this?

It was the only explanation that made any sense.

However, she did not seem like the kind of person to do much work.


And then there was Qudels. The incredibly strange leader of the restoration support team.

It was strange enough that he created unpoisonous hemp plants, which could not have been very useful, but he had also made many other things.

There were the humanoid watermelons, and then the giant tentacles that determined who was an enemy by itself, and ate them… That was a biological weapon.


And when he had asked Qudels the reason for all of this…

He claimed they were necessary for the village’s autonomy! It was clearly excessive!!

If the rest of the world knew this, they would suspect the village of plotting a rebellion!!


“How the hell did all of this happen! It’s all so ridiculous that I won’t even be able to report this to my superiors! Besides, I would be held responsible if it was known what they were making! Damn it!!”


In the first place, the fact that he had thrown the responsibility onto an Adventurer’s Guild was unusual in itself.

So if the village was under suspicion of causing any civil strife, then he would also be under suspicion, as the magistrate.


“You damn scum! How far must you go in order to anger me!!”

He had only pushed the work onto the Adventurers as an act of spite.

However, in reality, the restoration had not only carried out smoothly, but it had gone much farther into dangerous territory.


What could he possibly do about this situation?

As a rank-one Goddess was here, people from the church would come to visit the village eventually.

When that happened, and they saw those horrifying plants, they would be so scared that they would call it heresy.

If that led to a trial, his hostile act towards the village could lead to his own ruin.


So, perhaps he could get rid of everything that he didn’t want the others to see now?

However, if he wasn’t careful, he might end up angering the restoration support group.

And this was the worst time for them to start conspiring with the villagers.

If that happened, he didn’t see how he would be able to get rid of all those weapons while keeping it a secret.



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