Flower Field Demon King – 35


No, the worst thing about it was…he didn’t feel quite as scared as he should have.

After seeing the new cathedral, it was as if his emotions had become weaker. He felt like he was no longer himself anymore.


“I don’t know…I don’t what’s happening anymore.”

However, staying alone in his room like this didn’t solve anything. It just made him feel more closed off.

There was only one thing to do in these situations.


The magistrate moved to the door on tired feet and made sure that it was locked properly.

This was something that no one could see him doing under any circumstances.


“Damn it…that leader. If he was going to be growing that stuff, he could have at least made some normal ones and handed it to me secretly.”

He muttered with irritation as he pulled out a pipe and opened his window.

When he lit it, the distinct smell spread throughout the room.

The magistrate smiled with satisfaction and inhaled the smoke and slowly exhaled out of the window.

As he was on the second floor, people that were outside were not likely to notice the smell.


“Ahhh, if this isn’t the blessing of the gods.”

The pained expression that had been on the magistrate’s face began to disappear as it was replaced with a dream-like expression.

Color returned to his cheeks and he looked like he was in heaven.


However, this was the forbidden fruit.

And so it was not long before he was punished.


“What…what is this?”

He felt an itch on his arm and he looked down at it.


At first, it had been nothing. Something that he could barely notice.

However, within the blink of an eye, the horrifying truth was revealed.


“AAAAAAAHHHH!! Someone! Help me!! Stop! Stop it! Bugs! Bb-bugs! They’re eating me! No! I don’t want to die like this… AHHHH!!”

The scream that could be heard from the magistrate’s room caused his guards to run to him frantically. However, the door was locked tightly.

From behind, they could hear the loud crash of the window breaking.


“Bah, we’ll have to break down the door then! Go!”

“Are you alright, sir!”

The soldiers swung their weapons and broke down the locked door.

As for what they saw inside of the room…it was a white skeleton that floated in a sea of dark red mud.

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  1. Oh yeah! The bugs that ate the addictive hemp should any end up on the field! Ouch! That was not a good way to go, brought it on himself though!
    Thanks for the chapter…

  2. A painful accident? Does this look like just a painful accident that would prevent the magistrate continuing the inspection as said by Adelia? She made it sound like he got hit on the head or just broke a leg when he slipped. Not that he got eaten alive.

  3. The way he died is… comical. And hella karmatic. Not quite sure how they are gun a pin it on them, but somehow this is gunna be thrown at the “wicked women”.

  4. Qudels is kind of turning more and more into some eldrich being… That former demon king really did the world a huge favor in keeping him under control.

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