Cave King – 15

Chapter 15 – I filled it in with dirt!


“Lord Heal. Here’s some water!”

“Thank you, Rienna.”


After eating a baked apple near the shore, Rienna passed me a cup of water.


She was now wearing completely normal clothes.

My own white shirt and brown trousers were used as a base to make them out of Spider Cave webs.


And so I no longer felt embarrassed when looking at her…

Still, my heart seemed to race when I saw her beautiful face and the pale outstretched hand.

Yes. I had had very little contact with women when I was in the royal palace…


Rienna looked at me and smiled.

She was good at cooking and was kind…

In fact, I was becoming very fon…no, I respected her greatly.


I thought as I shook my head and drained the last of the water. Then Baris said,


“Lord Heal. About the plan that we talked about yesterday.”

“Ah, about reclaiming the land around the island?”

“Yes. I sincerely hope that you will agree to the expansion.”

“In other words…you want more farmland?”

“Yes. If we had unlimited Sun Stones, we could make do with the farmlands we have now. However, they are not an unlimited resource. And so I think it would be best to create more farmlands for next year and the year after that.”


Well, it had been something that I kept delaying, thinking that we’d manage somehow.

However, I would not be able to eat apples like the one I was currently eating if we ran out of Sun Stones.


Rienna continued after Baris.


“Of course, the small farm would be enough to secure food for you, Lord Heal. Perhaps the rest of us could subsist on fish…”

“No. As I said before, we must share everything. Still, next year, huh…”


We were apparently nearing the season for planting seeds.

If we were going to do it, it should be done soon.


Also, there were the goblin children to consider.

They liked to run around and play with balls. But I had often seen them being scolded after getting in the way of the adults’ work.


They currently had a little corner of the island where they could play with stone tops that were spun on top of a flat rock.

However, many of them preferred more athletic sport.


But it was true that the island was too small for that. And the caves were narrow.


“…Alright. Let’s do it.”

“Thank you, Lord Heal! But if you just gave us the materials, we could do the rest…”

“That would take too much time. Leave the construction work to me.”


Baris had created the plans yesterday.

First, I had to draw out the rocky area that would be filled in, remove the water, pour the sand…


This would all take an incredible amount of time with just a single boat.

They would barely be able to do anything.


However, Baris’s face darkened. He clearly didn’t want me to be bothered.


“B-but…this is work that we should be doing…”

“I am the lord of this island. I have to be the one actively working to solve the problems here. It’s not like it’s much trouble for me anyway. I want to eat good food just as much as the rest of you.”


Baris thought about it for a moment and then nodded.


“Lord Heal… In that case, I promise to grow crops that will satisfy you!”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it. …Alright, let’s do it then.”


I lifted myself heavily from the ground.


And then Rienna, Baris, and Shiel the slime followed after me.


Then Erevan noticed me from the smithy that was near the rocks.

He and Mappa were apparently making axes and pickaxes.


“Chief? What are you going to do?”

“Fill-in the land. There will probably be some big waves, so you should have the goblins move away from the shore.”

“Hey! All of you! Gather over here!!”


Erevan called them over to him. And everything was ready.


I raised my hand towards the sea and opened my Inventory.


First, I would stack rocks up to fill-out the area we wanted to use, and then remove the water…

And then I would pour in some sand and Cave Spider…material.


As I’ve said before, I had no real knowledge of reclaiming.

This was all Baris’s idea.

Of course, Baris didn’t have any experience either. It was all from a book he had once read.


Normally, this was work that would involve large ships, heavy machinery, and many people.


But uh…this was just a test…

And we had no shortage of rocks.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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