Cave King – 16

Chapter 16 – We had a barbecue!




As I shouted, the group of goblins all raised their voices at once.


“It’s Killer Birds!!”


The giant birds that flew over our heads… The Killer Bird. They were bird monsters.

They had black wings and feathers and large, very sharp-looking beaks. And they were as tall as a human.


I had never seen one in person, but the rumors had not been exaggerating.

These monsters were feared in Sanfaris, and were well-known.


The Killer Birds would cross the sea and come to the Barleon Continent from the south during the warmer, planting seasons.

And they targeted more than just livestock. Human children and smaller monsters would often be carried away.


In other words, goblins were also food to them…


“Everyone!! Return to the cave!!”


I shouted as they looked up at the sky.

Some had already started to run to the caves before I gave the order.


The entrance to the cave was right in front of our noses… But even that could seem far for the very small goblin children.


“You guys, over here!!”


Erevan had an axe in his hands as he ran towards the children.


However, the Killer Birds started to dive down one after another.




I used fire magic to burn the Killer Birds.

However, a few of them escaped and continued to head towards the children.


But as soon as they came close to land, they were caught in the deadly swing of an axe.

It was Erevan.


He was cutting down and killing every Killer Bird that came near.

And then he ran towards the center of the reclaimed ground, all the while shouting so that he drew their attention.


“AAARRRGHHH!!! The rest of you, hurry!!”

“But General! It’s dangerous!!”


Rienna shouted, but Erevan would not turn back.


Baris led the Princess away by the hand.


“Princess. The General is a proud warrior of the Berdan tribe! Mere Killer Birds are nothing to him! You must trust him!”


I nodded and turned to Rienna.


“I’ll stay here and help Erevan. You must help all the children get to the caves!”



And so Rienna and Baris guided the children back to the cave.

And like that, all of the goblins made it there safely.


However, unless we did something, the Killer Birds would go inside as well.

I had to protect the entrance somehow.


Well, there was a new feature that I wanted to try…


I opened my Inventory and ordered it to create a doll.

Apparently, you could use Rocks to create a doll known as a Golem.


It was also possible to use Iron, but I just needed a shield right now.

Besides, Killer Birds usually avoided fighting anything that was larger than them.

So by just standing here, it would be able to protect the entrance.


And so I quickly created the 3-meter Golem.

There was a bright blast of light, and then a Golem that was made of boulders appeared right next to me.


“Golem. Protect the cave!”


I ordered. And then the Golem stood with its feet apart in front of the cave, as if to block the entrance.


So, it could understand me.

Now the cave would be safe.


But now that I think about it, what happened to Mappa…? Oh.


I saw that a Killer Bird had just spit him out with disgust.

The very sticky Mappa was…


He was about to fall onto the reclaimed ground.

However, Shiel slid under him and acted as a cushion while he plummeted.


Alright. Everything was fine now.


“Erevan!! I’m going to use magic! I need you to duck down!!”



Erevan was covered in Killer Bird blood as he dove to the ground.


Once I was sure of it, I chanted the name of the ice magic.




Just then, rays of icy coldness shot out of my hand and spread out.

After a moment, it became like a blizzard and the Killer Birds were frozen in an instant.


The now rock-hard Killer Birds began to fall from the sky.

In order to protect myself and Erevan, I cast Wind over our heads.

Perhaps it was because the ice was so hard, but they didn’t shatter when they hit the ground.


The few Killer Birds who had managed to avoid being hit saw what was happening and wasted no time in escaping far away.


It’s finally over…


All at once, cheers could be heard from the cave.


Erevan stood up and ran up to me.

His face was red and he was laughing while holding his axe…

Yes. It was kind of scary.


“I knew you could do it, Chief! It was glorious!!”

“Thanks, Erevan. I have a new respect for you as well.”


As someone who was called General, he did not disappoint in terms of having high combat ability.

His axe was quite small, and yet he had defeated over a dozen Killer Birds.


‘Oh, it’s nothing.’ Erevan said a little shyly as he scratched the back of his head.


“Lord Heal. General. Are you alright!?”


When I turned around, I saw that Rienna was standing there.

Baris and the other goblins were following her.


“Aye. I’m fine.”

“Thank goodness… If anything happened to you, Lord Heal, I…”


Rienna’s eyes filled with tears.

Huh? She was that worried about me?

I was honestly very happy, but it was a little awkward as well.


I turned to look at Erevan.


“Erevan…and Mappa also seem fine.”


The now sticky Mappa was trying to wipe off the Killer Bird saliva from his body.

Apparently, he had been licked all over…


The thought made me a little nauseous, and so I turned back to Rienna.


“Well, that was quite a distraction… No, perhaps this means we have new food supplies… Rienna. Killer Birds are edible, right?”

“Of course! Their wings and feet are like those of a chicken. Their bellies are like cows and the shoulders are like a pig. They have the best parts of all three beasts!”

“Huh. I didn’t know that!”


In other words, it’s like some livestock just flew over here and dropped into our laps!

I was salivating already.


“…Alright, then I guess we better have a barbecue today!”


As it had been a while since any of us had meat, the goblins all shouted excitedly.


And like that, we all smacked our lips over some meat that night.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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