Cave King – 16


I had brought some dried meat with me, but there was so little that it was gone very early on.

And so I had believed that I might never eat meat again… But now we had more meat than we could eat.


80 Killer Birds had been killed in all.

We plucked them and cut up the meat, but it would rot if we just left it out.


And so I created a room in the cave and used ice magic to create a freezer.

This way, the meat would last longer.

If we stored all of the frozen meat inside of it, we could have fresh meat whenever we wanted.


After Rienna and the others finished cooking the meat, Erevan held a bone with meat on it in his hand and said,


“Now, with great gratitude towards our Chief, let’s eat!!”

“Let’s eat!!”


All at once, the goblins bit into their meat.

It had been so long since they last tasted it, and everyone couldn’t help but smile.


Mappa and Taran the Cave Spider were also enjoying their meat.

Apparently, it tasted really amazing.

The smell alone was incredible.


Then Rienna stood next to me and said,


“Here. You have some too, Lord Heal!”



She looked at me a little worriedly.

She was probably concerned over whether she had cooked it right.

But it looked and smelled incredible…there was no way it wouldn’t be delicious.


And so I quickly tore into the meat and ate it.

The fat and sweetness spread throughout the corners of my mouth…


“…It’s delicious.”

“Thank you, Lord Heal!”


Rienna said excitedly.

But I was almost as excited as she was. I could dance for joy.


…Meat really was amazing.

As Killer Birds had to fly for long periods of time, they stored a lot of fat in their bodies.

And that’s what gave them their sweetness.


The thought of being able to eat this for a long time filled me with gratitude.


However, at the same time, there was also the possibility of the Killer Birds attacking us once again.

Well, they could be a great food source…


But every moment I spent dealing with them was a moment I had to spend away from mining.


And I couldn’t just stay on guard the whole time. Perhaps I could make that doll stand watch on the reclaimed ground as a guard.


Killer Birds didn’t attack things that were bigger than them.

And so just standing there would keep them away.

Apparently, you could also alter the Golems. So maybe I could give it a ranged weapon later on.


As for Baris, he suggested we should give some of the goblins bows and let them take turns patrolling the area during the day and night.

After all, there could be other enemies, aside from Killer Birds.

It was necessary to be cautious.


I thought of such things while eating the meat.


And then, I saw that a small goblin was staring at me.




As I tried to remember who it was, Rienna reminded me.


“This Fu. General Erevan’s child. …Now we call her Fule.”


Right, Fule.

I had changed her name when taming her.


“Right. I’m sorry for forgetting your name. Do you need something, Fule?”

“…Hey. Why are you so strong, Lord Heal? No one’s supposed to be stronger than my father.”


It must have been my magic that she saw.

Originally, I had struggled to even make a drop of water.

But after using so many Crystals on this island, I had gained immense magical energy.


For many years I had watched my brothers in the palace. But if I was being honest, I had far surpassed them now.


All of them…


“Well…it’s thanks to the mining.”

“Mining? That’s how you became strong?”

“Yeah… No, well… If goblins want to use magic, they’ll have to use an Ascending Stone and evolve.”

“Then I want to evolve! …Oww!”


Erevan gently knocked her on the head while she was talking.


“Hey, Fule! Stop bothering the Chief. Also, you must speak with more respect! You’re being rude!”


Erevan bowed and made Fule do that same.


“Please forgive her, Chief. She can’t shut up about becoming stronger.”

“Oh, it’s fine. Besides, it just shows how much she looks up to you.”


‘Really?’ Erevan asked happily. Fule snorted and turned her nose away.


“Fule. If you really want an Ascending Stone, I can help you. We can mine together. And if you find one, you can do whatever you want with it.”

“Do-do you mean it?”



Fule turned away and looked at the cave as if she couldn’t wait to get started.

Then she forced the bloated Mappa to get up and dragged him to the smithy.

She was probably going to have him make a pickaxe.


Erevan seemed a little frantic as he asked me,


“Ar-are you sure? Aren’t Ascending Stones really valuable?”

“If I found one, I was thinking about having the people who want it draw lots. But if she finds it herself, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“…Do you have no greed towards material things, Chief? It was just recently that you wanted us to take those jewels.”


It was true. Ever since I arrived on this island, I had no fixation for things…

I just liked to dig. It wasn’t because I wanted that material.


“Well, Fule will be able to do a lot more if she can use magic. …Speaking of magic…”


I selected Crystal x 800 from my Inventory.

And I used them on Rienna as she looked at me with a puzzled expression.


“Lord Heal? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I just used some Crystals on you. Now you should be able to use more magic.”


Rienna looked pale as she asked me.


“Y-you used something so valuable on me!?”

“Didn’t I tell you? It helps me when there are others that can use magic. If something like that attack happens again, and I’m not around, I want you to deal with it instead.”

“Lord Heal… I understand. I will work harder at learning new magic. You will not be disappointed!”


Rienna answered firmly with a hand on her chest.


She had been passionate about learning magic from the beginning.

And so I knew she would do well if I increased her power.


“Yes. I’m counting on you.”


I couldn’t deal with every problem on my own.

And more than anything, I wanted time to go digging.

Of course, I also enjoyed being out here and eating delicious food…


And so I would continue to use the Crystals to increase Rienna’s power.

I probably had enough now, but I would continue to use them anyway.


This was the day that the new farmland was completed and we acquired some meat. And so from the following year, it was to be celebrated as the Sheorl Festival where we prayed for a good harvest.

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