Cave King – 17

Chapter 17 – We were attacked!!




The voice of a small goblin echoed inside of the cave.


It was Fule, Erevan’s child, who was desperately swinging her pickaxe.


Fule wanted the Ascending Stone that allowed monsters to evolve.

She wanted to be able to use magic.


However, the Ascending Stone I had found wasn’t acquired through randomly digging around.

It was in a specific place… Stored in what felt like a small shrine.


Now that I thought about it, it was quite strange that there was a single room right there.

What if there was actually some kind of ancient ruin, and that room was just a small part of it…


And so I decided to go back and inspect the stone room again.

However, I was unable to find anything. No artifacts or even writing.


Well, it wasn’t as if I would have been able to read any ancient writing anyway…


The only thing I can do is to continue to swing my pickaxe like this.


I felt that Fule was looking at me every time I swung.


Then she stopped in order to wipe the sweat from her forehead.


“…How are you able to dig so fast? Are you human, Lord Heal?”

“Yeah, I’m a human. Just a normal…well, a pretty bottom-of-the-barrel one too.”

“Hmm. But you can use magic. You don’t seem like a human at all.”

“You know, there are times when I agree with you…”


After all, 3㎡ of rock would fall away with every swing.

This wasn’t something that any human should be able to do.


Perhaps Fule was bored with such simple work because she continued to ask me questions.


“…Don’t you have a father, Lord Heal?”

“Me? Uh, I had one.”

“…He must have been an amazing person.”

“I guess you could say that. My father had the ‘Supreme Ruler’ crest. It allowed him to raise the power and skills of not just himself, but his soldiers. And so he never lost a war.”


It wasn’t just him.

My brothers also had crests that were considered to be impressive.

That’s why I had felt like such a failure. Because I had ‘Cave King,’ which I didn’t really understand.


“Huh…that sounds crazy.”


Fule said seriously.

She was probably thinking that my father was much stronger than me.

However, if we only looked at magic, I had surpassed him by now.


In the first place, Fule had this mentality because of her own father, Erevan.


Erevan was pretty strong.

If we had to fight with swords, I would easily lose.

Hell, if I went against him with ten men, we would probably still lose.


“Fule. Are you trying to become stronger than your father?”

“Huh? No…”


She suddenly became quiet and returned to swinging his pickaxe.


She was so easy to read…


However, was wanting to surpass your father really enough to create such an obsession with getting stronger?

In my case, even though my father and brothers were brilliant, I hadn’t wanted to be better than them.


I just wanted to be like everyone else so that I wasn’t a laughing-stock.


Of course, people wouldn’t laugh at me anymore. But they might look at me as if I were a monster…

Well, that would be the best outcome. At worst, I might be locked up somewhere as a dangerous person.


Thankfully, I intended for this island to be my final resting place, so none of that would happen.


And so I continued mining for some time, when I suddenly heard the echo of rocks crumbling behind me.


When I turned around, I saw that Fule looked very surprised.

Apparently, she had dug her way into a large, open area.


“Yes! I bet there is something in here!”


Fule grabbed her Shining Stone torch and entered the area.

I followed her and went inside.


This place was at least ten times the size of the stone room I had discovered.

And there was a row of giant statues.


I immediately felt a sense of dread, and then I sensed the movement of magic within the statues.


Magic detection…it was an automatic skill that those with great power acquired.

It was reacting to this.


“Wait, Fule!”



I quickly cast Shield around us.


Shield was able to protect people from all kinds of magic and attacks.

However, it didn’t block everything and it didn’t last forever.

A lot of it depended on the strength of the caster.


The moment that the shield went up, the giant statues started to spew out scorching flames.


Fule was so surprised that she fell on the ground.


However, as much as the flames raged around us, they did not penetrate the shield.

Perhaps my power was too great, as it did not even shudder.


“Are you alright, Fule!?”

“I-I’m fine… This is nothing!”


Fule answered as if she was trying to persuade herself.

However, her legs were shaking.


But I was scared too.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. I Ike’s how MC realistic. There’s no hatred or envy, he simply wanted value.
    Though I do hope he arm least holds a grudge and coldness to those who ‘killed’ him

    Is it just me or do the Translations feel off at times? Err I don’t want to read back and explain it but some sentences didn’t make sense. I think it’s also the way it’s written, like a rough draft. I wonder how different LN is. In manga she’s like a Gyaru.

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