Cave King – 17


While I had more power and was stronger now, we were currently surrounded in giant humanoid statues.


These things…were they Golems?


It seemed very likely that they were.

However, the Golem I had made was not supposed to be able to use magic…


Furthermore, some of the ones here were wearing what looked like armor.

The ones in armor were currently moving towards us while brandishing swords.


I was sure that the Shield could block them…but if this continued, we’d just be ganged up on and mauled.


And so I unleashed the wind magic, Storm, in the area around us.

All at once, the Golems were thrown into the air and smashed against the walls of marble. And like that, they were shattered.


“Wh-what were those things?”
“I think they’re Golems. Can you stand up?


I offered Fule a hand and helped her to his feet.


“Th-thank you, Lord Heal…”


She said with a bow. But she looked quite angry.

I could see that she was biting her lip. It was probably because she hadn’t been able to do anything.


“Also, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have run ahead like that.”

“No, I was also careless…”


She really wasn’t to blame.

Who would have known that such dangerous Golems lurked underground here?

I should have been more careful.


This meant that it was too dangerous to let just anyone dig freely down here.

If there were other places like this, who knows what would happen?

And so I turned around and told Shiel to tell the others to stop digging at once.


I had taught Shiel a number of signs. When Shiel stretched out to form an ‘X,’ that meant you were to stop digging.


Shiel went off immediately.

Now, I had to investigate this place.


I looked around.

But from what I could tell, there was nothing in this vast marble room but the remains of the Golems.

Even though the last room had had an altar…


Well, it could not be helped. And so I decided to inspect the Golem remains.

There were close to a dozen in all.


Every one of them had a Heart Stone…


“Lord Heal! This golden rock! Is it an Ascending Stone?”


Fule asked as she brought the shining, gold stone to me.


The golden stone I had found at the altar had been an Ascending Stone.

I had told Fule about that. And this one did look similar.


“Hmm. Let’s see…”


I had the Advisor explain it to us.


<<Magic Stone…Magic can be made to dwell within them. Can be used in the creation of dolls.>>


So, that must mean that this was inside of the Golem that used magic.

And someone had created it…


“Hmm. This isn’t it…”



Fule’s shoulders dropped.

However, in the next instant, she turned ghostly pale.




She suddenly shrieked. I turned to see what she was looking at.


“Wh-what is it? …Aaaaahh!! …Oh, it’s just Mappa.”


What we saw…was Old Mappa in just a waistcloth.


However, there was nothing unusual about that in itself.

Mappa tended to wander around the tunnels without any light source. And so there was no end to the screams of goblins and Cave Spiders during the day.


…How long had he been here?


Regardless, Mappa was now gleefully carrying the Golem’s 3-meter long silver sword as if it weighed nothing.

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    • As I understand it, Mappa must be a dwarf who lived on the island and the stone of resurrection brought him back to life.
      note: I’m reading this story for the first time …

    • I can think of two different reasons why he doesn’t speak. 1) He is from a different country so he doesn’t know the language. If I remember, I think Heal said there were like five different land masses.

      2) Since we are pretty sure he was revived with the dragon stone, it’s hard to say how ‘old’ he is. I feel he wreaked there and died like all the other skeletons in the cave. Hard to say how much language can change since he was alive before.

  1. Hm, maybe that sword wasn’t actually silver, but mithril. A terribly excentric blacksmith like Mappa is bound desire some of that rare stuff.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Mappa is smaller than heal
    Mappa is good at blacksmithing
    Mappa is strong enough to carry a sword bigger than him.
    And most importantly he has a beard.

    Mappa confirmed a dwarven

  3. So what really happened to Mappa? Why doesn’t he talk? Did the resurrection fail because of how old the remains were or what?

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