Flower Field Demon King – 34

Chapter 34


The next day.

Adelia and Darten ended up making no progress before the arrival of the magistrate.

No, to be precise, the arrival of the magistrate had been so sudden, that they were too busy making preparations for accepting him.


Adelia had been expecting a portly bastard, but the man who arrived in the village was in his thirties and had a slender physique.

Apparently, he had once been a knight who helped protect the border. And so he had a sword on his belt, which made him look rather dashing.

However, the greedy and lecherous expression on his face did live up to her initial expectations.


But according to Darten, who was a war god, this man was decent enough as a human, but he could defeat him with a sneeze.

He was no threat to the village at all.


“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Adelia, vice leader of this village restoration support project. I will be your guide in the leader’s place.”

“Vice leader? And a woman… Ah, if it isn’t that devil woman who was displayed in the slave market. Do you take me for a fool!”


Adelia’s greeting was met with hostile snorting and insults as he looked down his nose at her.

…Or so it seemed at first. But he made no effort to hide the fact that his eyes were scanning her chest and hips.


Upon realizing this, Adelia seemed to be enveloped in white-hot rage. Still, she smiled and lifted the hem of her skirt and moved into the most graceful courtesy that could be imagined.


It was the best courtesy a high-born lady could give. Something a mere magistrate would never have the privilege of witnessing in his whole life.

I was beautiful and perfect. The kind that if you could not return it with equal perfection, you would be deemed inferior by everyone around you.

In other words, it was a lethal weapon in the world of high society.


Even if he didn’t fully understand the meaning, the magistrate acted as if he had just touched a poisonous moth. And he stumbled as he took a step back.


“The leader is doing research on creating new crops for this land. And so I am the one running this operation. I believe I am the right person to guide you through this visit.”

“I-I see.”

A drop of sweat fell from the magistrate’s head.

And without understanding the reason, he was swallowed up by Adelia’s force.


Though she may have fallen low, Adelia was still someone who had been raised to be a queen.

She had the instinct, and a mere magistrate could not act grand in front of her.

The others glanced at the uncomfortable magistrate, and in their hearts, they cheered and applauded.


Like this, Adelia took him around the village and explained what they had been doing. All the while, murderous looks came from every direction… And then, there was a problem when they reached a certain field.

The magistrate saw the tall plants that were growing there, and his eyes widened and he began to sweat and to screech.


“Y-yo-you! Do you know what you have done!?”

His hand shook as he pointed at the hemp that had been grown as a way of improving the soil.


“Yes, it is the hemp plant. Though it’s undergone some alterations and can no longer be used for narcotics.”


“Yes. If you doubt it, why don’t you try some?”

“N-no…that won’t be necessary.”

Adelia smiled and continued to explain. The whole time, the magistrate looked like he was having a nightmare.


Then Adelia suddenly realized something.



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