Flower Field Demon King – 34


“Still, you have a good eye. While it is sometimes grown on rare occasions, its use is forbidden outside of temples. You cannot possess them or look at documents concerning the. And yet you recognized them at a glance. That’s very impressive.”

Surely, this meant that he had seen them before.

But where had the magistrate seen them then?


“Well, I had an opportunity once.” 

“Just for reference, would you mind telling me where it was?”

If you saw it outside of the temple, then there were four possibilities.


The first was the most obvious. You were a priest who grew them.

The second was mad scholars like Qudels.


The third was criminals who made them illegally.

And the fourth was professionals who arrested such people.

As for this magistrate, he would have to be either one of the last two…


“Oh, it was such a long time ago. I don’t even remember where it was.”

The magistrate looked away from Adelia and told the unconvincing lie.


—Ah, so this man has acquired it in the past.

Adelia made a mental note of this.


“Well, I think I showed most of the farmlands now. Perhaps we should go to the cathedral and meet Goddess Moral.”

“N-no. The farmlands still continue on from here, don’t they? I think I should see everything since I’m here.”


Of course, that was an area where Qudels grew all kinds of things for his experiments. Most of them were things she preferred the magistrate to be ignorant about.

It wasn’t that she absolutely couldn’t show him, but even a completely normal person…would have nightmares when they saw the humanoid watermelons and the snake vines that guarded the sweet potatoes.

But more than anything, Adelia did not want to go anywhere near the fields that Qudels was managing, because he had scattered mites all over them.


“Very well. It’s not that there is anything that we don’t want you to see. It’s just a little surprising, that’s all. I hope you won’t regret it.”

Adelia said cooly. And the magistrate gulped.


After that, the screams of the magistrate and his servants could be heard echoing a number of times.

By the time they returned to the chief’s house, everyone aside from Adelia had become completely pale and looked very disheartened.

The magistrate would returned to his room, and after a long moment of silence, say the following words.


“Oh, what a horrible thing I have witnessed. I was not so afraid when I saw a mountain of corpses on the battlefield.”


And like that, the first day of his visit ended with quite a number of hitches.

However, he would not continue the inspection tomorrow.

…Due to a painful incident.

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  1. I wonder what the painful incident will be? Maybe he stares lecherously at Morel so she kicks him in the nards and/or curses him.

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