Flower Field Demon King – 29

Chapter 29


“The earth is not something that stays the same forever. Especially the parts the can be affected by us. It is constantly changing its expression.”


Qudels said sagely as they stepped outside. He then led Adelia towards the ravaged fields.


However, there wasn’t a single wheat stalk to be seen. All that was there were piles of sand that had been brought with the floods.


“If you want to know the soil, the best thing is to touch it first. Miss Adelia, please enter the field here. Now press your finger into the ground.”

Qudels said as he invited her to enter the area of accumulated sediment.



She didn’t know what this was for, but it probably had some meaning.

And so she obeyed and stuck a pale finger into the ground.

However, while Adelia’s well-maintained fingernail entered the dirt, the ground would not allow the rest of her finger to enter.


“Behold. The ground is hard and you are unable to pierce it. At best, you might press hard enough to make a dent.”

“But isn’t dirt usually like this?”

In Adelia’s experience, this was nothing unusual.

However, Qudels shook his head.


“No, you are wrong. Soil that is fit for the fields must be soft enough for your finger to go all of the ways in. You should try doing the same thing in the forest. I am sure that you’ll be surprised by the softness of the soil. In any case, this ground is too hard for plants to spread their roots.”

“In other words, we need to do something about it or we won’t be able to expect a good harvest?”

Qudels nodded.


“Yes. And so I will teach you what I can about soil today.”

He said. And then Qudels stuck his fingers into the dirt and scooped some of it up with his hands.

Then he showed it to Adelia.


“Look at this color.”

“Color? It seems rather normal? A reddish-brown color.”

But Qudels shook his head.”


“It’s not normal at all. Soil comes in all kinds of colors. It depends on the rocks that it originally came from. Generally speaking, soil that is rich in nutrients will be darker in color.”

He scattered the soil onto the ground and cast his sorrowful eyes downward as he continued to talk in a gentle voice.


“But rich soil. It causes plants to sprout and eventually die so they can return to the earth. A circle of life that is able to repeat over and over again. The soil is black because it is filled with the corpses of so many dead plants. In other words, it is the color of the lives that were spent on this land.”


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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