Shatei Kyokufuri – 9

Data.9 – Old Bowman, Gorilla Fight


First, there is one thing that you must never do when fighting a gorilla.

And that is ‘letting them know your position.’

If they knew where you were located, they would close in on you.

And that huge body could catch up very quickly when it ran.

You could not be naive and just shoot it straight on.

Thankfully, I had a useful skill.

“Bound Arrow!”

I avoided the gorilla and aimed for the trunk of a tree that was behind it.

The arrow then bounced off and hit the gorilla.

Now it would assume the arrow had come from the other side.

However…it didn’t do any damage!

Would I have to shoot hundreds of Bound Arrows in order to kill it…?

On the other hand, it was so ridiculously weak, that the gorilla was still sleeping.

Well, it was my chance to hit it with a chain of attacks.

Kiriririri…shuu! Shu! Shu!

After I hit it with about twenty more, the gorilla suddenly shuddered.

Was it finally waking up?

At this point, I would have to make the arrows bounce more than once, so they didn’t hit it right away.

It would be pointless if it saw the arrow come from behind and bounce off of the tree.

However, the more it bounced, the farther the arrow traveled. And that meant the force would be weakened.

Still, I was able to chip away a quarter of its health.

I just had to be patient.

Thankfully, the gorilla was still confused about what was…hmm?

Now he was holding something.

A black clump of…


But I was right.

The gorilla picked up a big piece of its excrement and flung it in the direction that an arrow had come. I could hear a tree crashing as the dark pieces went flying.

The force was incredible… I didn’t want to get hit by that.

No, I wouldn’t want to get hit even if it didn’t pack that much of a punch!

The world in this game was so realistic in its recreations. I didn’t want to think about what it would feel like to be covered in that!

I better kill it quickly…

“Ah…! The tree I was using to bounce the arrow is gone…!?”

I would have to choose a different tree.

This time I would attack it from both sides.

I shot the arrows diagonally from the gorilla so that they hit the trees that were next to it.

By doing this on both sides at nearly the same time, it will assume that there are two enemies.

However, the gorilla reacted by throwing more of its excrement. And it soon tore down the tree to the right.

And without even a pause, he flung towards the left in order to take out that tree as well.

If this continued, it was only a matter of time before it came flying at me…

It still had a little over half of its HP left.

I could risk revealing my position and spam In Fight Arrows at it, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

So, what to do…

The gorilla leaned on one leg and pulled an arm back, ready to throw again.

“I know! Now’s my chance! In Fight Arrow!”

Giriririri… Byu! Zhunk!

A powerful arrow slammed into the gorilla’s knee.

Joints were already weak, but it had all its weight on it now.

That meant increased damage!

Furthermore, it lost its balance and collapsed on the ground.

Additional damage!

A big chunk of its HP fell away.

And now for the follow up attack…!

“Web Arrow!”

My newly acquired weapon.

This skill had a spider’s web.

The adhesiveness would cause the gorilla to stick to the ground.

And once it couldn’t move, I just needed to shoot it!

“In Fight Arrow! In Fight Arrow! In Fight Arrow!”



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  1. Thanks for a great chap!

    I feel that Web Arrow skill is a bit OP. I mean how does one web hold down a Giant Gorilla?

    MC must look kinda funny, carrying a hairy spider bow and wearing gorilla-hand gloves, but maybe it works..🤷🏽‍♂️

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