Makai Hongi – 36

Chapter 36


“Can we start the meeting already?”

I muttered as they all stared at me.

Hurry up. This is painfully awkward.

“…Well, since Golan is getting impatient, let’s begin. First, thank you all for coming here today. Once again, we must protect this hill until the end. I’m sure it won’t be difficult, since you’re all used to it now.”

No one reacted.

Well, they were still looking at me. Uh, was that alright? Shouldn’t they be listening?

“We had people watching the rods, so we knew that the enemy was coming. Isn’t that great? A Hanuman was seen in the main army. That must be their General. Or maybe the Corps Commander.”

Now that was shocking. Hanuman. The great flying monkey.

Residents of the Demon World were separated into tribes, like us ogres.

But aside from us, there were unique beings.

People who didn’t belong to any race and had suddenly appeared in the Demon World all alone.

They were usually quite strong.

The Hanuman was one of them.

He walked through the battlefield with a weapon in one hand. And apparently, he moved so lightly that it was as if he were walking on the clouds.

And so they called him the sky walking great monkey.

While the Hanuman was a unique being, he had children with other monkey races, and they had become established as a race of their own.

It was the birth of a new race. And they were also called the Hanuman.

The original Hanuman had supposedly climbed up to the position of Lesser Demon King, which showed you just how strong they were.

This was a shocking way to start the meeting, and my mind could barely process it.

“And so, Golan, I’m leaving you in charge of the Commander, the Gigant Centaur. Do not disappoint me.”



The Gigant Centaur. The highest ranking of the Centaurs.

They gained the ‘Gigant’ part after evolving.

Night demons turned into ‘Elders’ when they evolved, and serpents became ‘Large.’

It was ‘High’ for ogres and ‘Big’ for small demons. Others were called ‘Great.’

As for Centaurs, they were the same rank as Ogres, or maybe a little higher.

Right above Centaurs, were Large Centaurs.

Guden, the former Commander, was a High Ogre. A Large Centaur would be comparable to him in strength.

But a Gigant Centaur was above even that.

Had Guden continued to get stronger and evolve, then he would have become a ‘Highest Ogre.’ Which of course, was the strongest kind of Ogre.

And a Gigant Centaur was the strongest of Centaurs. That showed you how dangerous they were.

“Is it really necessary for me to go against this guy?”

Our races were about the same, but he was two levels above me. Could I even slow him down?

I tried objecting, but the Corps Commander smiled brightly.

“And I asked Lobos to take on the Sirius. Isn’t that right, Lobos?”

“Yes. If that is your order, I will do everything that I can.”

There was a pretty big difference between wise wolves and the Sirius. The Sirius would be about two ranks above them.

And that was especially big, because they were both beasts.

In other words, Lobos was also being expected to fight a harsh battle.

My task would be easy in comparison. …No, it wasn’t easy at all! I was nearly tricked right there.

Lobos had nothing to do with me. An Ogre like me could not beat a Gigant Centaur.

“Now, since we have an idea of the enemy’s battle array, let’s talk about the bigger picture. We can see the enemy’s strategy through their invasion route. It’s the same as last time. Why do you think that is?”

How was I supposed to know. Also, was the matter of the Gigant Centaur settled then? I’ll definitely be objecting to it when the meeting was finished.


Makai Hongi

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