Makai Hongi – 36


And what did he mean by their previous strategy? I didn’t know, because I wasn’t a Commander at the beginning.

“Their strategy is to take back the hill, but that is a goal, not a purpose. They want to take the hill and make it their base. By doing this, it will become easier for them to invade our territories.”

Lobos said this with a smug expression.

“Indeed. As there is a miasma zone nearby, it will be difficult to take the hill back once it’s theirs. We will be limited in terms of where we can march. And if they can invade from here, they will have shortcuts to the castles. All of the places they are targeting have an easy reach to our castles.”

So the enemy wanted the castle.

In other words, if they took the castle with the coffin that Lesser Demon King Melvis was sleeping in, they could take control of the country.

“Now, let’s look at the places that the other Corps Commanders are protecting.”

If he had a map, he should have taken it out first.

That being said, I had only ever seen maps of the area surrounding the village, so I didn’t know what the rest of the land looked like. It was like looking at the weather forecast at a holiday destination.

“I’m in the middle here, and this is Luven. Saneifa is on the opposite side.”

Luven and Saneifa were the Corps Commanders who worked under General Farneze.

There were three of them, including Nehyor.

“So only General Farneze’s army is going to be on the defensive?”

As it was bothering me, I decided to ask.

“Yes. General Gorgodan and General Dardaroth hate each other. They will fight if they are put together.”

So they hated each other. The hell. Stop fighting! Not that it was my place to tell them that.

General Gorgodan was a Giant, and General Dardaroth was a Feitian.

Together with General Farneze, the Vampire, this country had three generals.

That was all I knew.

And aside from Corps Commander Nehyor, General Farneze commanded Luven the Vampire and Saneifa the Demon.

I only knew their names. After all, I had only just met Corps Commander Nehyor for the first time recently.

“General Gorgodan is protecting the town where the king lives. And General Dardaroth is currently guarding the other side of the country. We don’t want to be vulnerable to a pincer attack.”

That was an understatement. If two countries attacked us at the same time, we would be destroyed

This was a small country, and we had a small population.

That meant less power to be absorbed by the Orb of Control.

If you couldn’t raise your max power, you had a disadvantage.

“I understand that, so, does that mean we are going to protect the center?”

I didn’t know who was working for the other Corps Commanders, but here, it was the Gob-gobs, a flying eagle, a wise wolf, and an ogre.

We weren’t exactly the cream of the crop.

In fact, it was said that goblins and eagles were not even fit for battle.

“Yes. Aren’t we an honorable bunch? That being said, the other two have more land to protect, so it’s not like we had a choice.”

He said as he pointed at the lookout hill.

“It would be over if just one army moved.”

“Indeed. Lobos is right. And so we have to give everything that we have in protecting this place.”

Said Corps Commander Nehyor in what could only be described as a lazy voice that lacked anything close to determination. And then the meeting was over.

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  1. So, like, the art for the series shows Golan as having black patterns all over his body, does that mean he’s going to go the typical route of being some kind of unique deviant offshoot species? Do all Ogres turn into High Ogres if they can survive long enough to get strong or do they only grow strong through Gekokujo and subordinating others to tether their mana? Still waiting for a more pronounced milestone to clarify this for me, lol. Mana orb swapping with his other self aside, so far he’s gotten two boosts by beating the former commander and then again when he gained the reapers’ strength. I wonder what’s next.

    • All the ogres on the cover have those patterns, so I don’t think he’s a unique variant. Conquest probably lets you claim more power from your victims, than Gekokujyo subordinating, so he could probably level up to a new evolution if he claims the orbs of any enemies he kills.

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