Makai Hongi – 273

Chapter 273

○ Lesser Demon King Nehyor’s Country – Nehyor

Long ago, Nehyor was the subordinate of a certain Lesser Demon King called Jidou, who owned land to the southeast.
It was south of Great Demon King Bibashini’s land, and west of Demon King Legard.

A Great Demon King and Demon King to the north and west.
The moment he tried to expand his lands so that he rose to Demon King, he would be crushed.
It was completely clear.

The power map of the Demon World changed drastically every time someone rose to Demon King.
And those two would not turn a blind eye.

And so Lesser Demon King Jidou could have no ambitions when it came to his lands.

“If the right opportunity comes, then I will attack.”
That was all he could say.

“This is so very boring.”
Nehyor was not at all pleased at how small Jidou’s lands were.

He wanted to do something interesting. He wanted something that was stimulating.

If he were a Lesser Demon King, he would rise to Demon King and then Great Demon King.
And if he were a Great Demon King, the Demon World would be so much more interesting.

However, there were several problems preventing this from being realized.
One of them was related to his race.

Vampires were among the high-ranking races in the Demon World.
Still, he was inferior in every way when compared to Demon Kings and Great Demon Kings.

While Nehyor had especially impressive healing ability, both his attack and defense ability were not up to the level of similar Vampires.

And so he was sure that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to land a lethal blow to a Demon King.

There was one other problem.
Nehyor did not have much time left to accomplish anything.

Indeed, Nehyor looked young on the outside. Almost like a child.
However, this was due to his healing ability, and he was in fact, much older than he looked.

Even when considering the lifespan of Vampires, he knew that he did not have enough time to rise to the rank of Great Demon King, and enjoy his new life.

But he had a plan that would take care of these problems.

A Vampire could evolve into an Elder Vampire.
However, there was only one person who had ever succeeded in doing this. And the requirements were unclear.

However, if he did succeed, both his power and lifespan would be greatly increased.

“Well then. I will do it!”
Nehyor decided, and then he challenged Lesser Demon King Jidou to Gekokujyo.

After successfully defeating Jidou, Nehyor left the country to his Adjutant, Legras.
“Lord Nehyor. But why?”

Why did he not rule the country himself?
Legras did not understand.

“I’m going to travel around the Demon World so that I can become an Elder Vampire. Take care of things while I am gone.”
“But…! As you wish.”

And so Nehyor left his country to Legras, and he led a party of soldiers around the Demon World and wreaked havoc across the lands.
It was the birth of the Wild Hunt.

“In the end, I wasn’t able to find someone who had evolved.”
He had worked his mischief in countless countries and searched for someone who had evolved into an Elder Vampire.
However, he was unable to find anyone. Not only that, but there was also no one who had any information on evolving.

“…I suppose there is only one place after all.”
Nehyor groaned.

While he had not been able to find any other Elder Vampires, there was one place in the Demon World that Nehyor was actively avoiding.

“I’ll have to go to Melvis after all. But I’d really rather not go…”

Melvis, the feared Great Demon King, was the only Vampire known to have evolved into an Elder.

But he was also known to have an extreme temperament, and would turn enemies who came close into dust.
At the very least, you would not want to meet him as a foe. Never.

“So I’ll have to become a subordinate.”

He would make contact with Melvis and work for him. And through him, find out how to become an Elder Vampire.
It would be a very difficult mission, but he no longer had any other choice.

And so Nehyor searched for information on Melvis’ country, and discovered that one of his Generals was a Vampire.

“It would be best to work under her, and watch before making my move.”

Nehyor put his plan into action, thinking himself quite clever. But luck was not on his side, and he entered during the time that Melvis had gone into his long sleep.

“Damn it. Now I will have to wait.”
And while he did consider leaving and then returning if Melvis awoke, he doubted that he would be allowed to do that.

Who knew how Melvis would react if he heard? It would all be over if it made him angry.
Melvis was not someone he could beat in a fight.

He wanted to avoid any action that would result in hostility.
And so Nehyor spent his days carelessly under Farneze’s command.

And now, he was reminded once again how limited the time he had left.
“Now I will just have to fight a Demon King directly.”

There were Demon Kings who served Great Demon Kings.
However, it was obvious what would happen if he dared attack one of them.

No Great Demon King would forgive him.
It would be all out war between their countries.

In that case, he had to attack a Demon King who was the ruler of their own country.
Out of the nine top Demon Kings, Demon King Bardodo had died during the invasion from the Celestial World.
And so there were eight left.

“I don’t know much about the kings in the east.”

Nehyor’s investigations had not reached the east of the Demon World, where Trinidoto, Faneira, Milhe, and Jara ruled.

He didn’t know their strengths or special abilities.

As for the demon Kings in the west, Gidman and Janius were currently at war.
And so were Tralzard and Legard.

Nehyor was thinking of targeting a western Demon King.
“Among them…Tralzard will probably be the easiest to defeat.”

Tralzard was the oldest out of those Demon Kings.
And the reports said that she resembled an old woman.

In that case, her power had likely waned with age as well.
With everything considered, Tralzard seemed like his best bet. And so Nehyor made his decision.

“Alright. And it won’t just be the Wild Hunt. I’ll take Legras with me this time.”

Yes, the whole might of his country would be behind this attack.
And if he won, Nehyor would be able to evolve into an Elder Vampire.

His lifespan would increase, and he would gain greater power.

“I’ll do it! Attack with my entire army!”
Nehyor decided.

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  1. He just can’t catch a break. Targeting Tralzard? A Demon King that borders Melvis and also has some relations to Golan who’s already screwed up your plans multiple times? Melvis needs to repay Tralzard for her help defending his country while he was asleep so he probably would send her reinforcements if she got attacked by Nehyor and most likely he’d send Golan as the reinforcements since they already have experience working with each other.

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