Makai Hongi – 274

Chapter 274

A messenger arrived from General Farneze.
I assumed that it was related to the Vampires who had come to my village, but I was wrong.

“The General’s orders are that you are to take your men and head for Demon King Tralzard’s country at once.”

To Tralzard’s lands once again? Me? Why?
This messenger wasn’t making any sense…surely?

“She said that she understands that you are resting, and regrets having to tell you this.”
My emotions must have really been showing on my face, as the messenger looked at me apologetically.

“The General said that she is sorry for sending you back to work so soon.”
“Well…that’s fine…but why?”

Losing my time off was one thing, but I could not comprehend why I would need to return to Tralzard’s land.
The corps we had been exchanged for had already returned, and Melvis was awake now.

Surely there was no point in being involved with them any further?
It was an honest question, and so I just asked it.

“A short while ago, a messenger came from Tralzard’s land.”

Apparently, it was soon after I left.
As Melvis had awakened, Tralzard was probably curious as to finding out what kind of mood he was in.

The messenger had come with a great amount of gifts, which worked as a reminder of how much Tralzard had suffered in the past.
Melvis’s awakening had put so much fear into her.

Of course, the messenger also made confirmations regarding the prior trading of troops.
The soldiers that had been sent were General Miralda’s close guards, including some who were as strong as Generals, and some ordinary soldiers.

It was a known truth that it was they who had defeated Lesser Demon King Leninoth.
Normally, our debt to their country would be too big to repay.

However, while we had been seen as useless, we were ultimately able to contribute to a surprising degree. And the outcome seemed closer to even.
After some discussion, they decided that it was indeed a fair trade of fighting forces.

It was rather hard for even me to believe.
General Miralda was said to have sent her very best.

As for us. We were the leftover scraps.
While it ended with good results, it didn’t seem fifty-fifty.

“Well, nevermind that. If that’s what our superiors decided, then there is nothing for me to say. So, what happened then?”
“The past is fair. But as for the future…they would like to continue to maintain a friendly relationship with this country.”

That was obvious, given the amount of gifts that were brought.
But that could just be a way of making us owe something to them in return.

“…So, I suppose we have to give them a gift as well.”
“Yes. Initially, General Tulart or his men in the south were going to be sent.”
The messenger hesitated.

“Ah, the matter of the Cyclopes.”

“Yes. The General fought one of them and was wounded… It was not a light wound, and his Adjutants were also wounded. It would be unwise to split them up and weaken our fighting force now. And there is also the castle defenses to consider…”

The castle… General Dardaroth was currently guarding it.
But surely losing him would not be too big of a deal.

If the enemy did attack, then Melvis himself could face them… No, perhaps not.
When Melvis moved, it wasn’t just the enemy who died, but his own men would suffer as well.

Hell, this was someone who could destroy whole countries.
No, it would be best that Melvis did not fight.

Dardaroth should be the one guarding the castle.
In that case, only General Farneze remained.

“And General Farneze is currently reorganizing her army, I suppose.”
“Indeed. Neither she or her Adjutant can leave now. That is why the duty has fallen to you, Corps Commander Golan.”


Ah… Really.
Everyone was busy with important work. And I, alone, was off on vacation.
Ah. I really was the only one who could do it.

Damn it. Those Cyclopes really chose a bad time to come.
“So, I’m to take a thank you gift and deliver it to Tralzard?”

“Yes. Exactly.”
They probably thought things would go more smoothly with me specifically.

I was acquainted with not just Demon King Tralzard, but General Miralda as well. After all, we had fought together.

While I was just going to deliver something, it would still be better to have someone who knew them.

“Very well. It looks like I have no choice. I’ll start to make preparations at once.”
“Thank you. And…”

“There’s more?”
“It seems that Demon King Tralzard and Demon King Legard have started fighting again. There are reports of great armies moving near their borders.”

“That will be dangerous.”
It was bad timing.
When it came to battles between Demon Kings, the size of their mobilized forces was always great due to the number of races they had.

In comparison, the battles between Lesser Demon Kings looked very small in scale.
And so when Demon Kings fought, the damages spread far and wide.

“General Farneze asks…that you be….”

That I be…careful? She was telling me to avoid getting involved in fights that had nothing to do with me.
Or maybe she doesn’t want me to antagonize either side.

Apparently, General Farneze had not finished the sentence.
Perhaps that made it more all encompassing.

“Got it. I will try to be careful.”
“You will…try?”

“I will try. But there are times when things happen that are out of my control.”
I said heavily, and the messenger was silent.

“Now that it’s decided, we should move at once.”
After the messenger left, I put Rig in charge of organizing the corps.

That being said, I intended to take everyone who wanted to come.
General Farneze would pay for all of our supplies, and the gifts were going to be sent to the border ahead of us.

We just had to carry it to Tralzard’s country.
It was just a simple little errand.

“Alright, we’ll be able to fight again!”
“I can’t wait!’

The idiot siblings were living up to their name.
I told them that this was an errand, and yet they still thought they were going to fight.

I had thoroughly hurt…patted them down, and yet they had recovered in just a few days.
It showed that their recovering ability had gone up considerably. I would have to be careful.

Preparations were completed promptly, and we departed from the village.

As we were going directly to the border this time, we would not stop at the castle.
We would restock on supplies on the way, and unite with the other corps.

“I don’t know, it seems like the duration that I get to rest is becoming shorter recently.”
But most residents of the Demon World seemed like they didn’t care about such things.

It was as if I was the only person who lived in the moment.
Maybe it was just me.

Along with the Vampires, who had recently turned into meatheads, we crossed the border.
We then headed for the town where Demon King Tralzard lived.

There was always a messenger sent out ahead once we were in Tralzard’s land, and we didn’t stop at any towns in order to avoid friction.

This repeated over and over. And ten days later, we arrived at our destination.

“It’s rather nice to be back.”
I muttered in a cheerful mood.

One of the gatekeepers looked at me and let out an odd shriek.

Perhaps I had met him before.
Regardless, I had returned.

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  1. I was basically right that Golan would have to serve as a substitute for Tulart. Anyways Golan has arrived before Nehyor. If Nehyor learned about this he should just give up and go home. Nothing ever goes his way when Golan is involved.

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