Makai Hongi – 85

Chapter 85

It was a simple plan.
We would lure out the other armies so that the castle’s defenses would be weakened.

Of course, they would have countermeasures if they discovered us, but as there was no possibility of us cooperating with Fara, it should be an effective strategy as long as they didn’t catch the concealed soldiers.

As for Fara, he would have no choice but to act when faced by a group that entered from Leninoth’s country.

But let’s say Fara became suspicious. He would still not be able to ignore us if there was actual damage.
And all we needed was for him to send an army to the border.

After all, Leninoth wouldn’t be able to ignore him either.

“Well, I have a feeling it might work. But what do you think, Felicia?”
I guess it was usually Felicia who suggested plans like this.
But she was currently preoccupied with her duties as the Corps Commander.

“Indeed. While I am not sure if it will succeed, I think it is a good idea.”
“What do you mean?”

“There are a number of factors that rely on chance. Can we reach Fara’s lands without being caught? When Fara and Leninoth’s men chase us, will we be able to escape without them catching up? And most important of all, is one army enough to defeat Lesser Demon King Leninoth… Those are my main concerns.”

“Leninoth will be a challenge…”
“With two Generals, I think we will have a forty percent chance of victory. But with just one, I think it will drop twenty percent.”

“I see. And what do you think about that, Golan?”

“Yes, some of it relies on luck. If you want a perfect victory, you have to have stronger soldiers in greater numbers than your enemy.”
“The discrepancy is too large. Perhaps it is impossible.”

“And that’s why I think we have no choice but to rely on luck.”

“You say that, but something tells me you have another idea.”
Apparently, Felicia had sensed something in my words.

“No, I really cannot think of anything else in terms of strategy.”
“What if we were talking tactics, and not strategy?”
Felicia pressed further.

“There are ways to avoid being too strongly influenced by elements of chance.”
“I see. And will you tell us?”

I felt like I was being toyed with on the palm of her hand. But it hardly mattered. I’ll be dead if the plan fails.

I didn’t know much about the other Generals. That was why I couldn’t feel too confident.

“General Gorgodan leads an army composed of many giants. They aren’t the most suited for a defensive battle. I think that most of them specialize in destroying.”
I looked at them and they were nodding. So far so good.

“Attack instead of defend. Allowing them to let loose on the enemy camp will allow the General and his subordinates to play to their greatest strengths. And so I think that General Gorgodan will be perfect for the decoy army that will be sent to Leninoth’s country.”

“I see. That seems like a good idea. And?”

“And since you have a lot of Night Demon subordinates, I think you should be the one to attack Leninoth. This is because you will have to move by night when heading to the castle.”

It wasn’t just Vampires, there were other monsters like Lobos as well. Like Werewolves, they showed their true worth during the night.
Taking them and acting during the night would raise our chances of success.

And if possible, I felt that the actual attack on the castle should be during the night as well.
This, of course, left General Dardaroth to protect the castle.

General Dardaroth was a Feitian.
Apparently, most of his subordinates were active during the day, so they were not suited for covert operations.

“So I will be fighting Leninoth.”
“I think it’s very fitting.”

If General Farneze couldn’t do it, then no one in this country could.

Leninoth was a Hecatoncheir, and so he was a bad fit for Gorgodan, who was the same race.
My hope was that General Farneze would just blow him up with magic.

“I see. That’s very interesting. …I suppose my question then, concerns the army that will go to Lesser Demon King Fara’s lands. Eventually, one of Leninoth’s armies will come. Won’t this result in them being attacked on both sides?”

“I’ll handle it, as the person who suggested this plan. Besides, one must have a grasp on the entire operation in order to know the right timing when it comes to advancing and retreating.”

Ultimately, I thought Felicia was pushing me into saying this.

Of course, I myself was more than willing. I would take responsibility for this plan that I put forth.

“Well, there it is. Do you agree that the elements left to chance have been reduced?”
I said jokingly.

“Quite. There are other uncertainties, but ignoring those, I think it’s a rather good plan.”

“I suppose it’s not possible to cover all uncertainties.”
“Yes. That’s true.”

For instance, something like the enemy suddenly having two new Lesser Demon Kings.
We weren’t in a position to be able to consider possibilities like that.

“Very well. We can hammer out the details before bringing it up with the other Generals.”
“I’m glad to have been of service.”

They likely didn’t need me anymore. And so I left the room.

I could go home now, right?

◎ Farneze and Felicia

“…What do you think? About all that?”
“Yes. Though, I could hardly believe it at first.”

And their secret talks continued.

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