Makai Hongi – 86

Chapter 86

◎ Farneze and Felicia.

The meeting was over and Golan had left.
Farneze and Felicia stayed in the room and talked about their impression of him.

“…What do you think?”
“I was very surprised when I first heard about him, but he is indeed very different.”

Both of them only had what would be considered a general understanding of Ogres, as there were no Ogres that were close to them.
The Demon World had a very diverse population. But while some races were very well known, there were others where people only knew their names and features.

To a Vampire like Farneze, Ogres were just walls of meat. If she were feeling kind, she might call them shields.
That was her impression of them. She had never given them more thought than that. At least, until now.

But what she felt when talking to Golan directly was intelligence and deep insight.
As Golan was Nehyor’s subordinate, she had initially assumed that it was Nehyor speaking through him.

“Even I can see that he is no ordinary Ogre. It’s obvious.”
“Still, you used to suspect that someone else was pulling the strings, General.”

“Yes, but not anymore. If he can speak and debate so freely, he will not allow himself to be someone’s puppet.”

“I agree with that. But it is so strange…is he really an Ogre?”
Farneze chuckled at Felicia’s question.

How could Golan be anything but an Ogre, given his appearance?
He even moved like one.

When he was angry, he would swing his fists in the blink of an eye.
And since he couldn’t use magic, it was all about physical strength with him.

Really, it was all classic Ogre behaviour.

“If you ignore his intelligence, he is actually very much an ordinary Ogre… No…”
“What is it?”

“Now that I think about it, he defeated the Taiga and Gigant Centaur Commanders.”

“I have seen those reports. But I don’t see how it can be true. His chances of winning…would be five percent at most. In fact, it should be zero.”

There was no end to people who would exaggerate about their wartime achievements.
And so Felicia did not put much weight in such reports.

Because reports and facts were not always the same.
Besides, she had seen Golan in person.

And her conclusion was that it was impossible for him to have done it with such low mana.

“And yet you would be wrong. It was witnessed by the Flying Eagle scouts as well.”

“He might be an Ogre with rare intelligence, but that doesn’t mean he can turn the rules of our world upside down. If an Ogre defeats a Gigant Centaur, that Ogre is now something else.”

Felicia would not back down.

This was because his intelligence could be explained if he just happened to have been gifted with great understanding and a good teacher while he was young. Then he could have grown into the Ogre that he was now.

However, was there an explanation for how he could defeat an enemy with more than double his mana level? No.
That’s not how things worked in the Demon World.

“…Well, enough about him. Let’s discuss the plan.”
“Indeed. The plan that he suggested is more practical than the one I had prepared.”

As they had purposely tried to get Golan to talk, Felicia had not even spoken of any plan.

This whole idea started when Farneze told Felicia about what Golan had done during the meeting.
Well, if he was going to insist on such things, he should be the one to come up with a plan. That was their reasoning for bringing him out here.

Ultimately, it had ended without Felicia even talking about her plan.

“Are you sure about this?”
“Yes. It would have been very dangerous. And I was personally, not very enthusiastic about the idea.”

Felicia’s plan would have started with using traveling merchants to spread news to Leninoth about the chaos in Melvis’s country.

Leninoth had already tried to invade twice, and failed.
If he heard about what was happening, he would want to use the opportunity to get his revenge.
And so they would engage him in front of Melvis’s castle.

And in the meantime, the two other Generals would go out and strike Leninoth.

Judging by Leninoth’s personality, when sending out an army to invade, he would want to have his defenses tight around his borders. The other countries must be kept in check. Especially Fara.

This would mean that only one army would remain at Leninoth’s castle.
It would be the perfect time to attack it.

However, they would certainly detect two armies entering their country.
The enemy might wait at the castle, or they could launch an ambush.

If it took too long, the likelihood of losing the defensive battle at Melvis’s castle would also increase.
It would mean the end of the country.

The risks were just too high.

“If I fought with Leninoth, my chances of winning would be two in ten, I suppose.”
“Currently, yes. If you prepared very carefully, you could raise your chances to fifty percent. It’s those kinds of details that we must discuss now. We still have time.”

“Yes. The plan won’t go into motion for another month. Maybe two months. We just need to get everything ready by then.”

“I still haven’t finished restructuring my army. And so I may not be useful to you for a while.”

“It can’t be helped. Nehyor’s little pets have all gone. And so many of those who are left are not fit for fighting. Especially now that Golan is out.”

“I am very sorry. But I should be able to finish everything within a month.”
“I’m counting on you.”

And like that, the plan slowly started to take shape.

◎ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

“Hey, Legras. Would you mind if I left for a while?”
“You can do anything you wish, Lord Nehyor.”

“Thank you, Legras. I’m thinking about going west.”
“West… Do you mean to push Legard into the storm of chaos then?”

“No. I’m going farther west.”
“Ah, so it’s Tralzard. You mean to tear those horrible reptiles into pieces.”

“Unfortunately, no. It’s a place called Chiril, which is even farther west.”
“Chiril? I see.”

Legras brought up a map inside of his head.
Yes, Chiril was a small country that was right next to Tralzard.

However, he had no more information about it.
This was because he felt that it had no value at all.

He had no idea why Nehyor planned to go there. However, he did not want to pry.

Nehyor would tell him if he wanted to. And if it was a secret, then there was nothing Legras could do to persuade him.

“Please be careful.”
“Yes. Goodbye.”

Neyhor’s departure would create a wind, a wind that would bring a new chaos to the Demon World. However, there was still some time before that would happen.

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