Makai Hongi – 300

Chapter 300

If you were strong, you could do anything no matter where you went.
That was one good thing about the Demon World. Good thing? Well, never mind.

Still, it seemed that things were similar here. So there was no problem in bringing my old mindset with me.
And so I tried some simulations.

Let’s say that we are walking in the Coast of Everlasting Summer.
And then some people who are in the area happen to notice us. Of course, these people are part of the rebel forces.

“Hey, you. Where are you from?”
They will say.

“We came from the Forest of Everlasting Autumn. And we’re on our way to the Field of Everlasting Spring.”
That seemed like the best answer to give.

Say that we’re are from somewhere else, and make them think that we’re not interested in them.

“Ah, so you’re outsiders. Forget about your destination and become my subordinate instead. I’ll find some use for you.”
“Eh? Do you want to fight?”

There was no point in mincing words when they were so rude.
So that would be a perfectly appropriate response.

“What did you say! A fight?”
And then we would start fighting.

It was a common thing in the Demon World. And I could not be blamed.

However, it was no good. I couldn’t do that.
I could use some restraint. For instance, when asked to become a subordinate…

“Take pity on me. My race is not good with combat. We just want to pass through. Let us go.”

What about that? Make them think I was of the non-combat races, and ask for mercy.
It seemed quite promising.

“Then you can be my servant. I don’t have enough people running errands. Now go buy me some bread and milk.”
Yes. That was also quite likely. Well, except for the bread and milk part.

The thing was, residents of the Demon World were not very cooperative.
The people near the bottom were especially bad at listening to other people.

And so it would be better to reject them very clearly.
We were going to the Field of Everlasting Spring, and had no intention of staying here.

“Bread and milk? Go buy that yourself. In fact, get some for me too. And don’t you forget it!”
A rejection of this intensity would be just about right.

However, it would result in a fight.
So, in other words, it was no good as well.

I would have to simulate again. From the beginning.
They see me and immediately start talking…we’d start from there.

“Hey, I’ve never seen you before…Bffahh!”
I tried punching them on sight. It was best to get the first hit.

“Br-brother… You hit my…bbreegh!”

There would likely be others. And they would mean trouble.
And so I should get rid of them too. And once again, I would get the first hit.

“What’s all this racket? A-are you an invader? Get him!! The invader!”
There was usually a Commander-type nearby. So I would have to get rid of him as well.

Otherwise, the enemies would keep coming without end.
But it was too late to stop this round. I was already surrounded by soldiers. So, what should I do?

In times like this…I have to do this.
And then this…no, then that will happen.

Hmm. This is quite hard. Why is the difficulty so high?

Once the enemy boss came out, it was a matter of how many soldiers you could take down quickly.
But I was alone.
That really wasn’t enough.

“Sir Golan. Is something wrong? You’ve been deep in thought for a while now.”
“This will be difficult…”

“Huh? What will be?”
“If I take down the weakest enemies first, I’ll have to wipe them all out completely… But that’s too much for me to do on my own. I’m not sure how to solve this problem.”

“There must be a good way. But no matter how I think about it, I’ll have to wipe them out.”
There didn’t seem to be any way around that.

“Do you mean the rebels?”
“Yes. Unless I do something, the two Dragons will eventually come out. And that sounds very annoying.”

Yes, they would likely arrive before I had even killed half of the henchmen.
And there were two of them, according to Juga. It would be very difficult to fight them without my trusty weapons and armor.

(Still…what else can I do?)
No matter how I reacted to them, I would be forced to enter a fight.

“Hey, Juga. Do you have any good ideas?”


“Amazing! You’re amazing, Sir Golan!”

“I knew that you weren’t called the Annihilator of Rebels for nothing! Yes, it is the perfect name for you. Too perfect!”

“Juga. You… You’re very rude.”
What the hell was he talking about?

Here I was, racking my brain for a way to get out of this. And he was calling me Annihilator. It was too insulting.

However, Juga did not listen to my protests.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! 300 is a long way to come.
    And finally we see Golan’s thought process that leads him to do the stupid things he does.

  2. Golan is a man of peace and logic, and logically he needs to apply a lot of violence to achieve peace. The trouble is figuring out where to apply the violence to get the most peace, and without repeating a move or crossing a line twice like those connect the dots puzzles.

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