Makai Hongi – 301

Chapter 301

My reason for traveling to the Field of Everlasting Spring was to meet Lesser High King Yamato.
For a long time now, I had wanted to meet him in order to ask him something.

Was that person I met when I was younger, was he really Yamato?

There was a barrier around the Human World. So he shouldn’t have been able to come to the Demon World.
So I wondered if it was actually someone else… But there was still a small chance that it was the real Yamato.

There were other things I wanted to ask him as well.

It was said that he fell into the place between time and space and no one knew where he was after that.
And so it is quite a shock that he is alive in the Human World…in this Other World, no less.

What kind of life had he lived up until now? Well, never mind that.

“The problem is King Melvis…”
How would Melvis react when he learned of this?

I had a feeling that he would drop everything in order to come here.
He had already said that there was nothing left to do but search the Human World. So perhaps it was time that he started putting that plan into action.

“But it is strange…”
“What is strange, Sir Golan?”

Oh, I was thinking aloud to myself again.

“I was just wondering why King Yamato made this world.”
“It’s said…that he did it in order to protect us.”

“Yes, I understand that. But, why didn’t he try to break the barrier that surrounded the Human World?”

It was strange the more I thought about it.
Zeus’s barrier would have to be very strong.

He had made it to close off the Human World.
And so breaking it from the outside would be difficult.

—But what about if it was from the inside?

With barriers, you needed something that held it up.
Kind of like the legs of a chair or table.

Having four meant it would be strong. It could still stand if you just lost one.

But if there was only one leg, then everything would be lost if it was lost.

There were fancy chairs that only had one leg.
And they would fall if you took that leg away. The barrier would be the same.

As this leg was inside of the barrier, you could not break it from the outside.
Of course, Zeus would never have expected Yamato to enter the barrier after it had been made.

The leg would definitely be in the Human World.
And if it was destroyed, then the barrier would vanish.

“But why didn’t he do it then…?”
Surely Yamato would have found it and destroyed it with ease.

It was another question I wanted to ask him.

Our journey went smoothly after that, and we arrived at the border two days ahead of schedule.
We had perhaps rushed a little along the way.

“So, we just go through this mist, and we’ll be in the Coast of Everlasting Summer.”
“Yes… But we really didn’t need to rush.”

While we had shortened the journey by two days, Juga looked a little tired.

“That’s not true. Now that we have saved a few days, it won’t matter if we’re delayed a little once we’re inside of the Coast of Everlasting Summer.”

Before leaving the Sealed Shrine, Pojun had given us a bag with a decent amount of food inside. It was enough for a one way trip.

And since there were plants and animals in this world, we could hunt on our way, just like any other journey.
He had likely brought animals into this world after creating it. And they had multiplied.

In any case, the longer the journey was, the more likely we were to run out of supplies.
You never knew what might happen, and so it was best to make as much progress as you could while you had the chance.

Just as Juga said, the white mist faded away after about a hundred meters.
And we stepped out into the Coast of Everlasting Summer.

“Woah. The sky is so blue.”

Yes, this was a world of summer.
It reminded me of my summer vacations as a child.

“Yes. If we go straight for about ten days, we will reach the Descendant Library.”

“And that’s the center of the Coast of Everlasting Summer, right? …Now that I think about it, if there is a Sealed Tomb and a Descendant Library, what are the others?”

It was these landmarks where they kept the Personifications. So there must be something similar in Winter and Spring.

“Do you mean the Crystal Palace and the Infinite Icesnow?”
“So that’s what the Crystal Palace is. And I suppose this Infinite Icesnow is the Village of Everlasting Winter?”

“Yes. It is said that the Infinite Icesnow is a prison at the end of a long passage made of ice. And they say that Celestials who used to be in the Human World are locked up within.”

“Are you serious? There are residents of the Celestial World there?”

“No…I doubt that they are actually there. Surely they would have died, being held in such a place.”
Apparently, it was just a rumor.

This passage made of ice was a long, spiraling hallway. And if you continued along it, you would eventually go underground. And in its farthest depths was the dungeon.

Some said that late at night, you could hear the wailing of the Celestials coming from underground.
While it was probably just the wind, it was still a terrifying thought.

Still, it was quite impressive that residents of the Demon World could live in such a cold place.

It was true that the Coast of Everlasting Summer was hot. It was hot even during the night.
But according to Juga, it wasn’t just people who were strong against the heat that lived here. There were quite a variety of races as well.

However, once Vargan and Noshe, the two great Dragons, raised the flags of rebellion, it became an uncomfortable place to live. And so many abandoned their homeland and fled to the lands of spring and autumn.

“Why does King Yamato ignore these rebels?”
I couldn’t help but wonder.

They were right there. In front of him.
Surely no one would ignore a rebellion that was happening so close by?

“I don’t have an answer for that either. However, such things have happened in the past before. So perhaps it doesn’t bother him as much?”

So that’s what it was.
It seemed likely enough.

Perhaps a little Dragon revolt was nothing to make Yamato feel any concern.
That was a scary thought. That was how strong Yamato was.

As we continued to walk down the road, a group of five to six people moved towards us.
“Ah, you two. I don’t recognize your faces. Are you from some other place?”

I had a feeling of deja vu.

Makai Hongi

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