Makai Hongi – 9

Chapter 9


Corps Commander Nehyor had seemed quite casual from the moment I met him, but he now looked at me quite seriously.


And so I thought to answer him seriously.


“Why… I suppose my answer would be, that I don’t want them to underestimate me. Also, it was to protect my men.”


Grobo didn’t like me, and so he attacked.

If this were Japan, and Grobo was an employee, he would have probably not even let his feelings show on his face.


He would have shut his emotions deep inside of his chest, and appeared in meetings as if nothing was bothering him. And we would have left without any trouble.

However, things were different in the Demon World. If something annoyed you, you would lash out. If you didn’t, it would show that the other person had the upper hand.


It was important to show who was stronger if you wanted to survive. It was what we all did.

After all, it was our purpose in life in the Demon World.


Just thinking about it made me feel depressed.

This world was so very decadent.


“Hey, Golan. So, you fought because you didn’t want to be underestimated?”

“Yes. No one respected Guden. It’s quite obvious to me when I look at the current formation.”


“Aha. Is it really?”


“It seems that too much of your fighting force is concentrated towards Lobos and the Gob-gob brothers. It doesn’t make sense for you to send my corps out to attack, we are the smallest, and you currently have control of the hill.”


Either they really wanted to get rid of Guden, or he had been dumb enough to insist upon it.

However, Nehyor had still allowed the ogres to charge. That was the important point.


It would be very difficult for us to take the enemy stronghold with our current power.

The fact that it was even being attempted showed that they just saw us as expendable.


That’s why we’d quickly run out of men, and they would just call for more.

It was proof of how little they valued us. In other words, we were all being underestimated.


“But you’re still going to take it tomorrow, aren’t you, Golan?”

Yes. In spite of knowing all of this, I had said that I would do it.


“As I said, it’s to protect my men. If we can take that fort, then things will be much easier for us for a while.”


Even if we were lucky and managed to take the enemy’s camp, we would not be able to continue with a pincer attack at the center.


Still, if we destroyed that base, and created a situation where the main base could be attacked at any time, it would mean that we didn’t have to participate in the fighting starting tomorrow.

We just needed to stay there and glare at the enemy, and we would be contributing to the effort.


“I see. So, you want to protect your friends, Golan.”

“Of course, I do. If I am treated like nothing, then they will be treated like nothing. And so I will make no compromises.”


If I was strong, the Gob-gob brother and Bian would not be able to disregard me or my subordinates.

And so the fight just now would help in raising the position of us ogres.


“I see. Well, I won’t say anything in regards to that.”

“Thank you.”

So…I had his approval?


“However, I would prefer it if you accepted them as comrades as well. We’re all in the same army, aren’t we?”

Damn it. So there it was.


“I will try.”

“Hmm. That will be enough for now.”


And with that said, Nehyor disappeared.

I suppose this whole appearing and disappearing business was unique to vampires. I’d have to ask about it later.


“…Phew. What a day.”

Now that Nehyor was gone, I started to return to my camp, but adjutant Rig was standing in front of me.


He was exasperated. Why in hell would I start a fight with the other commanders on my first day as a commander? That was what he wanted to know.


Makai Hongi

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