Makai Hongi – 59

Chapter 59


Apparently, General Farneze knew about the previous Commander, Guden.

They had talked on several occasions in the past.

“High Ogres are rare in this country. And so I remember him.”

“I see. I heard that his wounds healed and he is doing very well now.”

His broken neck bones had healed and he was back to normal. I was glad of it.

Though it was me who broke it.

“However, I have never even heard your name before, Golan. What a surprise it was.”

“I’m still quite young, even within my village.”

“Hmm. Now that I think of it, your mana level is very…”

Very… The General stopped there.

She was probably going to say ‘low,’ but had opted to be polite.

And since I could read a room, I didn’t ask her about it.

“I suppose I was lucky.”

I offered.

In fact, it was not really possible to become a Commander with this mana level. Same with defeating a Taiga or Gigant Centaur.

General Farneze stared at me hard.

Then she gave Corps Commander Nehyor a meaningful look.

“You do like to gather together the oddest sorts.”

She then said that she was curious to know when he had discovered me.

“Oh, I didn’t do anything. He just turned into a Commander on his own.”

“Ah… So you didn’t know about him at all before that?”

“Of course, not.”

I had challenged Commander Guden during my first war. So of course the Corps Commander wouldn’t know about me.

Hell, I didn’t know which village a lot of my men were from.

“So, you must be very strong, Golan.”

“You are kind to say so.”

General Farneze looked a little surprised.

“You’re a strange ogre.”

She said.

Yes, polite ogres were practically non-existent.

However, that’s when I realized something.

If I wasn’t careful here, my actions could cause all ogres to be underestimated. And so I couldn’t go too far.

This was a General. Someone who was so far ahead in rank. But enthusiastically agreeing to every command could just result in absurd demands being made later on.

So it might be best to show that I was still quite ogre-ish.

But, no. This was a General. Perhaps I should just keep my head low, even if she did mock me.

“You really care about your men, don’t you, Golan? That’s why you became a Commander.”

“Well…that’s true.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

General Farneze didn’t know.

“The ogres were dying due to senseless charges at the enemy base. …I wanted to end that.”

Even now, I could hear Guden laughing as he shouted, ‘Gahahaha!… Go! Go!’

We would have all died eventually if that continued.

I believed that my actions had been correct.

However, General Farneze thought differently.

“Well, why shouldn’t ogres be used to charge?”

She believed that meat heads were of no use aside from that.

“I must say…I feel that is very callous of you.”

Charging into magic attacks. It was pointless death.

We were gifted with these strong bodies. They should be used in a different way that played to our strengths.

“But they are just ogres? Not High Ogres or Excellent Ogres. Surely they do not understand anything remotely difficult?”

Huh? Was she antagonizing me?

Was it because I drew too much attention to myself?


Makai Hongi

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