Makai Hongi – 59


I didn’t mind her mocking me. However, I couldn’t forgive the insults to my friends.

And if it resulted in my death. Well, so be it.

If she wanted my men to die pointless deaths, she would have to ask my permission.

And I wouldn’t allow it.

General Farneze was quite high among vampires.

If anything, it was almost strange that she wasn’t a Lesser Demon King herself.

There was a world of difference between us.

I couldn’t possibly win. The difference in mana was too great.

But was that alright?

The master of the dojo I used to go to was surprisingly quite literate.

And so I often borrowed books from him.

I read some old classics too.

A story where the protagonist went to Shikoku as a teacher.

He didn’t care if it wasn’t advantageous to him. He worked for his friends and let people know what he felt.

If I remember correctly, he beat up Red Shirt and fled back to Tokyo.

While a little rough, I thought he was in the right.

I would pay for my actions later.

However, for the sake of friends and comrades, I would act now.

“General. Do you really feel that ogres are so useless?”

I had to change that opinion. And do it quickly.

General Farneze’s eyes widened when she felt the murderous rage. Corps Commander Nehyor quickly stepped away.

Lobos and the others were watching me with looks of horror. They would be wise to escape while they could.

Nehyor then gestured for them to join him. And so they all moved away from me.

“I am not quite sure what I said that upset you so much.”

The General had more mana than Nehyor. Hers was higher than anyone I had ever met.

I suppose that’s why she was a General.

“You… If you underestimate ogres…you die.”

I said as I slid the blade out, just an inch from its sheath with my thumb.

We were standing quite close to each other. It was a good distance.

My right hand hovered over the handle.

Some people thought that the Iaido was about gaining momentum through having the blade slide through the sheath. But that wasn’t possible.

You would just cut your own finger.

The purpose was to be able to unsheath your sword as quickly as possible.

And the moment it was unsheathed, you would have cut your target.

And so I slowly gathered my strength and then pulled all at once.


The perfect distance and timing.

And the art of unsheathing a sword, designed to kill.

The blade that targeted her head…was blocked by her long nails.

It sliced off the nail of her little finger, but only went halfway through her ring finger.

Apparently, even my fastest attack could not get through the General.

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