Makai Hongi – 9


“It’s normal for us ogres,” I said. He sighed.

It seemed like he had a great deal that he wanted to say, but swallowed it all up.


In fact, Rig was silent for the whole time on our way back. It was quite awkward.


“Hey, Rig. If you could be born again, what would you want to be?”

I couldn’t bear the silence any longer, which resulted in a very strange question escaping my lips.


“I’ve never thought of that… But I would definitely be one of the higher species.”

“High within the kobold race…a Large Kobold?”



“But, wouldn’t you rather be something stronger and cooler? Like a vampire?”

Nehyor was strong.


“No, I’m a kobold. Even if I was reborn, I would want to be a kobold.”



Rig seemed to be fond of being a kobold.

Regardless of strength, he took pride in being one.


But what about me? I had been a human before I was reincarnated as an ogre. If I could be reborn again, what I want to be?

There were many higher species within the Demon World. There weren’t many within those types, but there were many types.


I would probably want to be a vampire or a dragon. Hmm. But it was hard to imagine myself like that.


“Commander Golan. Do you hate ogres?”

Rig saw that I had become silent, and so he asked me this question.


“I wouldn’t say that.”


I had been a human once, but I didn’t feel any dislike for my current identity.

However, if I could be reborn…ah, that’s right.


“I just want to be able to protect.”



“Yes…it doesn’t matter what species I am. As long as I can protect those that I’ve decided to protect, it doesn’t matter.”


There was something that my mother used to say. If you decide to protect someone, protect them with your life.

If I could realize that, it didn’t matter what species I was. Regardless of what I was reborn as, what I had to do was the same.


“Um…Commander Golan?”

“Thank you, Rig. I feel like I have a renewed sense of my own identity.”


I said happily. “Very good, sir.” Rig said. Though, he looked a little put-off.


The following morning, I told my subordinates the plan.

“Listen, we are going to attack the enemy base today and take it.”


That was basically the exact same thing that Guden used to say.

And so they looked at me as if to ask why I thought I was saying anything new.


“However, this time, we are going to charge while scattered apart. Also, we’re going to ignore those wraiths. We are going to destroy their base.”


There was no need for detailed explanations. It would all be lost on them.

Just charge into and break the structure of stone and wood. That was our first goal.


And when that was accomplished, I could give the next order.


“If any of you have ‘Muscle Strengthen,’ use it. Everyone else, use ‘Rock Throw.’”


Guden preferred to use ‘Red Skin,’ which boosted defenses, but for us ogres with nearly zero magical resistance, it meant almost nothing.


When the magic attacks came flying, we’d die in a single hit. So there was no point in boosting our guard just a little on this battlefield.


“Alright, let’s go! Follow me!”



My corps consisted of 60 ogres. There were so few of us that I could cry.

But we had no choice but to try.


Up until yesterday, we had charged in a tight group, which made us easy targets. But it would be different today.


Each of us ran a good distance apart from each other.

Like this, the magic attacks would have a hard time finding a target.


Not only that, but since there weren’t people so close in front of us, we could run at full speed.

And so we reached the enemy base in less than half the time it took us yesterday.


“Ignore the wraiths! Break down the walls! Get inside! Kick down anyone who gets in your way!”



They roared. The sounds of destruction echoed everywhere.

I swung my own club, breaking down the stone walls. Then I jumped over the rubble and entered the enemy stronghold.

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  1. What a world of difference it makes for a change as simple as not bunching up being enough to get them to reach the enemy base in half the time it would previously gotten them and now they broke through.

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