Makai Hongi – 320

Chapter 320


When I woke up, there was an old hag…no, Tralzard’s face was right in front of me.
We were so close that we could kiss.

My reflexes kicked in, and I punched her in the face.

Had that been my scream, or Tralzard’s?
In fact, where were we? Tralzard had crashed into a corner of the room.

“What happened?”
The door burst open, and in came a group of people who looked very strong.

That’s when I realized that something was different.
“Huh? I can see the mana?”

Up until now, it had always been hazy. I could never tell how much mana a person had.
And then more recently, I had been inside of a Personification vessel, which meant I couldn’t read someone’s mana level at all. So this was strange… Huh? Speaking of vessels…

“Where am I?”
I asked. The strong intruders looked at me with their mouths open.

“Golan. You…you came back to life!!”
Tralzard shouted. And then it all came back to me.

My last memory was of fighting Yamato and losing.
That was a Lesser High King for you. He had some nasty techniques.

I had not expected him to be able to cut my soul out of the vessel…

Our souls were inside of the Orb of Control.
And Yamato had a technique that allowed him to sever that connection.
He said that it didn’t work on anyone equal or stronger than him. But that meant it was effective on practically everyone. He was a Lesser High King, after all.

You died in one hit. What a diabolical technique.
After thinking all of this, I noticed something else.

“I…died, didn’t I?”
Yamato killed me. And in the first place, we weren’t even in the Demon World.

“Mmmm… You did die… We all thought so.”
Tralzard got back up and walked towards me.

What was this? After seeing the old hag so closely twice in a row…I was still not used to it.
Regardless, Tralzard did confirm that I had ‘died’ in the Demon World.

I had fought against Nehyor and died… Died and gone to the Shadow World. And then I was reborn in the Human World.
So this body… Wait, what did Tralzard just say?

—You came back to life.

That’s what she had said.
If I came back, then this body should be…

“This isn’t a Personification? It’s my original body?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. You are Golan. But this is very surprising. Well, you were always one to talk a lot of nonsense.”

Apparently, it really was my original body.
But didn’t I die in the Demon World? Why?

“Did you use some kind of resurrection art?”
“Huh? I don’t understand what you mean. There is no such art.”

“I see. So that’s not it. …Then let me ask you this again. Why am I alive?”

“Don’t ask me that. I do not know. However…your name did not disappear from the Tablet of Control.”

“Huh? The Tablet of Control?”
What was this about?

And so Tralzard explained.
It was a very shocking story.

The Tablets of Control were scattered throughout the Demon World.
There were somewhere between twenty and thirty. But no one knew for sure.

Residents of the Demon World were careless when it came to such things, and none had investigated it.
And so if someone gave me a vague estimate, I just had to accept it.

As for these Tablets of Control, they could not be moved or destroyed.
And the names that were carved on them were rewritten automatically.

Lesser Demon King, Demon King, Great Demon King, Lesser High King, High King. From the bottom to the top, the names were written.
Of course, there was a Tablet of Control in Tralzard’s lands.

She had men stick around, and record the names that had appeared and disappeared.
And so she had it investigated in order to confirm that Nehyor, the leader of the Wild Hunt, had really died. And that’s when they saw that my name was there.

It had likely been added after my evolution, and my mana had started to stablize.
That was fine.

Lesser Demon King Golan… While I wish that someone had told me about this, it wasn’t as if it really changed anything.
I’ll say it again. That was fine.

The probably was that my name was on the Tablet of Control at all.
They had been checking to see that Nehyor’s name was actually gone. And so it would be strange for my name to be there.

After killing Nehyor, I had died from wounds and poison that was inflicted during the battle.
So my name shouldn’t have been on there.

Tralzard had thought the same thing, and had them check again. But there was no mistake.

—So, I hadn’t died after all?

That’s what Tralzard had thought.
While she wasn’t sure, since my name was there, she decided to treat me as if I was still alive.

This was when Tralzard was heading out to fight a decisive battle against Demon King Legard.
So she left me to her subordinates, and fought a great battle near the border.

And after she returned, she saw that the wounds on my neck had healed.
She started to think that I really was alive. And so I was brought back to the town where she lived.

“…So, are we in the castle now?”

“Yes. I decided to treat you as if you were just sleeping. And you were brought here. But you didn’t look like you were sleeping. You looked dead. And so there was still some doubt as we watched over you.”

And then I woke up. It was pretty bad timing.

I didn’t like waking up to that face. However, as I had assumed that I was dead, I was grateful that they had saved my body like this.

It was impressive that they had been able to do it.

“There is a lot that we have to talk about concerning what happened while you were asleep. However, you have also been saying some strange things. I didn’t understand, but I remember now. Personifications are those soulless dolls that residents of the Celestial World make in order to disguise themselves as humans.”

Tralzard’s eyes sharpened.
In spite of her age, she had sharp hearing. The pointless thought entered my mind.

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  1. So Yamato yeeted Golan back to the Demon World. I guess he got tired of Golan’s self-righteousness. I mean Golan had absolutely no right to try to stick his nose into Yamato’s business. It’s not like Yamato was modifying the other demon races out of some ideological belief that they’re savages that need to be tamed. It was all out of necessity so that the demons can survive in the Human World after the Other World gets destroyed when Yamato dies. Nor was Yamato trying to go back to the Demon World to try to modify everyone there too so yeah Golan trying to get in his way was entirely self-righteous. I’m hoping that Melvis or Tralzard tell him off because of this (read: beat the crap out of).

    Anyways so now that Golan is back, he’s a Lesser Demon King. He’s gonna have to tell Tralzard and Melvis about what happened since there’s no way he can keep quiet about it now that Tralzard has heard him mention Personifications which most modern demons like Golan would have never even heard about. Just because he’s now a Lesser Demon King doesn’t mean that he can’t have the information beaten out of him. Melvis will be particularly interested in information concerning Yamato. On another note I wonder if anything else has happened while Golan was away? Like maybe Demon King Legard has been killed by Tralzard? Or if the two idiot siblings have also risen to the rank of Lesser Demon King? Or has Melvis risen in rank now that he has at least one Lesser Demon King under his command and either become a new Demon King or replaced Legard?

    • if you think better , you will see that it is yamato who thinks he is always right , whatever the outcome after his death , he still has no right to brainwash anyone just to satisfy his desires , looking at history man himself can see , compromise or fight that is all , the justifications for imposing on others are bullshit

  2. So mean to the elderly lady… no respect!
    Yeah tacos, I agree with your points. I’m interested to see how Melvis will react to the information.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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