Makai Hongi – 42

Chapter 42


I attended the night meeting.

It had been on my mind recently, but Lobos looked worse every time I saw him.

His fur had lost its shine. He was burnt, bloody, haggard.

Maybe I shouldn’t call him Lobos anymore, but Hobos.

“Now, let’s start the meeting… Hmm… What is it, Golan?”

“Hobos, over there…no, uh, Lobos. Is he alive?”

He looked quite limp in his chair.

“Ahhh. I suppose the Sirius really was too much for you, Lobos.”

“Th-that’s not the case, Commander Nehyor.”

“It clearly is the case.”

He was definitely continuing his losing streak.

“Indeed. …Maybe you should switch places, Golan?”

“I don’t mind, but what about the enemy watching us?”

I knew that they had watchers.

If I switched with Lobos, who was repeatedly losing, they would think that someone stronger had been sent to the center.

“If Golan went to the center, the enemy may also move. However, my guess is that they won’t. They’ll come and test you first.”

The person leading the center was a Sirius. And they were proud.

Nehyor predicted that even if he was asked to change, he would not accept it.

“So, maybe we should then?”

I wanted to get this over with and return to the village.

“Just a little more. Give me a little more time. Please, Nehyor.”

“…Well, that’s what Lobos is saying. What do you think, Golan?”

Corps Commander Nehyor was always like this. Listening to our opinions.

“I don’t care either way.”

“Well, then…we’ll keep everything the same and consider it tomorrow. Alright, I’ll listen to your reports now. How are things fairing, Golan?”

“How are they fairing…? It’s just the same as yesterday. We do nothing but watch.”

“So there is no movement, huh. This will be a long battle.”

“Perhaps. There’s nothing that we can do unless the enemy comes out.”

“Yes. What about you, Iribo and Grubo?”

“They came close to our camp, so we unleashed arrows over them. They retreated by midday.”

“I see. There is a sharp slope there, so it is hard to hold your ground and attack. Still, you must not let your guard down. When they do come, they’ll come all at once.”

“Yes. We are taking every precaution.”

“There is no problem.”

Things seemed pretty mild at the Gob-gobs as well. So, it was only the center where the enemy was really making a push.

Maybe they didn’t think much of Lobos?

As the enemy hadn’t changed their tactics since yesterday, it was decided that we would continue in the same way tomorrow.

We discussed some less important matters for a while after that, and then the meeting ended.

The next morning. I thought it would be another stare down, but the enemy moved.

“Oh? So they’re coming to us. How unusual.”

I was prepared to strike back. Well, there was nothing else we could do. So we were perfectly prepared.

“The enemy is climbing up the hill! Follow the plan and use ‘Rock Throw’!”


Those with ‘Rock Throw’ would use it. Those who didn’t have it would use ‘Muscle Strengthen’ and attack the enemy.

We had prepared a lot of rocks for today.


All at once, rocks the size of children’s heads began to fly in an arc.


Makai Hongi

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