Makai Hongi – 328

Chapter 328

Chunks of the ground were gouged out with every step.
And with each step, cracks shot out in a radial pattern.

Once my body was strengthened to its fullest, even the hard Demon World land seemed to crumble like sand.

The enemy chief’s arm was missing from the shoulder.
The stump was rough, and it appeared as if it had been torn off.

“It’s the iron rule of professional wrestling. Always attack their weak spot!”
I said. Even though he wouldn’t understand what I meant.
It wasn’t that I wanted to wrestle. I just wanted to know what the best place to target was.

The enemy had probably not expected a new group to attack their camp.
And so fortunately for me, there was no one else there to interfere with our fight.

This was someone who would usually have been protected by ten or twenty soldiers. But not now.
And so we would have no distractions.

It didn’t matter if my opponent was fighting battles back to back or was wounded.
There was no spirit of fair play here, and sportsmanship could eat shit.

I moved over to his right hand side, and before he could react, slammed the hexagonal club into him.

As the weapon was charged with mana, it pushed him back with every repeated attack.
“The last fight must have been neck and neck.”

He wasn’t recovering from the damage quickly enough.
“I didn’t…expect any newcomers.”

He said as bubbles of blood dribbled down his chin.
If he was blowing bubbles from just talking, there was likely to be some internal damage as well.

“Then you shouldn’t have blocked our path!”
We just wanted to go home!

As I was in the right position for it, I focused on attacking his shoulder wound and stomach.
And since he was trying to protect those spots, he could not aggressively go out on the attack.

Besides, he would fly back ten meters upon being hit.
Most of the awning and partitions were completely destroyed.
And the trees in the area had been knocked down.


However, it wasn’t just a one-sided fight.
As I thought, he made use of his speed to disrupt my attacks.

I would lose sight of him, and then be attacked from the side or from behind.
His movements were so fast that I was in danger every time he was out of sight.
And so I couldn’t let my guard down even a little.

Every time we collided, the battlefield would move, and surrounding enemies would be blown into the air.
They were in the way, and we had no time to dodge them.

The weaker soldiers would practically explode by just being scratched by our attacks.
That’s how much mana we were using as we unleashed attacks with enough force that damage was guaranteed.

“…You’re stubborn.”

While I had entered the fight in peak condition, I had now used up half of my mana.
The enemy’s attack ability was not that high when compared to Yamato.

That being said, it just meant that I could bear them more. Whereas with Yamato, I could die in one hit.

The enemy was specialized in speed, and had attack ability that was slightly above mine.
He was not an enemy that I could underestimate.

And no matter how I attacked, he always managed to escape what would be lethal blows, with his quick movements.
It was his feet that were troublesome. They were what caused the fight to drag on.

“I’m not making any progress here.”
Well, I had learned a few of his special abilities.

The worst was a zero delay attack that he unleashed whenever we passed each other.
The first time it happened, I didn’t even understand what he had done.

There was no windup movement. There was almost nothing in between as the attack landed.
An instantaneous attack.

Perhaps while the special ability was activated, the attack was unleashed automatically when passing someone.
It was incredibly dangerous. And I had yet to block it a single time.

(And so I would make use of it.)

I swung wide with the hexagonal club on purpose, giving him an opening.
The enemy took the bait, and dashed forward in an attempt to rush past me…

“How does it feel to have the mana pulled out of you?”
I had used my own special ability, ‘Mana Absorption’ to take it away from him.

But as his reflexes were insane, he was unlikely to be hit by the same technique twice.
However, showing it once was enough. He would be cautious now, and stop using the zero delay attack.

“…Alright, now for the next one.”

The enemy looked at me with suspicion.
No matter how you looked at it, I had been at a disadvantage up until now.

He would be wondering why I didn’t use it sooner, instead of saving it.
But my perceptions had become so numb. I may have been in a pinch, but fights like this no longer felt like it.

It was just like any other day.

And so I started charging the hexagonal club with Ki.
Not mana, but Ki. A technique that my soul possessed that only I could use—the Ki attack.

It was interesting, because a human was using a resident of the Demon World as a vessel.
And that allowed me to use the Demon World version of fa jin.

Human power started to gather around the club.
That being said, it wasn’t pure human power.

There was also mana inside of it.
The effect was fa jin, and the force depended on mana. That was the Ki attack that I used.

The enemy must have detected it instinctively.

He blocked my strongest attack with his left arm.


His left arm exploded.


After losing both arms, the enemy had a confused expression, as if thinking, ‘what am I supposed to do now?’

“Sorry. I’ll finish this quickly.”

It was impossible to turn this around.
The speed of his legs didn’t mean anything.

Now it was just a matter of how I wanted to finish the fight.
But I still kept my guard up and moved carefully until I dealt the finishing blow.

“…It’s over.”

The aftermath of fighting with the enemy chief was quite brutal.
No one would even come close to us.

A few had been unlucky enough to be in our path, and they had been blown away.
Our wild battle had destroyed everything in the area.

This had caught the eyes of both friends and enemies, and we had attracted much attention.
And then…

“Golan. The enemy is running away!”
Beka had also finished fighting. That meant that she had won.

“So they ran away after their leader was defeated. It makes sense, as there is no point in fighting anymore.”
This was on the outskirts of the battlefield.
And I had killed their leader. Beka…well, I should ask her, just in case.

“Hey, Beka. As for your fight. Did you win?”
“I think I won!”

“You think?”
Why did she sound so unconcerned?

“Well, I broke so many bones that he couldn’t stand anymore. And so I kept breaking more!”
“How many?”

“Uhhh…more than I can count?”

It must have been every bone in his body. Well, there was no way that he was alive then.
Even if he did survive, there would be nothing but pain ahead, so we’ll just say that he’s dead.

I was reminded that it wasn’t just Saifo, but Beka had grown a lot as well.

“Alright, time to gather everyone together and run.”

“The pursuit corps will return. I don’t want to have to fight again!”
I was a pacifist. I didn’t want to fight if I didn’t have to.

As the enemy had fled, we were the only ones who remained on the battlefield.
And so we quickly reunited with Rig and the others and left the scene of carnage behind us.

I didn’t care about what happened when we were gone.

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  1. “I was a pacifist.” Rich coming from someone who challenged Yamato for bogus reasons earlier. All living things have one choice: either adapt to their current circumstances, or go extinct. So it should rather go toward changing their circumstances instead of challenging someone who was overseeing the transition.

    Or was he saying that in past tense?

  2. Golan is a mess. He doesn’t believe he’s violent, or brutal, or antagonistic… which of course he is – but at least he’s entertaining.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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