Makai Hongi – 329

Chapter 329

While we had won the battle, I didn’t want to stick around.
I wanted to get out as soon as possible.

“We’re going to escape before the enemy’s pursuit corps returns.”
We would reunite with Rig and the others and leave this country for good.

That’s all we wanted. To return to our country.

However, Lesser Demon King Melvis, Demon King Janius, and Demon King Tralzard’s countries were all connected.
And so due to this geographical condition, an attack from Janius’s army meant that our road would be blocked.

“They were right there. So we should be allowed to defeat them.”
I wonder if anyone else has ever said that…probably not.

We crushed them into the dirt because they blocked us. It wasn’t my fault.
But there was something else to consider.

We were soldiers from Melvis’s country.
In spite of the current situation in the Demon World, it didn’t mean we could go around and start wars. Or could we? I had a feeling that maybe we could. But never mind.

It’s not something to say out loud.
That was why it was best to run away before word spread.

Let’s say that the other enemy soldiers returned.
They would see their dead leader and think.

“Damn Tralzard’s army. They must have had another corps moving in secret!”
I wanted them to think it. We had nothing to do with them.

“Hurry! We have to cross the border before they find us.”
I shouted. In fact, we were currently in the middle of a retreat towards the border.

Melvis’s country was small. Perhaps less than a tenth of the size of Janius’s country.
And since our routes were limited, I didn’t want to bump into any other armies.

Once the sun descended, we entered a grove in order to camp for the night.

“Sir Golan. We should be able to cross the border by tomorrow night.”
“I see. Then we’ll move first thing in the morning.”

I wanted to reach it as soon as possible.
This place was too dangerous now.

Janius’s reinforcements and messengers that are returning home might pass through here.
At least, we weren’t on the campaign line, but the movements of the army were not always predictable.

It was possible that they would take a longer route so that the enemy wouldn’t be able to read their strategy.

“Hurry up and sleep. We have an early morning ahead of us.”
I left some guards on watch, and the rest tucked in for the night.
We will cross the border tomorrow. It was our only hope.

“Hey, Rig. What do you think this is?”
“They are fighting. But I cannot say more than that.”

During the night of the following day, we succeeded in crossing the border safely.
And not once had we encountered any enemy soldiers.

We were able to slow down once we had passed it, and relieve our fatigue as we continued on.
I felt so much more at ease.

Some of my men had been wounded during the battle in Tralzard’s lands, and so I thought about taking an extended break now that we were here.

Not much scouting was necessary now, and so I only sent them out to search the area whenever we set up camp.
I didn’t send any out during the day.

We were in our own country now, so there was no need to be so cautious.
That’s what I had thought…and yet we had somehow come across a battle.

Was our country being invaded as well?

Just as we had climbed a mountain and were about to descend on the other side, I heard voices coming from the bottom.
And so I quietly made my way down to see what it was. It seemed that a battle had begun.

As this was our country, one side must be our army.
Then what country was the other side from?

“Can you tell who is fighting?”
“It’s too far to be able to determine. Should we send out the Flying Eagle scouts?”

“No. Both sides will take notice. Besides, if one is guaranteed to be the enemy, why not charge to their flank and join the battle?”
I didn’t know which country they were from, but they had launched an attack on our country. So there was no doubt that they were an enemy.

“Indeed. They would not be expecting an army to be coming from this side. So we can ambush them.”
“Yes, we can think about where they came from after we crush them. Rig, have the others prepare for battle.”

“Very well. I will stay here with the non-combatants.”
And then Rig went off.

This was quite a surprise.
Now that Melvis had awakened, I had thought that no one would dare attack us.
I was so sure of it.

“But this is the Demon World. They would attack even Melvis. I shouldn’t have underestimated them.”

This was someone who made Tralzard quiver with fear.
It would take a lot of courage to invade such a country.

But there was no point in standing here in shock.
We would use the same strategy as before. Move in quietly until they notice us. And then rush forward all at once.

There was no point in doing anymore more complicated than that when dealing with Ogres.
You just have them charge forward, and then they would do their job.
And I just needed to create the right environment for them.

“Alright, are you all ready!”

“This time, we’re going to move through the grove. Just follow me.”

I suppose that was a good reaction.
I wasn’t completely convinced that they understood me. But they had the right energy, at least.

They were always like this, and so I tried to not think about it too deeply.
Then we separated from Rig and the non-combatants.

And with me in the lead, we entered the grove.

I could see the fighting through the gaps in the trees.

“…I see. So they are mostly Vampires. And some of them look familiar.”

They were the Vampires who worked for General Farneze.
So the people they were fighting were the enemy then.

“We’ll charge in from here and tear into their flank. Once we’re in, think of everyone around you as the enemy! Kill them all.”

“Let’s go!”
And then I dashed forward.

The Ogres and High Ogres followed after me.
They were weak to magic, but perfect for ambushes like this one.

After all, nothing could stop their feet.
They had bodies like iron, and no fence could get in their way.

Once it was a chaotic melee, then you could not hit them with magic.
Perhaps you could if they were so close that you wouldn’t miss, but there were no sorcerers capable of doing that.

In other words, the Ogres would dominate the field.
“Kill them all! Tear them apart!”

I took out the weapon that was most suited to such battles—the hexagonal club, and swung it around as I leapt into the enemy formation.

I couldn’t help but shout.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The corruption is growing stronger. All he seeks is battle. Every new encounter is another head fallen to the grass. Soon, nothing else will remain…

  2. I’m going to assume it’s Demon King Janius’ forces that are attacking. They previously mentioned that he’s one of the younger Demon Kings and doesn’t know the terror of Melvis so he probably assumes Melvis is weak who is only feared because of his former position in Yamato’s forces and that Janius can take his country over so he can launch attacks on Tralzard from multiple directions. Tralzard may not even get a chance to confront Janius if Melvis got pissed off.

    • The Orb of Control makes it possible to know who is part of your country so Golan can’t mistake this as a practice battle between subordinates of Melvis.

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