Makai Hongi – 330

Chapter 330

We had joined the battle without announcement.
And so both sides were surprised.

Not only that, but we had come from the direction of Demon King Tralzard’s land.
And the area was currently occupied by Janius and Gidman’s armies, as they invaded Tralzard’ country.

“Why are our allies attacking us!?”
They seemed to be thinking.

And the Vampires that had been sent to drive them back were equally astonished.
After all, help had come out of nowhere.

They would not have thought that there was a corps sent so far out that they moved through Tralzard’s territory. And while it wouldn’t have been too strange for more enemies to appear, it didn’t make sense for allies to come.

Still, the Orb of Control allowed them to tell friend and foe apart.
So they understood the situation and continued to attack.

I was in a good mood.
I swung the hexagonal club from left to right to my heart’s content. And before I knew it, I was standing on a mountain of corpses.

We had succeeded in our pincer attack.
Now we just had to defeat the enemy boss.

And so I started to wander through the battlefield in search of their leader.
“Ah, there. It’s you!”

He stood in a corner with other strong soldiers.
There was an overpowering aura surrounding him that would have made the average high-ranker cry and run away.

He must have also sensed that I was strong, as he pushed the others away and stepped forward.

He had eight legs. Like a spider with a human riding on top.
An evolved Arachnid. A special evolution at that.

He had blotches all over his body, and looked like he had powerful poison.
And he was about twice as tall as me.

But in spite of having eight legs, he also had four arms.
That was too much.

Two of the arms carried shields, while the other two wielded spears.
This was someone who was confident with both attacking and defense.

Now, one might think that a spider’s legs would be their weak spot, but they were hard like armor.
An ordinary attack would likely bounce right off.

“I suppose you won’t go down easily.”
As he was an Arachnid, he might try to bind me with his webs.

While it might be wise to fight cautiously, if he could spit poison and webs, then keeping my distance would put me at a disadvantage.
“Here I go!”
I dashed forward.

As it turned out, I won.
I charged my body with mana and pressed forward with the hexagonal club.

And once I was close, I used Mana Absorption to weaken him little by little.
After repeating this many times, I was able to win.

But the fight had gone on for two hours, and I was tired. However, I was not wounded.
“…That Mana Absorption really is a cheat.”

You could recover your own mana by taking it from the enemy while fighting.
And the stronger the enemy was, the more you could absorb at once. If you did it enough times, you could overturn the balance of mana levels.

It was no wonder that Yamato had risen to Lesser High King.

As he had a lot of mana, it took a very long time. But I am used to fighting in this way now…and have no blindspots. I think.
Of course, it was the special ability that was amazing, and not me. And so I wouldn’t become too arrogant.

“Besides, he must have been very confused by what was happening… Saifo. How are things over there?”
“It’s as you can see.”

As I fought with the enemy chief, Saifo had arrived on the battlefield.
He had fought against an Adjutant. Though, Saifo’s opponent was apparently no longer in his original form.

Saifo fought in a wild style, where everything was about his physical strength.
But then again, that was me as well.

Were Saifo and I alike? No, I did not want to be lumped together with the idiot siblings.

“Hey, Golan. They’re flying towards us!”
Beka said. I looked up at the sky and saw a number of Vampires flying in our direction.

As the fight with the enemy leader had been so fierce, not only my own men, but the Vampires, who were originally on the field, had also run away.

One of the Vampires that arrived was familiar to me.
It was Atrasushia. She was General Farneze’s Adjutant.

At least, I think that was her name.
“Huh? Is General Farneze not going to come?”
She wasn’t among those who were flying.

But I hadn’t seen her while they were fighting.
As for Atrasushia, we had worked together before during the operation to defeat Kyuka.

When I had been used as bait. Yes, how nostalgic.
Three Vampires approached me.

As we already knew each other, only a simple greeting was required.
That being said, she was terribly surprised at my mana increase.

‘Surely you have more mana than even the General now?’ she said. ‘Perhaps,’ I replied.

I was currently General Farneze’s subordinate, but if I was stronger than her, then perhaps I would be thinking of Gekokujyo.
Atrasushia seemed to have such suspicions.

As for me, it didn’t really matter who I served. But it was important for a lot of people in the Demon World.

“Where is General Farneze?”

“The General is in the castle. There were not enough people to guard it, as King Melvis had gone out to the east.”

We had been in Tralzard’s lands for so long that we were clueless when it came to the recent state of affairs.

Apparently, Melvis had allied with the Great Demon Kings in order to search for Yamato.
And that required him to head east.

As for the army that was invading us now, they were from Demon King Gidman.

“Demon King Gidman? But his lands are so far away.”
“Indeed. But we are certain that they are Gidman’s. He seems to be expanding his forces.”

I had thought that it was a joke at first, but she said that it was likely due to a future clash with Tralzard.

To put it simply, the news of Tralzard’s victory over Demon King Legard had spread with great speed.

And now Demon King Tralzard was closer than ever to becoming a Great Demon King.
Everyone thought this now.

“It is no wonder, after she defeated someone as old as Legard.”

“While Demon King Gidman and Demon King Janius have become allies, they were probably still worried. And so Demon King Gidman decided to invade us.”

General Farneze was in the castle, and so it was up to Atrasushia, who was in the nearest town of Elstabia, to come out and stop the invasion.

But she had sent word to the castle, so the General would likely arrive with an army very soon.
As always, this country was lacking in personnel. People were constantly moving back and forth.

Melvis was not likely to be concerned with such issues, but there were not enough leaders.
“I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.”
General Farneze’s, that is.

“Well, this affects you just as much.”
She was probably right.

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  1. The easiest way to stop them fighting would be for Golan to send Melvis a message saying he knows where Yamato is. Melvis would then forcibly end the war between the Demon Kings most likely by killing Janius and Gidman just so that there wouldn’t be any distractions as he works to reunite with Yamato.

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