Ossan Boukensha – 38

Swordsman Training Hall

It was said that the ‘Renji-style,’ which was founded by Holy Blade Rickard Emras, was a style that could be used with any weapon. There were many students of this school, and they instructed those of the Knights Order, and many of the kingdom’s sword masters came from there…

Well, in other words, they were a safe bet.

Thankfully, I was able to find the location easily after asking about it at the inn. It was surprisingly close by.
When I went there, I saw a dojo-like building, and what sounded like the sounds of people training inside.
I passed through the gate and waited by the entrance after ringing the bell.

“And who may you be?”

Said a young woman who was wearing training gear.

“I want to train here. Would it be possible to tour the place first?”

“Ah, I’m glad to hear it. But first, could you tell us about yourself?”

“Of course. Thank you.”

“Then please sit over here and wait one moment.”

I sat down on the chair I was guided to, and then she disappeared into the back. She shortly returned with some tea.

“The acting master will see you now.”

She said in a polite voice.
She looked like she wasn’t quite twenty yet. Her hair was green and cut short into a bob. And while her eyes were gentle, they were also cool, as was her posture. You could tell at a glance that she studied martial arts.

Not long after, a tall man with short blue hair appeared while wiping the sweat from his face. He was lean and muscular, though not incredibly so.

“I’m Simmons Bisekez, the acting master. I hear you wish to train?”

“I’m Ajifu, an E-Rank Adventurer. While I am an amateur, I have Lv2 with the Sword Art skill. I use a short sword and shield.”

I bowed my head.

“Why do you want to join if you’re already Lv2? And why in our style?”

“I’ve only fought monsters up until now, but it’s become necessary that I learn to fight humans. However, as an amateur, I cannot discern which style will suit me. And so I thought it would be a safe bet to go to the most famous and respected school.”

“I see. Then how about experiencing a day here as a student, instead of a tour? We won’t charge for the first day.”

“I would be very grateful! However, how much does it usually cost?”

“For low-rank students, it is fifty silver a month. And for shorter periods, it is five silver a day.”

“Hmm. If I’m completing Adventurer quests at the same time, then I’m not sure which is better…”

“You can decide that once you actually enter.”

Well, that was true.

“In that case, I gladly accept.”

I was then led to what was like an exercise space outside. Apparently, you were to prepare your own armor. As for weapons, they had blunt weapons that were used for training. I see. So it was as close to the real thing as possible.

And so I chose a sword and shield that were close to my own, and then I entered the training grounds. There were several other people there. Some of them even glanced towards me.

“First, let’s see how good you are.”

Acting master Simmons said, and then he held up his two-handed sword.

“I’m ready.”

I said, and then after a pause, I swung at him.
The first swing was just a test. But it had to be strong as well. I remembered the time I had faced Suei.


With all of my strength, I targeted the part of the blade near the guard.
Obviously, he raised his sword and blocked it, and so I lowered my stance as my sword bounced off, and then I slashed down at his right foot.
He smoothly took a step back, and then unleashed a diagonal downward slash at me.
However, as his left foot was behind him, it was a light attack.

I deflected it with my shield and then without losing momentum, rotated on the spot. And as I rose from my low stance, I slammed the sword I was holding with a back hand.


The heavy sound rang. But the acting master was in a defensive position. I turned my sword over my head and aimed for his neck and swung down.
Another backstep, and he dodged the attack. It was bad to allow him to move away. Before I had swung all of the way, I leapt forward, and then as the gap closed, I swung upwards.


He was right in front of me again, but blocked it in the perfect defensive stance, and the pressure was so high in that instant that my sword bounced off. Damn it.


I jumped back along with my sword. And then the two-handed sword passed right before my eyes and gouged out a piece of the ground.


It was an explosion of dirt that blocked my vision. And in the moment that I squinted my eyes, a sword was thrust at me.

“I am defeated.”

I bowed my head.

“You do have the basics of swinging a sword. Your body as well. You could start some real training right away if you want. But I do have one question.”

“What is that?”

“With your strength, you should be able to handle a heavier sword. Why did you choose that one?”

“I like the way my current sword cuts. I’m used to using it.”

“Oh? But that wasn’t the fighting style of someone with a sharp sword. May I see this sword?”

And so I took it out of my belongings and handed it to the acting master. He unsheathed the blade and stared at it for a while.

“I see. While I don’t know what the effect is, it is a magic sword. And it looks to be a good one.”

“It has a sharpness enchantment.”

Simmons looked impressed when he heard that.

“But it doesn’t suit your current fighting style. Either change it to fit the sword, or change the sword to fit your style. I would recommend you change the sword, as you have good arm strength. And then you won’t have to change the way you fight.”

“While you may be right, I don’t have the money to do that.”

“Surely you will have enough if you sell that one? I can introduce you to a good weapon store.”

“I would be grateful for that! Thank you.”

“Then I’ll write a letter of introduction. With a sword of different weight, you will have to relearn your swings. So it would be better to start your training after that.”

“Thank you for the advice. I’ll go right away.”

“Bah, it’s nothing. This happens all of the time. That’s one of the reasons that we don’t charge for the first day.”

After I had thanked him and was about to leave, I noticed someone was staring at me.

She had brown hair and was over 170 centimeters tall. She was quite muscular for a woman, and had thin eyes that… Wait!? I’ve seen her before…

I quickly left the training ground with an calm expression. That was close! It was the person from the Kijifei guild training grounds who warned me about my swings. I didn’t realize she was from this school.

All right. If we meet again, I’ll do my best to feign ignorance.

And so it was while being covered in a cold sweat that I headed to the weapon store that was recommended to me.


“I came here by Mr. Simmons’ recommendation.”

I handed over the letter.
The master looked at it and muttered.

“I see. So you wish to trade in your sword. May I see it?”

As he inspected the sword, I looked at the other swords that were displayed in the shop.
When it came to heavier swords, there was the one-handed half sword and bastard sword. They could be wielded with one hand or two hands, but I had ignored them up until now, as I thought it was pointless since I carried a shield. When I tried picking one up, they were indeed heavier than what I was used to. But I didn’t feel like I wouldn’t be able to swing them around.

“I’d like a bastard sword that is the same quality.”

“A bastard sword that is equal to this? These two are the ones I have in the store.”

One was very plain and the other was decorated. The contrast was strong.

“This one has a slight durability enchantment. The other has it as well, and also a sharpness enchantment. You can trade in your sword and pay one gold for this one, and two for this one.”

The plain but durable sword would be one gold. And the decorated one with two effects would be two gold. I would not be able to buy a horse now.

“And how much is the plain sword without the trade-in?”

“It is seven in gold.”

“But I was told my sword was worth eight gold in Kijifei? I thought I might get some change.”

“Mm, indeed. However, you exaggerate. How about fifty silver?”

“Even if it’s a trade-in, you’re still profiting, no?”

“Hmm…well, you did come with an introduction. But this is special, all right?”

And like this, I acquired a new sword, and so I returned to the Renji style training school the following day.

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