Makai Hongi – 331

Chapter 331

Atrasushia and her Vampires had been fighting against Demon King Gidman’s soldiers.
This was a surprise.

As for this battle…
We had joined in and defeated the enemy. But was that really the right thing to do?

It was possible that Atrasushia had it under control, and would have won anyway.
It hadn’t looked like they were losing, so I did wonder.

Still, it was very reckless for the enemy to attack this country.

Even more so, because Gidman’s country was so far away from us.
It was almost impressive.

On the other hand, perhaps there was that much of a reason for it.
I brought up a map of the Demon World in my head.

There was a cluster of smaller countries south of Gidman, where Lesser Demon Kings such as Monin and Yunus ruled.
Normally, it would make more sense for him to invade them and strengthen his forces.

Surely it would be more efficient to swallow up your weak neighbors.
However, these small countries were to the west of Tralzard’s country.

I had gone close to it, so I knew. Up until recently, even Tralzard had been wary of these Lesser Demon Kings.
It was because the Wild Hunt had stirred up trouble.

If Gidman’s army invaded such a place now, Tralzard would be spurred into action.
Perhaps they thought that Tralzard would come out to crush them immediately.

“Do you think that Demon King Gidman wanted to avoid fighting Tralzard alone?”
I asked Atrasushia.

After all, Gidman had allied with Janius and invaded Tralzard’s lands from the northeast.
And this country was just to their east.

That being said, it was still very foolish.

“It just shows how much they fear Tralzard.”
Said Atrasushia. I nodded.

I could understand why. However, they had instead attacked someone who made Tralzard shiver.

It was so bad, that I was starting to think of Tralzard as just an old woman who quivered in fear all of the time.
But to others, she was the strongest Demon King.

Well, she did have an immense amount of mana. And I was sure that she would win if she fought any of them.
So her reputation was deserved. But…hmmm.

“Anyway, what are you going to do now?”
Nevermind Tralzard. The problem was this country.

“I’m going to wait here until the General arrives. After that, she will take command of the soldiers.”
“I see.”

She was just here to keep things together until General Farneze’s arrival.
Perhaps I should do the same.

Now that I knew that Melvis wasn’t at the castle, there was no need to rush back.
In that case, I might as well participate in the defense of our border.

Personally, I wanted to talk to Melvis about the Human World and the Other World that was created inside.
And if possible, I wanted him to become a soul and go over there.

My honest opinion was that I wanted him to do something about Yamato.
I still did not agree with the way that Yamato thought.

I wanted to crush his ambitions, even if it meant using force… But it was not possible.
I realized that after fighting him. I could not win.

That being said, there was no one else who could stop Yamato.

And so I wanted to send Melvis to either alter or stop his plans.
I thought it was possible, depending on how he broached the subject.

Since there was a barrier, he couldn’t go to the Human World in the flesh anyway.
I was thinking about using that to persuade him.

Yamato would have no idea that Melvis had been spending so much time and effort in searching for him.

I chuckled. But Atrasushia looked at me as if I was a creep.
Yes, I would not do that again.

I had to keep my plan a secret.
It would be no good if others suspected… Well, maybe not. But only Melvis’s subordinates were in this country.

If it became known that Melvis had abandoned his country and temporarily went to the Human World, it was possible that people would come out to crush us.

And for that reason, I didn’t want anyone to hear about my plans.
“I’ll carry things out with the utmost secrecy.”

“You’ll what?”
Apparently, I had been thinking out loud again. Atrasushia was looking at me suspiciously.

“Nothing. I was just thinking of ways to eliminate the enemy.”
A cold sweat ran down my back.

“I see… Now that I think about it, that ambush was well done.”
“Thank you.”

I was able to fool her.
From now on, I would avoid thinking ‘about that’ around other people.

“Well, then. I will go and see my men.”
I turned my eyes towards the battlefield and walked away.

General Farneze flew towards us the next morning.
Yes, she was flying.

The General had led the advance party herself.
A second and third corps would probably follow.

Had Atrasushia been struggling to hold the battleline, she would have swooped down and destroyed the enemy.

The General looked surprised when she saw me.
But I was only able to relish this feeling for a moment, because then she said something that shocked me…

“There was a great invasion from the Celestial World, and King Melvis is wreaking havoc.”

That was my reaction.

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  1. Ugh why is Golan still on his bullsh*t about opposing Yamato? Yamato’s plans have no effect on the Demon World and I doubt Melvis would care to stop Yamato.

    Welp now the Celestial World is invading. I wonder if Janius and Gidman will stop fighting because of it or ignore it and have either Melvis kill them so he can unite everybody else against the Celestials or the Celestials themselves take out those two while they busy being idiots and ignoring the real threat to continue fighting Tralzard and thus they leave themselves unguarded toward the Celestials.

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