Makai Hongi – 332

Chapter 332

Melvis had been sitting on his throne, deep in thought that day, until he reached a certain conclusion.

—King Yamato was in the Human World.

Melvis had been the first to rush to the scene right after the battle between Hera and Yamato. And that’s when he discovered the distortion of time and space on the battlefield.
And Yamato was nowhere to be seen.

But he instinctively understood that Yamato had disappeared into that distortion.
And until this day, he had continued searching for him.

“In the Human World?”
“Is he in the Human World?”

Jikae and Manny reacted to his mutterings.

“But how did he go?”
“Yes, how did he do it?”

“Oh, tell us!”

But to these words, Melvis just shook his head and said, ‘who knows.’

If he knew how to go there, he’d have done it already.

So, how did Melvis come to this conclusion?
As of now, no one has been able to confirm Yamato’s location.

“Hey, someone is here.”
“Someone has come.”

“Should we kill him?”

Melvis ordered, as they talked threateningly.

These two had already killed quite a few who had come to visit Melvis.

The person who arrived now was a messenger.
And he was carrying a letter from another country.

“You’ve received a letter from Great Demon King Dalm.”
The messenger’s voice was shaking.

He was scared. What would the invisible attendants do?
And so he was overcome with fear.

The messenger’s thrust out hand was clutching the letter.
Melvis pointed a finger upwards, and the envelope left the messenger’s hand and floated through the air until it reached Melvis.

He then filled it with magical energy, causing the envelope to burst into flames. And from within, came the letter.

Dalm was the Great Demon King who ruled a country that was east of Melvis’s country.
It was a giant country, and he was considered to be the strongest person on the continent.

Melvis read the letter and appeared to be deep in thought.
The messenger left the room timidly.

“What is written in it?”
“Indeed, what does it say?”

But Melvis remained deep in thought for a while.
And then he stood up slowly.

“What is it?”
“What happened?”

“I’m going to visit Dalm. Take care of the castle while I’m away.”
Jikae and Manny were very surprised by this.

It was unusual for Melvis to leave his throne.
Recently, he did nothing but sit there and think.

But now he was leaving the hall. Once he decided on something, there was no hesitation. Or so it appeared.
And before they had a chance to stop him, he had flown out of the great open window.

He would head to Dalm’s castle directly then.
And would not return for some time.

“He’s gone.”
“He is.”

“Will it be alright?”
“It will.”

“No problem.”
“None at all.”

The voices rang in the now empty throne room.

Two things had been written in the letter from Great Demon King Dalm.

The first was information about the Celestial World.
The other was about the strife-torn Demon World.

It was just a simple report, but said that if Melvis wished to know more, he must come in person.
And so after considering it for a time, Melvis had gone to see Dalm.

Melvis continued to fly high in the air. And without resting even once, he arrived at the castle where Dalm lived.

“Did you not think to come in through the front gate?”
“I do not like to waste time.”

Dalm shook his head with exasperation.
Today, he was not on his throne, but in his study towards the back.

Apparently, Melvis knew where Dalm was, because of his mana, and had gone to him directly.
It was truly an impressive search ability, but Dalm wished that he wouldn’t use it here.

“Well…I suppose you wouldn’t listen if I asked you to wait.”
And so Dalm stopped his work.

“I am capable of waiting.”
“It’s quite the dilemma. But let’s not talk about it now.”
He didn’t want Melvis to stand still and wait right next to him either.

Such complaints did not seem fitting for a Great Demon King. But neither of them cared.
And so the two left his study.


As they headed to the throne room, everyone they passed let out a cry of surprise.
Since when? That’s what their faces said.

“Now…it’s about King Yamato, isn’t it?”
After they arrived in the throne room and got rid of the others, Dalm broke the silence.

“It sounded like you have new information.”
“The Celestial World is in an uproar.”

Dalm actively took their fallen under his wing.
Which meant that a lot of the latest information would come his way.

And so there were many that went to Dalm when they wanted information about the Celestial World.

“Isn’t it said that the celestials do not care about what happens around them?”
Unless it was related to their research, they were not interested. That’s what Melvis had thought.

“Yes, but they are sensitive to things that have an effect on their research. …For instance, how their holy power is drying up.”

“And it’s starting to affect their ‘servants.’”
There were people in the Celestial World who were called that.

They were smaller than the other residents, and as they could not hold much holy power in their bodies, they could not fight.
And so they were similar to non-combatants in the Demon World.

Normally, they were research assistants and helped take care of the residents.

They too did not care about what happened around them. But as they were weak compared to the others, they could not completely ignore the recent changes to their world.

And since they could not come to the Demon World by themselves, hardly any of them ever fell.
But there were a rare few who came down with residents of the Celestial World.

And when this happened, Dalm would acquire much more information than usual.
Apparently, Dalm had acquired this new information from one of the Celestial World servants.

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