Makai Hongi – 333

Chapter 333

Great Demon King Dalm and Lesser Demon King Melvis were old acquaintances.

But one was a Great Demon King while the other was a Lesser Demon King.
Lesser Demon Kings were like flies to Great Demon Kings.

They were so small that they could not hope to fight back. That was the norm.
However, Dalm maintained his respectful attitude towards Melvis.

“I called for them.”
Melvis decided to talk to the fallen directly.
And Dalm informed him that the people were on their way.

After they waited for some time, a pair that could be described as ‘big and small’ arrived.
One was tall and thin. He had bluish purple skin and horns.

The fallens appearances would usually change once they took mana into their bodies.
And so in this one’s case, his skin color and head had changed.

The other one was very short. And round.
Some people might have even described him as adorable.

However, he had sharp snaggleteeth, which gave him an ugliness as well.
His eyes were cute, and his nose had a squashed look, but the fangs ruined everything.

“They are the ones who brought the report. They have recently fallen.”
Dalm explained. And the two bowed.

“The letter contained details of what is happening in the Celestial World. And you heard it from them?”

“Yes. As we had to confirm previous reports, they were questioned thoroughly. And the results were written down.”

“I see…so the Celestial World really is changing.”
“It appears to be the case.”

What Dalm had written in the letter. It was quite different from how the Celestial World had been like before.
Most of the residents of the Celestial World dedicated their entire lives to the pursuit of their research, and they had little interest in the affairs of others.

But in many cases, they required magic stones in order to continue their research.
And magic stones were the Orbs of Control that every Demon World resident had inside of their bodies.

The Orb of Control was a vessel for the soul. It absorbed mana and stored it like a tank.
If the Orb of Control was removed from someone, they would die without a doubt.

And what had been in the letter?
Recently, the Celestial World was running out of magic stones.

Well, if that was the case, wasn’t the solution as simple as visiting the Demon World and gathering more? One might wonder.
But there were two reasons now that made this difficult.

The first was the chronic spreading deficiency of holy power.
Unlike mana, which appeared on its own and filled the air, holy power was replenished when human power reached the Celestial World.

This power that humans possessed. The amount changed depending on the strength of believers and their faith.
The holy power in the Celestial World was on a straight, declining trajectory. It was an even bigger problem than the lack of magic stones.

Was there any way for them to gather more holy power?
That was the question on their minds right now.

An invasion of the Demon World required an immense amount of holy power, and if they couldn’t get it from the outside, then they would be forced to use the holy power in their own bodies.

And so an invasion of the Demon World would be very difficult for them now.
Such were the things written in Dalm’s letter.

Why was there so little mana in the Celestial World?
Because the Human World was closed off, and the faith of the people had weakened.

In other words, they had not found a fundamental solution for increasing holy power.
If that was the situation in the Celestial World, they would not be able to focus on their research, and so they would be searching for ways to get out of this predicament.

“How slow.”
Dalm nodded at Melvis’s words.

These ‘Celestial World servants’ were already starting to collapse due not having enough holy power.

And there was another reason that they didn’t attack the Demon World.
It had to do with the residents of the Celestial World.

“I will let them explain from here.”
Dalm said. And the two began to speak. Slowly, as if they were remembering what had happened.

“The goals of each research institution began to change slowly. The order of priority was shifting. It was less about research, and more about securing more holy power.”

“Securing. But it is a limited resource. Would they fight over it?”

“Yes. The institutions fought each other. But the longer it lasted, the worse things would get. The difference in power would only increase.”

Apparently, there was something like a river in the Celestial World, where holy power flowed out of.
It would be a perfect place to build a research building, but a certain institution had possession of that spot since ancient times.

Currently, a heated battle was being waged over it.

“Is it just fighting? Or is there something ahead of that?”

“They will unite the institution and then gather enough magic stones so that they can destroy the barrier around the Human World. While a great war is being waged in the Celestial World, they will invade this world once it is done. And they will descend with such determination, without even a thought for retreat.”

It was the Enra institution who had the best location.
They had seemingly been left in the dust once Hera was gone, but had returned with a vengeance. Their fighting force was so great that one might suspect that they had been pretending all along.

While this great war was a fight to gain the ‘land that is most rich with holy power,’ the victor would still have to deal with the main problem.

And so, once they had the other institutions working for them, they would use the holy power within their subordinates and invade the Demon World.

They would steal countless magic stones and use them to accelerate their research.
And they would then build something that would allow them to travel through or destroy the barrier around the Human World.

“So it’s all but certain that they will come here.”

“Yes. They will be forced to operate with less holy power after the war, and that amount will only lessen every year. They will have to act quickly.”

They would use the holy power of the other institutions that they absorbed, and attack the Demon World.
Dalm had snorted when he first heard this.

It’s not like the Demon World would take this lying down.
If the enemy came to him, he would drive them back. That was something he could promise. And so he laughed.

However, he then heard about something else that made him hesitate.
It was this.

If the Enra institution really did win the war, things would be a little different.
“Different? How so?”

“That institution still insists on ‘not interfering.’ And their main priority has changed recently. They alone have continued to search for the ‘one example of success’ during the war for holy power.’”

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