Seisan Mahoushi – 40

Chapter 40 – We Made A Field!

“There isn’t much.”

Melk muttered after we returned to the village and spread out what we had gathered onto the ground.

Once the Grank Mercenaries left, we had searched through the fields to the north.

Melk used her sharp sense of smell, but…
Nearly everything had been harvested already, and the only thing that we found were some Demon King turnip seeds.

And it was only around two hundred.
Even if we started growing them, the focus would have to be on increasing the number of seeds for quite awhile.

“Well, it’s a good enough start, I think. And Demon King turnips are not very hard to raise.”

They were turnips that had been altered through selective breeding in the Demon King’s lands.
According to one story, the Demon King had done it himself, hence the name. But I didn’t know if it was true.

These Demon King turnips absorbed mana, which was the source of magic energy that was found in the air. And this caused them to grow very large.

One might think then that eating them would increase your magic energy, but as the mana was depleted while it grew, it had no such effect.
In other words, it was just a regular turnip that happened to grow quickly and very large.

As for the important part, the taste… It was known to be extremely bitter.
Humans would only eat it if they were starving.

However, they grew with just some water in both hot and cold climates, which was very appealing.
It was also good that you just had to plant them, and then they could be harvested a month later.

Cobis must have been planting them in order to feed his slaves.

“…Besides, we got some wheat as well.”

I took out the Grank wheat from the bag.

It was completely black, and did not really encourage an appetite…

And then Mette muttered.

“…Will this really grow? But it is all black?”
“I don’t know much about farming, and so I can’t say… But it definitely doesn’t look like regular wheat.”

I muttered in reply, and then Ecleshia the Ent came by.

Currently, she was not a giant tree, but in her human form.
In general, she stuck to this appearance while she was in the village.

“Ohh… Now that is a plant that I’ve never seen before.”

And then Mette answered her.

“They told us that it was Grank wheat. But it must be fake or rotten. I think that Joshua was fooled… Really, you are far too trusting of others.”
“No, Mette. This has not gone bad. I can definitely feel its life force.”

Said Ecleshia, and so I asked her,

“You can tell?”
“Aye. We are Ents, after all. We can tell much from looking at trees and flowers, just as you look at animals. This is a strong plant.”

I had heard that the Ents managed the plants in their forests in order to make it comfortable to live in, and so that they did not lose it.

“I see. So will it grow then? I was thinking of making a field.”
“You would not need to do much, just plant it. Besides, the leaves of Ents have the power to heal plants and make them grow healthily. And since we shed them all of the time, you can spread them over the fields.”
“Is that so? That would be a great help. All right, I’ll get straight to work then.”

I said as I headed to the south of the town.

To the field of grass that was a good distance from the river.
If we made it here, we would be able to water the crops, even if there was no rain for a long time.

“I’ll make it here… First, I’ll have to get rid of all the grass. Burning should do it.”
“Burn!? Rediculous! It is not necessary. Just leave it to us. You just want to move the grass away, yes?”

As I muttered, Ecleshia answered me.

“Uh, very well. Also, I want the soil to be softer. It’s too hard to plant anything.”
“That is easily done.”

Ecleshia waved to some far away Ents, and then they all came over while in their giant tree form.

“How much of the grass should we move?”
“Ah. I’ll hammer in some stakes.”

And so I used stakes to section off the area that I wanted the field to be in.

As this was more of a test, I decided to start with about a thousand square beters near the river.

“Is that it? All right, everyone! Let us begin!”

Ecleshia said, and then a light shone out from the bodies of the Ents.

And then, the grass in the fields began to move on their own, and migrate over to the east.
Not only that, but the Ents used their roots to turn and plow the soil.

Nearly half an hour later, the grasslands had been reborn into a clean, empty lot.

The soil was so soft now, and also felt a little warm. Perhaps it was because the Ents combined their own leaves with it.

Though, I don’t think you should roll around in it…

Melk was doing just that without any shame. But I found the idea too embarrassing.

In any case, it was work that would have taken normal people a few days, but the Ents had finished it in less than half an hour.

“It’s amazing… Ents truly are incredible.”
“Hehe. So now you understand our power? From now on, you must leave any matter concerning plants to us.”
“I will do that. Now, let’s all plant the wheat.”

I said, and then Iria shouted to some Kijins and werewolves.

Apparently, she was calling the people who had been working in Cobis’s fields.

And then we started to plant the seeds.

“I pray that each grain is multiplied by ten thousand…”

Iria prayed as she gently planted the Grank wheat one by one.

The leader of the Grank Mercenaries…Bayron. He had asked us to raise them with care. Because it was wheat from their homeland.

I hoped that one day, I would be able to show them a beautiful field of wheat.

The others all looked happy and excited as they planted it.

However, just then, a dark shadow suddenly covered the field.

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