Seisan Mahoushi – 140

Chapter 140 – I Could Not Stay Still!?

“You should be able to see the bridge soon.”

I said while driving the carriage.

There were eight human children in the back. Melk and Iria were also riding, as if to keep them safe.

A few hours after we had helped the children, they showed visible signs of recovery due to our care.

They had plenty of appetite, anyway.
They must have been very hungry. We even had to bring more bread for them from the village.

However, once they were full, some of them started to burst into tears.

It seemed like they missed the parents they had been separated from.

And so I wanted to find clues of their whereabouts as soon as possible. That’s why we were now headed to Varthburg on this carriage.

It was already evening.

Just as the bridge finally came into view, a familiar guard noticed our approach.

“Ah, Mr. Joshua! And who are these children?”
“We found them after they had collapsed nearby. I was wondering if their parents came here?”

The guard turned to look at another guard.

“Could it be that these children are from the north?”
“That’s right… Do you know about Toria?”
“Aye… Things sound very bad over there. A lot of people fled from Toria to Varthburg. It is possible that you will find some of their parents here. Come in.”

The guard said with a nod, and I drove the carriage into Varthburg.

Varthburg was definitely a much more clamorous place than it had been last time.

There were sick and wounded sleeping on the ground.
And people tending to them.
So many tools and personal belongings littered the area.

It was filled with people who were clearly refugees.

I stopped the carriage.

And then one of the children shouted from the carriage.

“Oh! There’s mother!!”

And then the children started to climb out of the carriage at the same time.

Apparently, they had all found their parents here.

There was much embracing and shedding of tears.

“So they were alive…”

I sighed with relief. And then Iria said,

“Thank goodness. Well, it is still a small thing among so much misery…”
“Yes, but you can always start again if you are alive.”

Melk answered.

“That’s true…”

However, even now, similar things were probably happening in Toria.
And not everyone would be able to reunite with their family like this.

Shortly after, the children walked back to us with their parents.

“Th-the children had told us what happened. I don’t know how we can repay you.”
“Please don’t worry about it. I’m just glad that you are all reunited… But more importantly, what on… Huh?”

I noticed that Solm was running towards us.

“Sir Joshua!”
“Solm. We brought these children back to their parents.”
“I’m grateful…”

Solm said as he caught his breath.

He was clearly frantic.

“What happened?”
“Do you remember that man called Vince, who was here before?”
“Ah, the priest… The high priest of a southern temple.”
“I received a letter from him, but…”

Apparently, Vince had returned to the closest Toria temple.

However, he then found out that Undead were overflowing from around the temple at the royal capital.
And they were now eating through not just the city, but the entire Toria region.
Toria would no longer be able to send aid to the south. That’s what had been written in the letter.

“Vince said that we should not move, but accept the refugees from the north. However…”

Solm bit his lower lip.

The Demon King Army was advancing towards them from the south. And yet the reinforcements they had been counting on from the north were no longer coming…

At this rate, it could possibly spell the destruction of the entire human side.

Solm would desperately want to go north and try to do something about this situation.

However, the Demon King Army was getting closer from the south, while refugees were pouring in from the north.

Varthburg needed Solm right now.
He would not be able to leave it like this.

As for me…

“…In any case, Solm. First, allow me to make houses and tools for these refugees. They will need a place to sleep.”
“Thank you, Sir Joshua. We’re grateful for your help.”

Solm said as he bowed. And so I started to build houses and craft tools.

We had to think of the future as well.
And so I built the houses to fit within neat districts. And paved roads and dug wells.

I also craft plenty of tools, and the people around me offered words of gratitude.

Once I was finished with most of the work, I decided to rest.
I let out a deep sigh and sat in the back of the carriage.

Just then, Melk, who had been treating the sick and wounded, and Iria, who had been cutting down trees, returned as well.

“I’m sorry that you two had to help.”
“Not at all, Sir Joshua. They are also our allies.”
“Humans are friends. Melk will help them.”

That’s how Iria and Melk replied.

I could do nothing but say, ‘Thank you,’ and bow my head to them.

And then Iria muttered.

“Sir Joshua. Please don’t mind us, and act as you think is right.”
“…Huh? What?”

And then Melk answered.

“Will you not go and help them, Joshua?”
“…You two really see through me.”

After talking to Solm, I had become incredibly restless.

I had more freedom. And if I went, there would surely be people who I could help. Even if it was just a few.

However, there was Iria and the others. I had decided that I was going to protect them.

And as long as the Demon King Army was nearby, I did not want to stay away from Fendel for too long. I had to be in Fendel…

But as I told myself this, Iria squeezed my hand.

“Please. Don’t try to shoulder the burden all alone. We are very capable of protecting ourselves.”
“It’s not like you, Joshua. Besides, Melk and the others can help.”

Melk added as she placed a hand over mine.

“Both of you…”

The Fendel Alliance had become strong.
And even before my arrival, they had lived as tough fighters.

…Perhaps I was being egotistical. But I could not turn a blind eye to what was happening.

And so I faced Iria and Melk.

“Both of you. Please lend me your power. And the others of the Fendel Alliance as well.”

They both nodded in agreement at my words.

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