Royal Magician – 111

Chapter 111 – The Unconquerable Magician

With the support of a reliable senior, we, the Ardenfeld representatives, continued to be victorious.
We defeated our powerful opponents, until finally reaching the last qualifier, which would determine whether or not we would be able to participate in the main match.

Things had been almost ideal, just as had been expected of us.
However, it was here that we would face the greatest obstacle.

The three from the country of sorcery.
I was to face one of them in the final battle.

In the previous tournament, the Ardenfeld representative had been completely defeated by this opponent, who was one of the strongest on the western continent.

“I suppose this is where the short one’s steady advance comes to an end.”
“I was rooting for her, but…”
“She won’t stand a chance against our own.”

I heard the voices.
As a commoner, it was easy to rate me low, without worrying about causing offense. And they all thought it was only natural that I should lose.

However, I had a reason that I could not be defeated.

“For this final qualifier, I cannot count the number of people on my two hands, who have given me strict orders. ‘You must win. As the team leader, make sure all of you get through. Defeat will not be allowed.’”

The mission he had been given was for all of us to get through to the finals.
And so it was for his sake as well, that I had to win at all cost.

“Mr. Noelle’s opponent is Lubens Mengelberg. The second strongest magician in this country. Even though he is over sixty years old, his power has only increased. The unconquerable magician. He is best known for his status effects, and endurance in long battles. He will erase all of his opponent’s strengths and seal them. And so he will likely be quite difficult for Ms. Noelle.”

He wasn’t just powerful, but was also a bad match for me.
And so I began to prepare strategies with the cooperation of Ms. Leticia.

“Listen. We are a team. All three of us will win and get through this.”

Ryan said encouragingly.
Before the match, the three of us made a circle. Even though Luke had a cool expression he joined in.

But more than anything, what roused me the most was the sight of his previous battle.

Just fourteen seconds.
A complete victory, where his opponent had not been able to do a single thing.

As the crowd erupted into cheers around him, I noticed that his blue eyes were turned towards me.

Can you keep up?

He seemed to ask. It was a provocative look.

Very well, then!
There was no way that I would allow myself to be left behind.

I had done everything that I could to prepare.
Now, I just had to go and not hold anything back.

I no longer cared about the way the audience viewed me.

Right now, I could only see the opponent in front of my eyes.

◇  ◇  ◇

(What good eyes)

Lubens Mengelberg thought as he looked at the short magician who was facing him.
Even at sixty years of age, he had not lost his passion for magic, and he had a very good impression of the young opponent.

(Such mana and casting precision in spite of her age. How hard had she trained to reach this level? I would not have been able to beat her when I was her age.)

He chuckled at the thought of his younger self.

(However, it should be no problem for me now.)

His speciality was status effect magic.

As soon as the battle started, Luben activated his magic, and smiled at the way that his opponent reacted.

(She has come fully prepared then.)

The result of having capable staff to help her.
After analyzing the effect range of his magic, she knew how much distance she had to maintain in order to be safe.

Had he been in her position, he would have likely done the same thing.
However, it was because of that, that the old magician had set a trap.

(I would have liked to have kept quiet about it, but there is no point in saving something if I do not win. And while I feel bad, she will have to be my first victim.)

And so he activated the special trump card that he had prepared for this tournament.

‘Heart of Darkness.’

◇  ◇  ◇

In an instant, my vision was painted over with black.
There wasn’t even a patch that wasn’t opaque. I was in complete, deep darkness.

Likely, I had been hit by some kind of status effect.
I had read in books, examples of such magic being studied. Magic that robbed you of your vision.
Though, I never heard of it actually being used in magic combat. But it would be no surprise if someone who had dedicated their life to studying status ailment magic exclusively, would learn how to do it.

The next thing that assaulted me was a status effect that made my body heavier…it was probably poison.
I felt numb, and it became difficult to walk. Paralysis. And I was also having trouble remembering some spells. That must be oblivion magic.

It was the full course of status effects.
I could not move. By erasing my strength, his aim was to slowly and surely carve away and crush me.

Amazing. That was my honest reaction.
He was able to cast status effect magic with such high precision against an enemy that was very cautious.

This was someone who had spent decades passionately honing his craft.
A level reached after a long and tiring road.

And so I felt a burning heat within my chest.
Because I was the same. I also loved magic.

There was no doubt about it.
This person was the real deal.
A powerful foe that made me want to fight with everything I had.

I would take notes from him then, I thought as I closed my eyes.
I couldn’t see anyway. I didn’t need to.

I would see with my heart.

Let’s go. What I love best…

◇  ◇  ◇

(She does not seem surprised…)

The trump card that he had prepared.
Magic that blinded the target.
However, the small magician in front of him remained calm.

She did not look frantic or shaken.
It was commendable how strong her heart was.
Her toughness when it came to change.

(She really is extraordinary. In four years, she will likely be able to beat me)

However, in the present, he was still above her.
He had created a situation where he had the complete advantage, and she was not strong enough to change that.

‘Icicle Lance.’

A magic attack while her sight was sealed.
The shards of ice came down like a thunderstorm.
An explosive, vicious attack.

(She was not even able to cast any defense magic. Well, it is no surprise.)

However, in the next instant, he saw something that was completely unexpected.

(Impossible. That chain of attacks…!?)

She had dodged the chain attacks as if she could see them coming towards her.

Did this mean she had escaped the effects of the magic status effects?
No, there was surely no magician in this world who would be able to escape his magic in such a short amount of time.

(In that case, how…)

As Lubens observed the small magician, he eventually arrived at a certain conclusion.

(Could it be that she used wind magic to grasp the space around her…)

She cannot see.
She was dodging attacks with her vision sealed.

She had closed her eyes on her own, and was relying on the flow of wind to deal with the attacks.

In an instant, the old magician was shocked as a wind blade slashed across his shoulder.

(She is able to move like that with her vision sealed…)

A chill ran down his spine.

(This is a monster.)

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