Seisan Mahoushi – 141

Chapter 141 – We Assembled an Expedition Team!

The morning after we took the children to Varthburg, we returned to Fendel Village.

Currently, the representatives of each tribe were sitting around the table in the center of the village.

“So that is how it is… I wish to go to Toria.”

Everyone had been listening to me talk with serious expressions.

And then, one of the demihuman elders said,

“In other words, Sir Joshua. You will have to leave this village for quite some time…”

The other elders also looked a little anxious.

But Mette folded her arms and spoke.

“Joshua has been gone several times before. In the first place, we were able to survive even before Joshua came to us. There is no reason to fear.”

Ecleshia nodded.

“Not only that, but we have buildings and tools that Joshua made for us… And we are now allied with other tribes.”
“Mmm. The humans and Demon King Army cannot threaten us! We have lots of new weapons.”

Ymir said as she showed one of their bombs.

As Asuha told her to put such dangerous things away, the elders began to nod as well.

I was grateful that Iria and the others were able to persuade them.
But more than anything, it was because they all had some confidence in themselves now.

Even from my point of view, Fendel seemed to have a fighting force that was comparable to a small country.
As long as we stayed behind the walls, we could stand up against an army of ten thousand or more.

Iria saw that the elders were satisfied, and then she said,

“Sir Joshua has said that he will prepare for every possibility before going to Toria. Besides, I think it is also in Fendel’s best interest that the human country is saved.”

Monica nodded.

“As the Demon King Army advances from the south, people are fleeing from the north… Fendel will be facing problems from both sides.”
“Yes. And as Joshua said, the skeletons will start flooding in as well. Those things we fought in the dungeon.”

Melk said. Indeed, it was possible that the Undead would flow in from Toria.

No one knew why there were Undead in the area.
But my guess was that the corpses of some temple graveyards were being used to summon them.

Could it be Kyuby’s doing… Or someone else. Regardless, it was clear the work of the Demon King Army.

“Aye. Fendel must avoid having to fight a war on two fronts… And so please, allow me to head north.”

I said, and they all nodded in agreement.

However, Mette then continued.

“We cannot allow Joshua to go alone.”
“Yes. It is much too dangerous for him to go by himself.”

Monica added. And then Ecleshia nodded.

“Joshua’s personality will cause him to try and save everyone he meets. Who knows when he will return… Because of this, we must select people who can accompany him.”

Asuha tilted her head to the side.

“However, won’t the humans be frightened when they see us?”

I shook my head.

“That won’t be a problem. It is not as if they have never seen a demihuman. Of course, there will probably still be people who look on with distaste or curiosity.”

The humans knew about the demihuman slaves and mercenaries like Bayron. And the further south you went, the more humans there were who had seen demihumans.

“In that case, they will know about us as well.”
“That’s right… Then what if we were to operate with our own name, just like Bayron’s mercenaries!?”

Mette said. Melk nodded.

“That is a good idea. But it must be a good name.”
“Then it must be called the Ymirdia Fellowship!”

Ymir declared. But Melk shook her head because, ‘it would sound like Ymir was the most important.’

That being said, perhaps it would be better to work under a name.
Though, Fendel Alliance seemed good enough for me.

However, after that, others began to chime in with their opinions on a name. And so I listened to them quietly.
There were a lot of ideas, such as the White Sand Pirates and the Black Wool Mattress Order.

Just then, Berdos opened his mouth.

“I think it would be best to use Fendel. It will be a good opportunity to have the humans learn about the Fendel Alliance.”

The others muttered ‘Ohh’ with satisfaction.

Melk praised Berdos for his intelligence, causing him to look a little bashful as he continued.

“It-it is just the obvious thing… As for the rest of the name, you could decide that as you will.”
“In that case, what about the Fendel Knights Order?”

Iria suggested.

Knights. I had not expected that word to come from Iria.

“I heard about it from Sir Solm. That knights are supposed to wield swords in order to protect the weak… And Sir Solm spoke of how Sir Joshua was an ideal knight.”
“So-Solm said that?”
“Yes. And I agreed. It is as if the word was made for you, Sir Joshua.”

I had seen the two of them talking several times.
But I never imagined they were talking about such things…

It was rather embarrassing.

Just then, Melk turned to the others and said,

“Well then. The Fendel Knights Order it is. Melk and the others will become knights.”

Everyone raised their voices in approval.

And like this, we decided to call ourselves the Fendel Knights Order and head to Toria.

In case of an emergency, I decided to make an underground passage in Fendel, for defense purposes.
Furthermore, I also made extra weapons, tools and buildings.
Iria and the others had meetings with the elders, in order to decide how they would handle outsiders while I was away.

After that, I made carriages for the expedition, and then headed to the north with about a hundred companions.

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